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Stop Wasting Time For Search Engine Optimization!

Posted By Chandan Dutta On July 25, 2009 @ 6:04 am In SEO Tips | 5 Comments

Don’t waste your time for Search engine optimization before you know it well. Many of have some wrong idea about search engine optimization. As a result we don’t get result as expected. Wheather your are building websites or blog , it should be search engine optimized if you want to get most out of your effort.

Onpage search engine optmization is easy to perform. I have already posted article on Onpage Optimization for both blog and website. If you haven’t read my article and interested in reading then you can read here:

To make your process easy I want to give you a free ebook where you can learn the basic nistake we do whenever we think of search engine optimization. 


6 SEO Myths De-bunked 

6 SEO Myths De-bunked

What you will learn form this ebook?

Backlink Myth #1 - Google Page Rank is equal to Search Engine Ranking

Backlink Myth #2 - Submitting to Hundreds of Free Directories will increase search engine results ranking

Backlink Myth #3 - Getting a ton of social networking links is a way to increase your search engine results page rank.

Backlink myth #4 - You shouldn’t link to any sites because you will lose any “link juice” that you have.

Backlink Myth #5 - Turning 100 domain into one mega domain will help your search engine rankings.

Backlink Myth #6 - You should wait to complete certain page building or link building tasks until Google has made a page rank update.

I read this ebook and I was really amazed to see the value of this ebook. Even I was considering search engine optimization method in some other way.

This guide book is mainely focused on OffPage Optimization method. You will find how to do offpage optimization for your blog by creatting free dofollow backlinks [3] as wll as what not to do for getting backlinks.

This is a very short post. As I found this ebook so valuable, I thought it might help you as well. There is no need to sign up. You can directly download it and put it for good use.

Download 6 SEO Myths De-bunked [4]

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