Blogs Tutorial: Complete Blueprint of Creating and Managing Your Blog

I have prepared this Blogs Tutorial specially for newbie who want to create their own blog. I will show you everything you need to know from creating your blog to making money from blogging. Even for a complete beginner it will be very easy to follow all these steps which I am going to show you. This tutorial is for those who want to create their own self hosted blog. However in a few days I am going to cover about creating a free blog like Blogger blog.

Below you will get the index of the course I am going to cover. You are going to receive everything for FREE. Once you follow all these steps you don’t need to buy any other product to learn blogging.

I am not a great blogger or anything like that. I am just like you only. Only few things I may know more than you like hosting your blog, tips on getting traffic, email marketing, article marketing for blog promotion etc. Through this Blogging Course I am going to share all my knowledge with you.

More over if at any time you get problem or want help then contact me directly. I will be happy to help you and I will try to do my best.

Here I am giving a overall idea of topic I am going to cover in my Blogging Course. I will be updating my tutorial contents. So, stay tuned with me and come back later to get new tutorials.

Below is the Blogging Course Index. Just click the link on a topic which one you want to read.

1. What is a blog? How to start Blogging?

From this article you will learn what is a blog and how to start blogging.

2. Finding a Profitable Niche for your blog.

Here you will learn how to choose a topic for your blog. Of course you would like to choose a topic from which you can earn extra money through your blog. Get the tips here in order to do that.

3. Keyword Research forĀ  Blog.

The success of your blog is depend on keyword research. Learn this very carefully.

4. What is Domain Name and Hosting Account? Why you need it?

For self hosted blog you need a domain name and a hosting account. If you are very new this post will help you to understand all those very easily.

5. How to change your DNS or name servers?

There is few more things to do once you buy domain name and hosting account. You need to change your DNS so that whenever anybody types your domain name, they will see the content that resides on your hosting account. Its like pointing your domain name to a location from where your blog can be accessed. From here you will learn:

  • Changing name servers
  • Registering name servers

6. Installing your blog.

Once your domain name and hosting account is ready the next step is to install your blog. Exiting stuff! Are you getting scared thinking it will be so difficult? Don’t worry.It is so easy and I will try to make it more simpler.

7. Publishing your first article in your blog

At this moment your blog is ready. Now it’s time to feed your blog with content. In this part you will learn how to create a post and publish it.

8. Embedding images and videos in blogĀ  post effectively

(Coming Soon!)

9.What is plugin? How to install it and why you should install it?

Plugins are nothing but addition of extra enhancement to blog. You can make your task of blogging more easier installing plugin. Learn how can you install a plugin and use it.

10. Installing a new theme for your blog.

Want to change the current theme of your blog? No problem. Here I am showing you how you can do it easily.

11. How To Get Traffic To your Blog?

In this part you will learn the most important part of blogging - traffic. I am explaining here all the methods needed to get traffic to your blog. Without traffic blogging is complete waste. Here you are going to learn:

  • 11.1. Social Bookmarking for blog traffic
  • 11.2. Article Marketing for your blog promotion
  • 11.3. Forum Marketing
  • 11.4. Blog Posting
  • 11.5.Video Marketing for blog traffic

12. How to build subscriber list from your blog. Learn email marketing.

In this part will learn how you can set Autoresponder in your blog and make your subscriber list. I am covering from setting up confirmation email, setting follow up message, creating list etc.

13. Monetizing your blog.

Monetizing means converting your visitors to buyers. Indirectly making money from your blog. Learn how you can convert your visitors to sellers and make money blogging.

14. Recommended resources for self hosting blogging.

Hope you finished blogging tutorial very well. Now take your action and create your first blog. If in any case you need any help then feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help you.

However if you want to start a FREE Blog then you can see the list here where you can start blogging.

Good Luck!

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  1. Louie Sison says:

    This is absolutely rich form if information. I will recommend this to my readers.


  2. Phil Jones says:

    A very informative article and very useful.

  3. Salman Aslam says:

    Very well written and concise tutorial. Thanks will share it

  4. Andre Penson says:

    Beneficial information here, had to take the time to let you know, i subscribed the site. If you keep posts like this coming, ill keep reading. Thanks again.

  5. Rob says:

    I noticed you mentioned getting a blogger blog. What do you think about getting a free wordpress blog? I hear wordpess is the most SEO optimized blog platform.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Rob,

      You can get Free Wordpress Blog. But note that Wordpress.com blogs are very strict and they don’t like if we use their blogging service for marketing purpose.

      But you can use Wordpress.org blog and you can do with it whatever you want.(Of course whatever your hosting account allows;))

      To get Wordpress.org blog you need your own hosting account and then install the Wordpress Software. It’s a free software and can be downloaded from Wordpress.org


  6. Great post! I like that you also included adding images to your blog they can help alot with getting traffic to your site.


  7. Kris Beus says:

    Good tutorials, but i was really hoping to see your preferred link building methods. Perhaps this could be a future tutorial?

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