Freelance Writing Jobs: Get Paid To Write Articles

Freelance_Writing_JobsThere are so many ways to earn money online. One of those is Freelance Writing Job. You can get paid to write articles as a freelance writer. As a writer you can write articles depending on the client’s requirements or your choice. Freelance writing jobs require you to have good knowledge of reliable use of grammar and correct interpretation of content.You can make some decent amount of money by writing for the web. Sign up process is easy to apply for this job. Few companies need experience as a writer. So, if you have written any articles you can upload your sample while sign up process. You can work from home for part time as well as for full time.

Freelance writing jobs service company list:

#1. Associated Content

Associated Content is one of the most popular sites that pays people to write articles as well as publishing video to Associate Content. Mostly on every topic you can write articles. You can earn money by writing as well as publishing video. More over you will earn more if number of page views of your articles increases. At initial lavel you might earn $3 to $4 but later when you page view increases you earning will also increase.

Join AssociatedContent Freelance Writing Job

#2. eHow - How to do just about everything

eHow is the great place to start as they have vast library of information and its growing day by day. Submit your articles and get paid for it. Writer compensation program is also available in

Join eHow and Get Paid for Writing Articles

#3. EssayWriters

With, you have freedom of choice. You can decide the topic you want to write at your suitable time. Also you will be paid regular bonuses.

Join EssayWriters and be a Freelance Writer

#4. Suite101

To register in Suite101 you have to submit two writing samples for review. Once its get approved you can publish your articles and participate in professional writer’s community. As soon as your article get published you will make money. Also you will get hands-on-support and guidance from professional editors. As a freelance writer you will have access to different networking opportunities in writer’s forums.

Join Suite101 here

#5. Helium

Helium is not so profitable as they pay less for articles. You can earn $1 per article and earn some extra from traffic. More number of people read your articles means your earning lavel will increase. The best point of Helium is you can earn more from its market place. In market place you can select an assignment and write articles. In market place you might earn $10 for each article.

Join Helium here

#6. Constant-Content

Constant-Content is a network of large writers where you can post and sell your original content. You can not post duplicate content. Once your account is created brows requested content and get paid for your writing.

Join Constant-Content Freelance Writing Job

#7. Triond

Triond is one more site that pays you for article submission. You will earn money when your articles get traffic. So while writing articles you have to optimize articles for search engine. So to earn more money online you have to submit more number of articles.

Get Paid To Write Articles at Triond

#8. LoveToKnow

In LoveToKnow you can write in any of your interested topic available in chanel topic of LoveToKnow. There is huge list of topics available. Once you get approved your payment will start at $20 per 650-word article, with a minimum of 20 articles required each month

Be a LoveToKnow Freelance Writer

#9. KPwriting

KPwriting is another site where you can choose a writer role that is best suited to you. Currently 3 role are there for writer and they are Academic writer, Resume Writer and Content Writer. You can register for a role among these three. KPWriting pay contracted writers anywhere from $6 up to $20 per page.

Join KPwriting here

#10. TextBroker

You can also submit articles to TextBroker with an unlimited variety of theams. Choose assignment based on your interest and knowledge and the one which come most natural to you. Payment is based on either fixed word-rates or pre-negotiated rates. You can earn up to $25 per 500 word.

Join TextBroker and Get Paid To Write Articles

#11. DreamStudio

In DemandStudios you can apply to various roles based on your interest. Offered roles are Film Maker, Writer, Transcriber, Copy Editor, Title Proofer, Expert. You can write on numerous topics in various different formats. Working hours is flexible. You can work part time as well as full time.

Join DemandStudios for Freelance Jobs

#12. RentaGhostWriter

You can choose from a wide variety of of writing projects from clients looking to hire a ghost writer to complete their project. Registration is totally free. You will be immediately notified when a project fit your profile. After your registration if projects are available you can immediately apply for a online freelance writing job.

Join RenetGhostWriter and be a Ghost Writer

*FREE* Article Spinner Software:

There are many article writer software available. This is also called as Article Spinner. Using Article Spinner you can create various version of the same article. It actually replaces the word with synonyms of word and this way create different version of article.
You can download a article spinner software from my blog below for free. Just right click and save in your computer.

Download Article Spinner Tool v2.1

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24 Responses to “Freelance Writing Jobs: Get Paid To Write Articles”

  1. Ravindra says:

    your site seem to be very good for some information about making easy money.

  2. EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

    Thanks Ravindra.

  3. Avani says:

    Wow Thanks, you’ve just given me some great ideas. It’s amazing that, with so much going on in the blogosphere that there are so many that still don’t know what a blog is.These are great, But you should have said something about writing stuff that are currently popular I guess?

  4. EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

    Thanks Avani..I will be happy if you put my ideas in to action. You can write on anything you like. For example Personality Development, Weight Loss, Celebrity News, Food Recipes, Work at Home…These are the most popular stuff. If you joined any of the website I mentioned above, you have to write depending on the availability of assignment. Good Luck.

  5. Mark Bronson says:

    95% of your article submissions should be done automatically with software that will generate as many as you need from content that you find elsewhere, and submits it for you. In the odd occasion that you want to write something yourself, I’ve written a step by step guide check it out if you like

    Good luck guys,


  6. deanto says:

    great post. i just cant get my head around the idea of not taking this oppertunities to get what you want online.

  7. satrap says:

    paid surveys are a great way to make money with. but of course finding legitimate ones between all of the scams al over the internet is not as easy. one thing i notice is that some scam companies are charging people for “paid survey opportunity” which is basically for $50 or whatever the fee is they give the buyer a list of paid survey websites, which you can find for free online. i mean it may take time but its not something to pay for. any how i don’t want to come across as spamy but i have a couple of posts on my blog for legitimate paid survey companies. feel free to check it out if you are looking for legitimate paid surveys. but don’t ever pay to join one or get a list of them.

  8. Ben says:

    That’s a good article about Freelance Writing Jobs: Get Paid To Write Articles. Thanks for the info.

  9. Thanks - I am hoping you can give me an opinion on this new Spinner module in our Article Marketing Software

  10. Great post, I persoanlly didnt know about the opportunities of freelance writing until I read this, thanks for sharing

  11. Murlu says:

    Haven’t heard of a few of these so thanks on the heads up.

    I’ve been quite busy trying to keep up with 10 articles a day for both content websites, backlinking and selling on article marketplaces - it’s heavy work but definitely worth the time.

  12. In addition, free lance writing is not only a way to make money online. It is also a way of showing your interest and skills to others.

  13. There are lots of online jobs websites that look for article writers, however the down-side is some pay so little. This is a great article to help get started. Thanks!

  14. This is a comprehensive list for those starting out as freelance writers.

    However, if you are looking at having a successful career as a writer, set up a professional website, promote your website and drive traffic to your website, and soon enough, clients will be looking for you and your services.

    There is a huge demand for writing services out there - you just need to place yourself/your website in front of the clients.

    Nikki May

  15. In point of fact, freelance writing job is easy as long as you know what to do. Many people had earned a living because of this.

  16. david says:

    If you choose to make money writing online you need to be professional in your online presence. This means you need to spell-check all your writing, including e-mails to clients. You will also appear more professional if you get an e-mail address that is specifically used for your writing. Most blog and website owners will require you to use the word or phrase a certain number of times in the article. You may find that sometimes it can be difficult to use the words without making it sound forced. However if you have the experience you will develop techniques to make the keywords flow naturally into your articles.

  17. Cord Blood : says:

    there are so many online jobs that you could apply for, some pay well and some does not`:*

  18. I don’t like the free spinner. It has only 10% of the features of a paid spinner.

  19. Mike M says:

    Paid online writing jobs can be alittle hard to seach for if your a newbie like myself.

  20. Avenue says:

    These sites that you’ve mentioned above, do they really allow you to post your articles ? and do they really benefit you ? i’m not sure about this but i have previously written a few articles.. and i never submitted them anywhere.

  21. Heather todd says:

    Great post,thanks,writing jobs is really awesome and always an opportunity for writers,never ending niche

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