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Payment Proof of Survey - Get Paid To Take Surveys

In this post I just want to show you Payment Proof of one Survey. Recently I received a payment of $5 for one survey and I am showing here my PayPal account details and the email I got from survey provider. It is possible to get paid to take surveys.

The reason I am showing you this because, many people believe that earn money through internet is not possible. These types of people normally won’t take any action and simply keep blaming good online money making programs.

Watch the Payment Proof:

Few days back, in one popular forum I saw a question and I got totally shocked reading the answer. One person asked as - Is it possible to make money blogging or it simply waste of time?

The answer was as: Don’t do all those thing. It’s all crap! All are scam.

How that person answer like that? May be he/she is completely blind about online world or he doesn’t know about famous blogger who earn more than $40,000 dollar from blogging. You may not believe, but it is true.

This amount I received just completing one 20 minutes survey. Definitely it’s not a big amount. But it is best for those who don’t want to build their website or blog and want to earn extra money at home simply investing little time. After all $5 for 15-20 minutes. Not bad. Right?

There are so many online survey provider. You have to pay some amount and they will provide a list of websites where you can join FREE. Are you ready to pay for joining?

Hey wait! no need to pay anymore. I collected a list of websites which are well known from payment. There are totally 49 websites. However if you want more then inform me. I will find some good websites and update my list.

If you don’t have idea on how to get paid to take surveys then you can check my another post where I wrote the process in details to earn extra money at home.

Ready to take your first Online Survey? If yes, then click the link below.

I will be happy if you bookmark this post or forward to your friend. As so many other survey provider are charging,  I am providing here FREE. So, utilize it and help others.

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I am a Blogger who likes to make money online. Previously I was working in a Software Company and I quit my job in February 2010. Since then I make my full time income online.


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