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Google Sniper Review

If you are searching for Google Sniper Review then you have came to the right place. In this post I am going to give my honest review about Google Sniper. Often we buy product that promises us to make rich by doing some very simple work and lately we realize that we got scammed once again. So, if you are planning to buy Google Sniper then it is obvious to think whether your money will be well invested or not. After all it’s our hard earned money.

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I bought Google Sniper in December and before writing any review I thought to test the product for myself. I got expected result from my experience. Well, I am not making so much money but I can replicate the process now and I believe I can do better now. Let’s come to real point now!

Brief Overview of Google Sniper?

George Brown, creator of Google Sniper is a successful entrepreneur making $15,000 per month using this method. Now you will be able to learn the exact method and earn money online if you follow his instructions.

George Brown will teach you how you can make money on autopilot by creating a blogs of 4-5 pots. However it is not mandatory that you can do this with only wordpress blogs. You can apply the same technique to static website as well.

Bad Points:

1. Not every product is perfect. Even though Google Sniper is a good product, it has some drawbacks as well. If you are a complete beginner you may get some problem while registering domain and hosting account. George Brown has not covered that in his guide. But don’t worry it is very easy.  In fact you will get all tutorial in my blog.

2. You need money to start. You need a domain name and hosting account. If you are serious in making money online then don’t hesitate to invest a small  amount of money for your success. It will take $10 per year for a domain and $4 per month for hosting account.

Good Points:

1. I can say it is a perfect product for anybody who is searching opportunity to make money online.  Success of any online business depends on Keyword Research. George Brown has explained everything very well.

I want to give you an example here. Suppose you choose your keyword “Make Money Online”. Now it will be really very hard to rank for this keyword in search engine since there is too much competition. You should not do such mistake if you are just starting out. If you don’t get rank in search engine then you won’t get traffic. No traffic No money. Traffic is lifeblood for any online business.

The main aim of Google Sniper website is to rank well in search engine and then get traffic without doing traditional promotion such as link building, article marketing etc.  You will learn how to choose low competitive keywords and then rank in search engine result page easily.

2. You will be able to replicate the method easily and create new website again and again. It will take some time initially for some important tasks such as keyword research, selecting product etc. Once it is done you can complete rest part within 2 days. I am trying to be reasonable here, 2 articles in a day. You need 4 articles with each of the blogs or website you create.

3. Complete set and forget system. Do initial task seriously and then publish your content. Then move to the next project. However small maintenance may require depending on the market you select. But you can do this.


Google Sniper really works. Only you need to focus your mind. Take your action today. Stop searching for another great opportunity. You will find plenty of attractive sales pages again and again. I did the same mistake in the beginning. Even though I had good product in my hand I was searching for another opportunity.  But ultimate truth is you can’t make money if you don’t stick to one system at one time. Here are some guidelines to help you:

1. Delete all promotional email from your inbox.
2. Do not read another promotional email from another guru. In fact don’t check your email inbox while working. Don’t let others to destruct your mind.
3. Make a goal for each day and complete it within time.
4. After buying don’t think that Google Sniper won’t work for you and some other system will be easier to follow. You will just waste your valuable time doing like that.

I believe my Google Sniper Review helped you to know more about it. I don’t write any review unless I don’t buy the product.  Because I don’t want to lose my valuable blog visitors like you.

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