30 Days To Create a Profitable Online Business

Want to Create a Profitable Online Business ? How about this if you can do this with a simple way in only 30 days or less? With Niche Profit Classroom it is absolutely possible and if you’re looking for a simple way to generate income online, then you need to see this once.

Niche Profit Classroom is created by successful Niche Marketers Adam Short and Alen Sultanic. They trained over 1,000 people on how to start,Niche Profit Classroombuild, and grow an online business from scratch. Interesting fact is that most of these people had no clue about how to start an online business before going through the training. In Niche Profit Classroom you will learn how to build niche site to generate profit an autopilot. But remember this won’t happen automatically. You have to work in it to make the system work for you.

Before you go over there and see for yourself, I want to tell you the *best* part about Niche Profit Classroom. The best part, absolutely the best (and you’ll see for yourself), is that Niche Profit Classroom is a new type of hybrid site. It has over 400+ hours of videos to show you everything step by step in the most microscopic detail. There are software built right into the site so you can put some serious fire power behind everything you learn.

Anyway, here’s an ‘inside scoop’ on what’s inside.

Things like:

  • How to to create a whole profit producing info-product line for pennies on the dollar (70% less than anyone else is paying). Plus these products are such high quality that your customers will be practically begging to buy more stuff from you. This gives you a HUGE advantage over every single one of your competitors.
  • How to cherry pick the most profitable markets out there (using information that other companies spend millions of dollars to collect - that you can use for F.REE). You just have to know where to get it..
  • How to tap into an unlimited source of F.REE traffic from the search engines and slip right under the radar so that *NO ONE* has a clue as to how much you’re really raking in.
  • How to set all this on autopilot so that that the *ONLY* thing you have to do is check sales and collect profits (you don’t even have to spend a single minute on customer service). Plus, a little place to ‘outsource’ your customer service that all the gurus use, yet none talk about…

I got that straight from the web site, but it’s just a small taste of what’s inside. You also get:

  • The MoneyWord Matrix Keyword Tool - Yep, better than about 99% of the keyword tools out there, and it’s included with the membership.
  • Market Scorecard - Tells you if a market and product is going to be profitable, before you even consider going into the market. Let your competitors burn dollars on losing markets while you cherry pick the profit pulling markets.
  • Market Profiler - Let’s you *Profile* a market and know exactly who’s doing what. You get a bird’s eye view of the entire market in a single snapshot.
  • Market Checklist - Lets you milk every single dollar out of the market (you don’t miss a beat when it comes to generating profits online with this tool).
  • 15 Minute Sales Letter Wizard - Let’s you create a converting sales letter in minutes…yes minutes…and it’s better than what most *professional* copywriters would charge you an arm and a leg for.

But best of all, it has a built in community that’s *always* there for you when you need help to steer you in the right direction. This is the TOP reason 99% of people fail to generate income online, because they get everything from 100’s of different sources rather than finding one good system that works. Then, even if they do find a good system, they don’t have anyone there to help answer their questions (and there are bound to be some).


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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing - Is it looking like difficult thing for you? I am sorry if you know as I assumed you don’t know. But seriously I couldn’t understand anything when I first heard this word. Everywhere I used to see Affiliate Marketing, Niche, Clickbank etc and i was not able to catch what people are saying. That’s why now I am writing this post for your help.

It’s simple. Affiliate Marketing means you are selling other people’s stuff online for a commission. Its like normal offline marketing. For example In offline marketing retailer shop buy product from wholesaler and sell in higher price to customer. Retailer get commission when customer buy product from them.

Here is the great advantage of online Affiliate Marketing. You don’t need to buy any product from other, you don’t need your own product to make a profit. What you have to do is only to promote different merchant’s product and earn a commission when somebody by a product which is promoted buy you. You don’t need to handle any payment processing or delivering the product to customer. Merchant will handle all these stuff.

There are so many products available that you can promote online which ever you can imagine. For example software, ebook and any physical product etc. Digital products like software, ebook are very good to make money online as they offer higher commission.Commission range starts from 50%-70%. For example if a product price is $100, you can make up to $50 to $70 per sale. Is not this great?

You can be a part of Affiliate Marketing for free. Be an Affiliate for free, promote product and start making money online working from home.

Below I am giving a list of website where you can register for free and start promoting product:

How to promote product and make money online?

First you have to register as an affiliate. Then see the list of available products those you want to promote. I am giving and example of clickbank. Creating an account in clickbank is very easy. Its like creating an email account. Create and affiliate account and log in to your account.

Now use your search phrase in the search field. Click enter and you will see a lots of product list. For example I am searching for the keyword phrase “weight loss”.  I got the following result:

Keyphrase Search in Clickbank

There is two main part you need to understand. One is create hop link and other one is view pitch page. When you click the view pitch page, you will see the merchant’s home page. Before promoting any product always see the home page once. Now assume yourself as a customer. Now as a customer, after you have seen the landing page will you buy the product from that merchant’s? If your answer is yes means product is convenient to buy then you can go ahead and promote product.

Second important thing is Create HopLink. HopLink refers to a unique link that generated for you for each product. For each product you will be having different different hoplink. Creating HopLink is easy.

Now enter you ClickBank NickName(user id) in first test box. Tracking id is optional an leave it as blank as for now. Then click on Create button. See the following screen:

Create HopLink in ClickBank

Click on CREATE button and you will get your HopLink. See below screen for example:

ClickBank HopLink

Now that is the unique link generated for you for that particular product. you have to just promote this link. Once any customer goes to merchant’s website through your link and buy product, you will get the commission. Any customer, who click your link will be redirected to the merchant’s website.

This is the out line of Affiliate Marketing. To reach to the next level  of Affiliate Marketing and Earn Money Online through Affiliate Marketing I highly recommend The Affiliate Marketing Power Series by Michael S. Brown. Michael S. Brown used to be an overworked drugstore manager but one day he decided he was through with it and instead took his business practices online. He quickly found success through affiliate marketing. From then he never looked back.

Recommended Product For Beginners

The Affiliate Marketing Power Series
Vol: 1 The Beginning of Your Financial Freedom

Affiliate Marketing Power Series

This guide is step by step on how to get started in making money online using affiliate marketing!  It’s almost too easy.

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