How To Change Your DNS or Name Servers?

In the last part of my Blogs Tutorial I told about domain name and hosting account. In this part I am going to show you the steps of changing your DNS or name server in details. I hope you are already ready with your domain name and hosting account. If not get it now, otherwise you won’t understand this part.

After buying domain and hosting account you need following two things to be done:

* Changing name servers
* Registering name servers

Don’t worry! It’s easy, just follow me.

Changing Name Servers:

Step1: you must have got one email from HostGator regarding your hosting account details.

The subject of email will be “Your HostGator Account Information”. Open that email and look for the following thing:

Your name servers:  [xxxx- unique for you]  [xxxx- unique for you]

Just copy this in notepad and proceed for Step 2.

Step2. Log in into your domain account and select your domain. See the following screen:

Click on My Domain

Select Your Domain Name

Step3. After Selecting your domain name you will get the below screen. Click on NameServers.

Click On NameServer

Enter Your Name Server

Step4. Select option I host my domain with another provider.

Step5. Fill nameserver1 and nameserver2 with the sever those you got from hostgator. Remember I asked you to copy in notepad.

Step6. click on OK.

You have successfully changed your name server. Normally change occurs within few minutes but it may take up to 48 hours. You will get once confirmation email from Godaddy. Check the email and proceed for the next step Registering Name Server.

Registering name servers:

Step1. Ask HostGator your NS1 and NS2 IP. They will provide you as:

NS1 NS2 - [xxx - Your IP]

Copy these two in notepad. To know these two IP you can contact online help. Don’t worry, they are very quick in response and helpful.

Domain Registration

Step2. Click on More Action.

Step3. Click On Host. You will get a wide screen containing all details of your domain. Go to bottom part and Find Host summery. See Below:

Add Host IP

Step4. Click On Add

Enter Host IP

Step5. Put NS1 as shown in image.

Step6. Put your first IP means NS1 that you got from HostGator.
Step7. click on OK.
Step8. Similarly repeat 4-7 for NS2.

You have successfully Registered your Name server. You will get an email from GoDaddy regarding successful registration. Normally it takes only few minutes but it may take up to 48 hours.

Up to this you are almost ready with initial setup. Your domain name and hosting account is ready to be functional. In next tutorial I will show you how to install your blog in easy steps. Till then stay tuned or you may subscribe for updates on this tutorial.

If you have any doubt or suggestion then put it below. I will be happy to here your feedback. Moreover if you think my tutorial is helpfull for you then consider it for sharing or bookmarking.

Note: You can access to all tutorials from here -> Blogs Tutorial

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What Is Domain Name and Hosting Account? Why You Need For Your Blog?

A domain name is a unique name that will be used to identify computer in the world of web. It is like For more simple term a domain name is similar to a employee id of a employee in any organization. The employee will have unique id which will be used to recognize that particular employee, similarly domain name are also unique for each computer those are connected through Internet. My domain name is

Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain (TLD) it belongs to. There are only a limited number of such domains. For example: gov, edu, org, mil, com, net, ca, me, biz, info. Mostly for commercial websites or blog com is used.

This is all about domain name. For a self hosted blog you need a domain name and a hosting account. Below I am explaining about hosting account.

Hosting account is needed to store all your blog content. Your domain name will point to all those content of your blog. Like previous example of domain name with employee, employee id is similar to your domain name. Now that employee has his own house or some place where he stays. Similarly you need a location where you can store all your blog content. Your hosting account will be the place which will contain all your blog contents.

Either you can buy domain name and hsoting account separately or together in one package. Normally one .com domain cost is $10 per year and for hosting account $4.99 per month. Once you bought domain name you don’t have to do anything with your domain name after setting some initial parameter. While blogging you need your hosting account for all operations such as uploading files, modifying blog etc.

In this blogging tutorial I am showing each example with for domain and for hosting account. I can help you in all the cases if you buy domain name at and hosting at Because I have experience with these two services. It is your wish. You can select other services for domain name and hosting account. But don’t buy hosting package in Godaddy. Hostgator hosting service is more better than Godaddy.

From my own experience I am saying Hostgator is one of the best hosting service provider. When I started blogging I didn’t know anything about hosting, domain nameserver setting etc. I got help form their support team online and successfully I started blogging.They have different packages. If you are planning to build more than one blog then go for baby package. In this package you can host unlimited number of sites for just $9.99.  Buy hosting package from my blog and use  “wordpress” as offer code to get first month only for $.99.

So get ready with a domain name from and hosting account from In next lesson you will learn how to set your domain name and hosting account. (You can access to all tutorials from the top menu “Tutorials”)

Stay tuned with me for Complete Blogging Tutorial

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