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Norde Bank Review

Hello friends I am sure you are all enjoying another great week end. Today I want to bring you all this review of a new program which looked really good to me. The program I am talking about is Norde Bank. Though it sounds a little bit like an unusual name, from their website I found that they are a part of NORDE ASA, the biggest financial services group in Norway.

NordeBank Review

Norde Bank has a very professional website and the company managing this investment program is incorporated in the United Kingdom as Norde Ltd with registration no. 10599032.

I have verified their information on CompaniesHouse.Gov.Uk and the postal address registered there is 30 Bromford Lane, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B8 2RZ .

I don’t want to go much in depth describing the contents on the website or trying to discuss about the originality of the company but those who are really interested with aspects I can say there are lots of pages on the Norde Bank website which give lots of details about their company and what they have to offer.

I must say I was really impressed by how much detailed info one can find on their website.

Let us for now continue with this review on the lines of investment and the various plans to look into.

Investment Plans

Norde Bank offers four investment plans paying a different daily interest on various period of time and the principal (initial deposit) is returned after plan completion.

  • Leasing Investment Plan pays 2% Daily For 15 Days accepting deposits from $25 to $100000
  • Factoring Investment Plan pays 2.5% Daily For 30 Days accepting deposits between $500 and $100000
  • Real Estate Investment Plan pays 3% Daily For 60 Days accepting deposits between $1000 and $100000
  • Startup Investment Plan pays 3.5% Daily For 100 Days accepting deposits from $10000 to $100000

The Startup Investment Plan no doubt will pay you the higher profit but it also requires a large minimum deposit of $10000.

Earnings Example

Let’s say for example that you’ll invest $1000 in their Real Estate Investment Plan. In this case you will get paid a total of $2800 after two months, this means a pure profit of $1800.

You can earn even more with their 3 levels deep affiliate program. Norde Bank pays 8% referral commissions for your direct referrals and 3%, 2% for 2nd and 3rd level referrals.

Technical Features

The payment processors that are been accepted are the usual popular Perfectmoney, Payeer, AdvCash and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a relatively new payment method which is becomming more and more popular in the HYIP industry. I have personally tried it and it is quite an interesting way of making and receiving payments online.

Norde Bank does have a nice looking website indeed and along with that they also have very good security installed. The site is hosted on a dedicated server by DDOS Guard which is one of the premier hosting services and which is known for its powerful DDos protection. They also have a SSL encryption which will ensure that the data transfer in the website is all secured. They also use a Licensed Goldocers Script customized to meet their quality requirements. This will make it all the tougher for the hackers to try get into that website. I must say that I am really pleased with the kind of security they have on that site, kudos to the admin, not often you get to see such detailed security plans.

Final Thoughts

Norde Bank is a new investment program, it’s just getting started to be advertised and I am sure it will become one of the most popular online investing opportunities in a short period of time. Even if it was just started I found only good opinions on discussion forums with investors being impressed by Norde Bank and this is good because a successful program does get to be known by word of mouth too.

I am leaving you all to enjoy another week end and with information of a really nice new program for you to think. Norde Bank has a minimum deposit of only $25 so it’s easy to make a smaller deposit first to test their services before deciding to invest a larger amount.

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  1. Chang says:

    this hyip looks professional, my investment is $50

  2. bitcoin says:

    I decided to invest a small amount of Bitcoins to see what’s all about

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