Keyword Research - Why it is important for your online business?

Keyword Research is very much important for any online business. For Keywords Definition I can say keywords are the phrase or  word people use while searching in search engine. For example if somebody is looking for  some way to earn money online he or she may search in search engine as -> earn money online, earning money online, making money on Internet, earn cash online etc. So these are the keywords.

To rank in search engine you should use proper keyword for your blog or article. However it depends on so many other factor such as On Page Optimization, Off Page  Optimization, BackLinks, PageRank etc.

If you start your own blog or Website it may take some time to rank in search engine. I am  not an expert but few things I would like to write here. I was able to rank my first mini  site in first page of Google, Yahoo, Msn, Ask for one of my keyword phrase. But I did not  make any profit icon cry Keyword Research    Why it is important for your online business? Why? Because my niche didn’t converted well. May be my landing page  was not good.

Getting Keyword Ideas:

First assume some keyword related to your niche. If you don’t have idea about niche and how  to find a profitable niche you can read my next post. There are so many keyword research tool available today. Some are free and some you have to buy. I like to use free service as it does everything for me. To get keyword ideas you can start with any of following free keyword research tool:

Google External Keyword Tool

It is the best and free keyword research tool.  For your keyword research

1. Type your niche in the box and then click Get Keyword Ideas

2. Once you enter you will get many keyword related to your niche.

You may be thinking which one to choose. To select good keyword always:

1. Select keyword that have 1000-1500 search volume
2. Select a keyword that has less than 20000 competing page.

First one you will get from the Google External Keyword Tool. See the global search volume.

To get data about competitive page go to Google and search as:

“your keyword phrase” -> Use “”

Now see how many result page Google is showing. This number indicate that those number of  pages are having the same keyword. So you have to compete with them.

Wordtracker - Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

I often use Wordtracker. Wordtracker shows the number of search in daily basis. Just put your keyword in keyword text box and press Hit Me. It will show keyword list and number of  search. It is better to choose a keyword that has 29 - 50 daily search volume.

You will get enough keyword ideas using above two. But still you can go for  further research.

Bullets Use  Keyword Difficult Check Tool to find out  difficulty level. It indicates the difficulty level to rank in search engine for your keyword. If it is less than 40 then easy to rank.

Bullets You can also use Google Search Based Keyword Tool to get your keyword by browsing different  category. It shows the monthly search volume, advertiser bidding price for keywords,   competition and many more.

Bullets Through Google Insights For Search you can do more analysis on your keyword. You can select a region and check the peoples interest on your niche over time. However web search is also available. It’s really amazing tool. It display result in graphical way, shows the related keyword and rising searches.

I think this is enough for keyword ideas for a beginner. For further research you can buy Brad Callen’s Keyword Ellite. This is a great software and useful for  advanced keyword research. Using Keyword Ellite you can uncover the exact keyword that are 100% proven to bring success to your Online Business.

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