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HiDeposit Review

Hello readers, here I am with a new review of a very interesting high yield investment program. Today I am going to introduce a program called HiDeposit. It has a professional look, paying hourly profits and tight security systems installed in it.

HiDeposit Review

HiDeposit is managed by HiDeposit Ltd and their investment program was started about 8 months ago. At this moment I can say I found only good opinions about this program.
I must mention the great support they offer to members, I have received fast and detailed answers to all my questions.

Investment Plans

HiDeposit offers three very profitable investment plans to the online investors with the interest differentiated according to the size of deposits. All three investment plans are paying hourly profits with a better ROI for larger deposit. The plan structure is very simple paying Up to 35% hourly for 15 hours:

  • 0.70%-0.75% hourly for 150 hours for deposits between $30 and $3000
  • 1.13%-1.23% hourly for 96 hours for deposits between $300 and 30000
  • 20%-35% hourly for 15 hours for deposits between $3000 and $300000

Now it is easy to understand that your hourly return will be based on the size of your deposited amount. There is no special investing strategy to play with this kind of plan because it’s easy to understand how it works. If you have $10000 to invest, then you will surely know what plan is more profitable.

Earnings Example

let’s say for example you’ll choose to invest $1,000 with HiDeposit in their second investment plan. In this case you will get paid $11.3 hourly for 96 hours, a total of $1085 in only 4 days.

Payment Processors & Affiliate Program

HiDeposit accepts a variety of online payment system including: Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, PAYEER, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

They also have a 3% affiliate program so you can earn even more by inviting others to HiDeposit using your personal referral link found in members area.


Overall HiDeposit seems like a good program to me which can help you to earn some really nice profits. I am impressed by seeing the confidence of the administration and I hope administration will not let us down. The minimum deposit is only $30 so it’s not hard to test their services with a small amount before deciding to invest more.

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