Google Sniper Review - An Experimental Review

If you are searching for Google Sniper Review then you have came to the right place. In this post I am going to give my honest review about Google Sniper. Often we buy product that promises us to make rich by doing some very simple work and lately we realize that we got scammed once again. So, if you are planning to buy Google Sniper then it is obvious to think whether your money will be well invested or not. After all it’s our hard earned money.

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I bought Google Sniper in December and before writing any review I thought to test the product for myself. I got expected result from my experience. Well, I am not making so much money but I can replicate the process now and I believe I can do better now. Let’s come to real point now!

Brief Overview of Google Sniper?

George Brown, creator of Google Sniper is a successful entrepreneur making $15,000 per month using this method. Now you will be able to learn the exact method and earn money online if you follow his instructions.

George Brown will teach you how you can make money on autopilot by creating a blogs of 4-5 pots. However it is not mandatory that you can do this with only wordpress blogs. You can apply the same technique to static website as well.

Bad Points:

1. Not every product is perfect. Even though Google Sniper is a good product, it has some drawbacks as well. If you are a complete beginner you may get some problem while registering domain and hosting account. George Brown has not covered that in his guide. But don’t worry it is very easy.  In fact you will get all tutorial in my blog.

2. You need money to start. You need a domain name and hosting account. If you are serious in making money online then don’t hesitate to invest a small  amount of money for your success. It will take $10 per year for a domain and $4 per month for hosting account.

Good Points:

1. I can say it is a perfect product for anybody who is searching opportunity to make money online.  Success of any online business depends on Keyword Research. George Brown has explained everything very well.

I want to give you an example here. Suppose you choose your keyword “Make Money Online”. Now it will be really very hard to rank for this keyword in search engine since there is too much competition. You should not do such mistake if you are just starting out. If you don’t get rank in search engine then you won’t get traffic. No traffic No money. Traffic is lifeblood for any online business.

The main aim of Google Sniper website is to rank well in search engine and then get traffic without doing traditional promotion such as link building, article marketing etc.  You will learn how to choose low competitive keywords and then rank in search engine result page easily.

2. You will be able to replicate the method easily and create new website again and again. It will take some time initially for some important tasks such as keyword research, selecting product etc. Once it is done you can complete rest part within 2 days. I am trying to be reasonable here, 2 articles in a day. You need 4 articles with each of the blogs or website you create.

3. Complete set and forget system. Do initial task seriously and then publish your content. Then move to the next project. However small maintenance may require depending on the market you select. But you can do this.

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Google Sniper really works. Only you need to focus your mind. Take your action today. Stop searching for another great opportunity. You will find plenty of attractive sales pages again and again. I did the same mistake in the beginning. Even though I had good product in my hand I was searching for another opportunity.  But ultimate truth is you can’t make money if you don’t stick to one system at one time. Here are some guidelines to help you:

1. Delete all promotional email from your inbox.
2. Do not read another promotional email from another guru. In fact don’t check your email inbox while working. Don’t let others to destruct your mind.
3. Make a goal for each day and complete it within time.
4. After buying don’t think that Google Sniper won’t work for you and some other system will be easier to follow. You will just waste your valuable time doing like that.

I believe my Google Sniper Review helped you to know more about it. I don’t write any review unless I don’t buy the product.  Because I don’t want to lose my valuable blog visitors like you.

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More over I will help you to start your online business. You will get one to one coaching from me. After purchasing please send me your receipt here. Don’t forget to clear your cookie to get this Bonus.

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Good Luck :-)

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52 Responses to “Google Sniper Review - An Experimental Review”

  1. greenlants says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I never even knew about Google Sniper. And I’m trying to find out how to get my 3 sites I have to page 1 on Google. I do the traditional stuff like back-linking, but who has time to do that all the time? So yeah again thanks for sharing!

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Actually Google Sniper will work for a new site. Because in Google Sniper you will learn how to select a keyword rich domain and rank well without doing much traditional work. The main key is to select a proper keyword.

      If you are trying to rank your existing websites then Google Sniper won’t be suitable for you. I agree, link building is a time consuming work. I myself provide link building work. If interested then you can contact me.

      Have a great time:-)

  2. I really enjoyed your article, I tweet!

  3. Suhasini says:

    Thanks for this article and this will surely help many. Its the first time I heard of Google sniper.

  4. suroz says:

    “Do not read another promotional email from another guru.” This sentence is true, I subscribe to many internet marketing experts. The result, I can not focus.
    Thanks for your nice review.

  5. Ruri says:

    I think the only secret to gain traffic to website or blog are content and links. I never seen we can put high competitive keywords without links

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Runi,

      You are correct. If we choose a competitive niche we must have good contents and we need lots of backlinks.

      But Google Sniper shows how to choose a low competitive but profitable niche and then get traffic without doing much work. I started a blog on February 5th and currently it is on Google 9th and 10th position for my keywords. It is getting double listing on Google’s first page :-)


  6. Denis Smith says:

    Most often the so called new products are not new. We heard them over and over again. The salespage makes it seem new. We better move in our own direction I think.

  7. I wasn’t familiar with Google Sniper before this post. Thanks for the review (often times, you can’t really trust the official testimonials).

    I’m interested to see what I can learn from GS.

  8. Oora says:

    Is this really easy to use?

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      If you follow the guidelines and work for it then it will be easier. But unless you work nothing is easier. We must work hard and consistently if we want to make money online. If you are interested then try it once, anyway there is 60 days money back guarantee. Good Luck :-)

  9. Does this method really works? There’s already a lot of Internet traffic methodologies out there and I wanna know what makes this a different one?

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      This method works. I have tested myself and got good result. I liked this because it shows what people should know before starting a blog or website. Without good research or plan it is hard to make money online. Keyword research is one of the most important part of success. Unfortunately many programs fail to teach this well.

  10. I have tried Google Sniper and it is well worth the money, it works very well for the low cost investment.

  11. Ben Dryser says:

    Many people want to make money without spending any (like using free blogs). In my experience you have to at least buy some domains and get some links to them to be able to start off. Google sniper has the main ingredients - keyword research, content and inlinks.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Ben,

      Agree with you. People don’t want to spend money since there are so many scam programs. But Google Sniper is not one of them and I am recommending because I wrote this review after testing it. I think it is not a good idea to use free blog for your business. They can delete your blog at any time. So many popular Blogger Blog got deleted few days back. I hope you are aware of that issue. So, it is always better to have own domain name and hosting account.


  12. blogReaction says:

    Sounds good.. I’ll have to wait and see how it works. I do agree with Chandan that you should have your own domain and dedicated hosting (and dedicated IP) for any business website or blog.. It’s better in SEO aspects and has a much lower chance of having any issues than on a shared platform.

  13. janica davis says:

    right, chandan! we need to invest if we really want to earn money on line. Some of my acquaintances use this program and they have no complaints about it. They admit that it’s not perfect, though. My rating 4.5 stars.

  14. scepticguru says:

    sssoooo where are all these successful ‘gsniper’ websites people are designing/making money with? The links connected to peoples nametags? [Specifics unknown]
    Air soft guns (Above nametag) is dead on about most of these being traffic methodology schemes..they are endless (hardly any work)
    I need to know before buying the program; Do I need to supply the product (not to mention building, packaging, shipping, receipts and records, tax filing) for each website with successful traffic volume?
    a clearer perspective, the scepticguru

    Footnote: The link in my nametag is a business I own stock shares in.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Scepticguru,

      Thank you for your question. There is no need supply product. You will make money through Affiliate Marketing. Only you need to promote and vendor will handle all customer care, product supply etc.

      Let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to answer.


  15. I usually don’t fall in any more courses out there but your review looks promosing.

  16. whirley pop says:

    I bought Google sniper and I must say I was impressed.George lays out everything nicely and his latest traffic ultimatum also rocked.One thing you should take note is seo is also very important.The off page seo techniques in google sniper are not that good.I would suggest everyone to submit articles to different article directories to get backlinks.I have gained a lot of info thanks to Chandan also.His WSO’s really rock and you must get his latest one if you want to know how to get good rankings.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Thank you for your feedback and trying out my WSO. You are right, Offpage SEO section in Google Sniper is not so good. But I have covered that part in brief in my guide.


  17. Thanks for the review on Google Sniper. How would you compare it to Market Samurai.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Thank you Mike for your question. Actually both are completely different product. Google Sniper shows how to make money online whereas Market Samurai helps use for Keyword Analysis, Competition Analysis, Backlinks Analysis and so many.

      Market Samurai is a software and Google Sniper contains Video+PDF as a training material.


  18. Wazap says:

    I´ve got the Google Sniper now, hopes it is going to be great.

  19. I was just reading a review of this sniper method over at another blog. I remember first hearing about it like a year ago, through Mike Long. The general consensus of the people at the aformentioned blog was that there needs to be a forum dedicated to sniper methodists.

  20. James says:

    I never even knew about google sniper before, thanks for your share

  21. James says:

    It is one of the better methods out there. Xfactor isnt bad either.

  22. Jack says:

    Google sniper really helped me a lot but it doesn’t teach you how to get backlinks from different sources.I would recommend it to newbies and btw Chandan’s WSOs are also good.I recently got his updated backlink expo and I would say its wonderful.

  23. Jeff says:

    Google sniper is very helpful it’s a highly recommended site to use if you went to get on the 1st page on Google

  24. Saevar says:

    I like google sniper, I first saw google sniper at a friends house. My friend go it the blackhat way, after taking a short look through the ebook and some of the videos i decided to go and buy my own, No regrets

  25. tony says:

    Sounds good.. I’ll have to wait and see how it works. I do agree with Chandan that you should have your own domain and dedicated hosting (and dedicated IP) for any business website or blog.. It’s better in SEO aspects and has a

  26. DJ ARIF says:

    I have bought google sinper last two months ago, using it very easily, actually it’s an awesome software to dominate… Nice review.

  27. Jerry Dunn says:

    I plan to purchase google sinper and this review give me all i need to know about this software. As a beginner, I think it takes lots of works to do to earn money online.

  28. Chris says:

    I create my websites using Google Sites and they only allow 3 ads per page. Will Google Snipper work for me on my websites, or would I have to create the websites in the traditional way so I can add multiple ads?

    What are some of your sites? I’d like to see them before buying GS.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Chris,

      Google Site Pages are completely different. According to Google Sniper method we need our own domain name and hosting account. More over it is about Affiliate Marketing through wordpress blog, not Google Adsense. Creating wordpress blog is easy. I am sorry that I can’t reveal my sites here but if you email me, definitely I will help you.


  29. Terry says:

    Hi Chandan,

    I came across the right review site on GS as I feel very impressed of how you have reviewed and show your help to all the people who made a comment.

    One question,,,

    I am not good at writing articles. Is it difficult for such people to use GS? I understand that GS needs to create a site to promote. I do not have knowledge for the niche I selected. What shall I do?

    Thanks for your advice

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thank you for your words. Writing is not difficult actually. I am not a native English speaker and my English is not so good. But still I try my level best.

      Before starting blog, I was also thinking like you as “I am I am not good at writing articles”. But there is no other way. Without content a site is nothing. But at present I own more than 15 sites.

      Definitely you will be able to write and I know you can. If I can do, you can too. Anyway there is other way to manage this if you are willing to invest some money. You can outsource it. But generally I don’t advice any newbie to go for outsourcing directly. Start yourself first and once you start making money, you can easily outsource everything. Now I don’t write any articles, I outsource them.

      >> I do not have knowledge for the niche I selected. What shall I do?

      It is easy. You can gather information through internet. Visit some good sites on your niche and I am sure you will get lot of ideas. Few good sites are below:

      Please email me if you need any help and surely I will try my level best.


  30. Terry says:

    hi Chandan,

    I just gave a go to GS from your link.
    But after purchase,there is an UPGRADE of one-time offer at $97. What is that?
    Do I need to purchase again?
    If I do not buy this upgrade, what is going to happen? Better to have it? Without this upgrade, it will not so efficiently work?

    Plaese let me have your thoughts.

    Thanks a lot

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thank you for purchasing the Google Sniper. I am sorry for little delay in responding. Today I will send you both Bonus guides. Please check your email and let me know if you don’t get them.

      There is no need to purchase the one-time offer. This is up sales and just one marketing technique. Only the main product is enough and there is no need to purchase any OTO.

      More over you can ask me any questions as I have promised to help people who will buy Google Sniper through my link. My email id is: cdutta04[at] (Please replace [at] with @). I will try my level best to get back asap.

      Good Luck :-)


  31. Terry says:

    Hi Chandan,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Very much apprecaited.

    It seems to me that your bonus guides have not arrived to my e-mail address. Could you try sending to instead.

    I have not started GS yet, but will do my best and would appreciate your continued support. I am sure I have a lot of areas which I can not figure out. See how it goes.

    Best regards,


    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Terry,

      Just now I sent you 2 Bonus guides(SEO Guide and Backlink Indexing Guide) to the given email id. Please let me know if you didn’t get them. This time you should get them.

      Definitely I am here to help you. Just email me whenever you need and I will get back asap.

      Good Luck :-)


  32. juan marco says:

    Great article. I wish I read it before buying google sniper. I had an existing website ( and it wasn’t getting traffic. I got frustrated and stopped working on it. I bought google sniper and its less work and more money


  33. been surfing through the blog and accidentally found this article. have to admit I am doing seo stuff for quite a long time but never heard about Google Sniper. sounds a true review here..gonna try it when I’m ready. thanks!

  34. Andy says:

    A great article, when you find yourself in a competive niche, any extra help from a program such as Google sniper can really help you rank well.

  35. laksh says:

    Hi , Great information and i did the payment using your link and check the email I sent you. Thanx :)

  36. Martin says:

    Nice article. I love what you said towards the end about deleting all offers from your email.It was also nicely written in a way I can understand.

    That is one area I am working, is staying focused, pick one thing, and follow through thoroughly, rather than giving up.

    I like this concept here, which sounds like a nice starting point for someone new like me.

    I have been doing something which sounds a bit similar, although competition wasn’t something I paid as much attention to as I could have.

    That;s OK though, I am learning as I go.

  37. David Ikosa says:

    Hey Chandan, I have bought the Course, & set my Sniper
    Website up two months ago. After making massive changes to it & adding some bacl links, it went straight to 11 spot in Google (1st page). But I am still getting minimal Visitors,& barely no conversions. That was a few days ago.

    Shall I leave it, & add one more post to my Website to
    attract more Visitors? Or must I build effective back links
    using the methods in the Course? It is clear that this System genuinely works, but I feel I am doing something wrong.

    • Great work David. You should not leave it. Build more links and try to add original and good content.

      Honestly saying most traffic comes only from top 3 position. Since you are on 11, you are getting less traffic. To rank better, you have to promote your site more. Also not there was lot of Google updates in 2011 and SEO is getting harder day by day. So, we should work more to promote our site.

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