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How To Invest Online

Do you want know how to invest online? There are many investment opportunities also known as high yield investment programs. The entire investment process takes place online so all you need is a computer with internet access and some money to start investing.

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First thing you need to do is to create an e-currency account, an online payment account for receiving payments from these high yield investment programs.

You can chose from many online payment systems but Perfect Money is the most popular in this niche.

You can use various e-currency exchangers to deposit and withdraw money from your Perfect Money account.

Bitcoin is getting more and more popular after receiving a big hit several years ago when MtGox (the biggest Bitcoin exchanger) was closed.

There are some disadvantages regarding using Bitcoin payments if you consider the huge volatility involved. Bitcoins could go up 20% in a day or down 20% in a day so it’s not very attractive especially for businesses processing refunds.

A huge advantage of Bitcoin is that it’s unregulated but this can also be a disadvantage because individuals or companies with millions at their disposal could make the market go up or down whenever they wish to make some huge profits.

Many high yield investment programs could be Scams so you should always do your research to find more information about an online investment opportunity before deciding to join and invest.

Contact the Support on the company website and see how fast their support is and the quality of response.

A serious company should show their contact information on their website including a phone number where investors can call and receive support.

“Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket” Remember this sentence? It’s true. Do not invest online in just one program, choose several HYIPs (high yield investment programs) and if one turns out to be a Scam at least you will recover your losses and make profits from the other investments.

Tips To Start With In HYIPs

Despite the fact that generating income in HYIP maybe easy, making a nice and constant ROI needs efficient and proven techniques. Here are some good strategies to use when you’re thinking of investing in HYIPs.

Never invest unless you do your research

First things first. Research! Always check it out. Don’t make emotional bets. I know these guys throw around some big numbers, but always do these:

- Google it! Search the net a bit and see whats out there on it.
- Another tool is Forums. Or even better are professional HYIP Reviews a lot like the one here on where investors can add their commend and discuss the HYIPs reviewed. These are awesome because you can talk to other people that are invested in the particular HYIP that you’re looking at. You’ll find that many HYIPs don’t even allow you to contact your upline for this particular reason. Afraid they’ll run you off!
3. HYIP Monitoring sites are another way to check it out. But there are some things you should know about monitors.
a) Do NOT depend on just one monitor. (Some monitors have fake voters and info so be careful)
b) HYIP admins deal with monitoring sites a bit differently. Therefore, if you see paying status on a monitor, it does not mean, the HYIP is paying all investors.
c) Check out all reviews done by investors as well.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket

High Yield Investment Programs are really high-risk programs. As an effective hyipster, you want to be very careful to limit the hit sorta speak. HYIPs are very volatile and can be here today and gone tomorrow. That being said, spreading your money out is a much better play then going all in.
Also be very careful of large investments into one program. Especially longer term type investments like 30, 35, 45 days. That’s a lot of stress waiting to see if first the company is gonna make it and then if you get paid.

Always have a test round

Always, Always, Always, do a small investment or spend in the HYIP first before you put real money into it. Do a small deposit, do withdraws, monitor it for a while to build your confidence in the program. If something happens that isn’t to your liking then you’re not out all your cash. Only after you done a repeat spend and withdraw without major hiccups should you ever put serious money into a hyip. But also something to keep in mind is some HYIPs sometimes pay you for a little spend but when it comes to huge invest, they do not pay you.
Get your money back

You can’t predict HYIPs, always withdraw you money until you get your original investment back. Even after you get your initial spend, you still want to make regular withdraws, try not to leave money in your back office. I don’t want to give you percentages on what you should reinvest and what you should pull out. That’s gonna be different for each of us. Just understand that what you leave in you could lose overnight.

I hope you use some of these strategies to have a great result with HYIP’s.

Remember NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose!

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  1. Kyle says:

    I invested online in HYIPs and diversification is the key to make profits, I like to choose 4 or 5 high yield investment programs in the first week when launched I never invest in more than 5 HYIPs in the same time but no less than 4

  2. sean says:

    useful guide but, investing online in hyips it’s very profitable but also very risky

  3. Travis says:

    I invested some Bitcoins in several hyips. Though I made a profit but there was a huge risk too. To get best trading tips and to overcome the fear, make use of trading software. I referred this site and i personally recommend this to all traders.

  4. gabriel says:

    hyips are very risky, profits can be quite consistent but i treat these programs like playing the lottery, this is why I deposit only small amounts

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