What Happens If You Change The Title of a Site Which Is Already Ranking

Have you tried to change Title of any site which is already ranking? Anyway most of us won’t like to change the Title of a site which is ranking well since Title is the most important part of Onpage SEO. Even I didn’t wanted to do, but I did for better performance of site. Read the rest of this entry »

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How These SEO Secrets Can Make You More Money Online!

We all know that if we want to make money online we must have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. We should have at least basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Otherwise it will be really very difficult to make money online. Read the rest of this entry »

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How I Ranked in First Page of Google Within 48 Hours

Hi Everybody,

In this post I want to share with you about how I managed to rank in Google’s first page within 48 hours. I hope it will be helpful for those who are struggling and unable to rank their site. SEO is not difficult actually. Of course there are so much to learn when we Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Get Backlinks To Increase Search Engine Ranking?

Getting Backlinks to Increase Search Engine Ranking is not an easy task. It involves lots of efforts. In this post you will learn all about how to get backlinks for Offpage Search Engine Optimization. To rank well in search engine we should have enough backlinks pointing to our site. For beginners it may be little bit difficult to understand what I am saying. So, I am explaining here about baklinks.

Whenever you type any word in Google, Google check two main thing. First it find out all the pages that matches with your search term. Secondly it see which page is referred more by other site. The page which is referred more, wins in search result. Referring means which other websites are linking to that page or website.

In order to get good search engine rank you have to create links pointing back to your site. This links are called backlinks. Backlinks are also know as inbound links or incoming links and they are the core of Offpage Search Engine Optimization. I have already included all factors about Offpage search engine optimization in my one post Search Engine Optimization For Dummies

There are so many ways to create backlinks. It’s a never ending process. If you want to defeat your competitor you have to keep building backlinks.

There are many backlink checker tools available. For Example you can try Backlink Watch. Yahoo Explorer is also a great way to check backlinks. To check backlinks in yahoo do as:       link:http://www.WebsiteName.com

It will show a list of all sites that points back to http://www.websitename.com.  See the image below:

Yahoo Explorer View

However you can find all backlinks using Google Webmaster. Using yahoo explorer you will be able to find out few of actual backlinks.

How To Get Backlinks?

Below I am explaining few steps to get backlinks. Mind that backlinks and reprocial links are not same. Backlinks are one way incoming links to your site. You don’t have to link back those backlink sources from your website or blog. You should also focus on creating quality backlinks, not quantity. Means one backlink from a PR8 website is far better than 10 backlinks from a PR0 website.

Article Submission: I feel this is powerful step of creating one way incoming links to your site. Always use good Anchor text while creating link and use your keyword.  For example my blog main keyword is earn money online. So I will use earn money online to link to my blog instead of Click Here. Click the below link to get top list of articles directories

Directory Submission: It is a time consuming process but try to submit as much as you can. You will find a good list of directory here ==> Robin Good’s list of RSS directories

Blog Commenting: Find out some dofollow blog with CommentLuv plugin installed and post comments. After publishing a post in your blog make at least 10 comments. It will create 20 backlinks to your blog. Use http://blogsearch.google.com/ to find out blog on your niche.

Forum Post: Join some forums in your niche and contribute to forums. Put your url in signature. Click below to get a list of dofollow forums:

Social Networking and Bookmarking: Using these site you not only get traffic but also you will get one way backlinks to your site. So, use it very wisely. You can see my previous post to Increase Traffic To Blog for more details.

Creating WEB2.0 Properties: Create different WEB2.0 properties such as Squidoo lens, Hubpage, Blogger blogs etc to support your main blog. Use keyword in anchor link to point back to your blog. It is better if you can create all WEB2.0 properties on your sub keyword, not main keyword. once you done that you can bookmark all those WEB2.0 properties.

You can create more WEB2.0 properties such as:

  • Wordpress.com
  • Weebly.com
  • Xanga.com (Nofollow Now)
  • Zimbio.com
  • Wikispaces.com
  • Wetpaint.com
  • Quizilla.com
  • Webs.com
  • Vox.com

Now grab RSS URL of each WEB2.0 properties and go to http://pingomatic.com or http://pingler.com to ping it.

Shareware/Freeware Distribution: If you can create any Shareware/Freeware program for your niche then you can use this as a nice link building strategy. use PromoSoft to submit it to over 700 shareware directories. You will get strong backlinks from all those high page rank websites. One example of Freeware is toolbar. Create one toolbar and submit to software directory. I did not created any still, but I have seen people getting results out of it.

Photo Submission: If you have any photo to upload you can upload to all these websites:

Ebook Submission: Write one small ebook on your niche or if you have any then upload to various ebook uploading sites. You can use these below sites:

I hope you got enough idea about getting backlinks. Read my another post to learn How To Increase Blog Traffic. You will get even more idea on getting strong backlinks to your site as well as traffic. In next post I will post even some more secret information about backlinks

Till now I am getting good result from my blog but I have to do a lot yet. Share your experience about getting backlinks by posting a suggestion below. If you liked my article please bookmark it and help me to get some more backlinks.Thanks

Additional Reference:

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Stop Wasting Time For Search Engine Optimization!

Don’t waste your time for Search engine optimization before you know it well. Many of have some wrong idea about search engine optimization. As a result we don’t get result as expected. Wheather your are building websites or blog , it should be search engine optimized if you want to get most out of your effort.

Onpage search engine optmization is easy to perform. I have already posted article on Onpage Optimization for both blog and website. If you haven’t read my article and interested in reading then you can read here:

To make your process easy I want to give you a free ebook where you can learn the basic nistake we do whenever we think of search engine optimization. 


6 SEO Myths De-bunked 

6 SEO Myths De-bunked

What you will learn form this ebook?

Backlink Myth #1 - Google Page Rank is equal to Search Engine Ranking

Backlink Myth #2 - Submitting to Hundreds of Free Directories will increase search engine results ranking

Backlink Myth #3 - Getting a ton of social networking links is a way to increase your search engine results page rank.

Backlink myth #4 - You shouldn’t link to any sites because you will lose any “link juice” that you have.

Backlink Myth #5 - Turning 100 domain into one mega domain will help your search engine rankings.

Backlink Myth #6 - You should wait to complete certain page building or link building tasks until Google has made a page rank update.

I read this ebook and I was really amazed to see the value of this ebook. Even I was considering search engine optimization method in some other way.

This guide book is mainely focused on OffPage Optimization method. You will find how to do offpage optimization for your blog by creatting free dofollow backlinks  as wll as what not to do for getting backlinks.

This is a very short post. As I found this ebook so valuable, I thought it might help you as well. There is no need to sign up. You can directly download it and put it for good use.

Download 6 SEO Myths De-bunked

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How To Make Your Blog Search Engine Optimized?

Thinking how to make your blog Search Engine Optimized? It is very easy as there are plugins you can use for blog optimization. All Onpage optimization will be handled by this plugin for your blog. However for Offpage optimization you have to approach different strategies. Here I am saying about Onpage blog optimization for your blog.

Plugins to make your blog search engine optimized

Below are the plugins that you must use to make your blog search engine optimized. Install the plugins and activate it.

  • All In One SEO
  • Google XML Sitemap Generator
  • SEO Friendly Image
  • SEO Smart Link
  • Chunk URL
  • NoFollow FREE

I am showing you how to use All In One SEO Plugin for maximum benefit.

You can get the All in One SEO plugin here. Install the plugin and activate it. After activating some settings are needed.

Step1: Click on All in One SEO. If you are using Wordpress 2.7.1 or upgrade version it will appear in Settings. After clicking you will get as:

All in One SEO for Blog Optimization

Step2.1: Enter your title for your blog. Remember to put your keyword. This title is very important. This is title of your blog that appears on the browser. This title won’t appear on your blog header. Title is shown by the search engine in result.

Step2.2: Enter your home description. This is the meta description of your blog. This description is shown by search engine in result below title.

Step2.3: By default post title format is %post_title% | %blog_title%. Change it to %post_title%. The reason why I am saying to change is it is not necessary to display your blog title with each post. For example if I hadn’t changed, for this post title would have displayed as “How To Make Your Blog Search Engine Optimized? | Earn Money Online”. Defiantly this is not a good title as it is not related and it is more than 60 character.

Step2.4: Click on Update Option

OK, you have configured All In One SEO plugin. Now time is to use it for proper use. Use it for every a new post. Here I am showing how I used this plugin for this post.

Using All in One SEO for Blog Optimization

Enter Title, Description and Keywords. Next publish your post. Now search engine will take this contents and display in result.

Setting the Permalink for blog optimization:

Permalink is the link of your each blog post. For each post there will be different different link. For Permalink setting click on Permalinks in Settings.

Default setting of Permlink is as:

http://YourDomain.com/?p=123 -> This is not a search engine friendly link as search engine can’t recognize this link.

It is better if your link contain blog title including the keywords. For this go to Common Settings and choose Custom Structure.

Write Custom Structure as /%category%/%postname%

This will change each link to SEO friendly link as:


However you can change the post title in the link before publishing if you want to do so.

GOOGLE XML Sitemap Generator: This plugin will generate a sitemaps.org compatible sitemap of your WordPress blog which is supported by Ask.com, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO.

SEO Friendly Image: This plugin will automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images. Improves traffic from search results and makes them W3C/xHTML valid as well.

SEO Smart Link: SEO Smart Links provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.

Chunk URL: This plugin shorten urls in comments so that they won’t break your site.

NoFollow FREE: According to Google’s new policy if your blog contain more nofollow links it may reduce your pagerank. Why not to give your blog commentor a bonus buy giving them a link to their blog? If you want to do so make your blog’s comment link dofollow. This plugin remove the nofollow tag from your blog’s comments with a lot of options customizable, per user type removal, per comments count removal etc.

If you liked my article about blog optimization please consider it for bookmarking or give me your valuable feedback.

Get Search Engine Optimized Blog In 3 Easy Steps

Technorati Profile

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Search Engine Optimization For Dummies

The aim of this post is to show you how to make your content Search Engine Optimized to get most out of your effort. It is very important part for your online success. This post contains the basics of search engine optimization methods. It is not difficult to implement the basic methods.

Before going to details I would like to say that Keyword Research is the core of Search Engine Optimization. If you don’t have idea about Keyword Research then you can view my post:

OK, now you have done with your keyword research for your selected niche. Next step is to optimized your contents so that search engine can find your contents.

There are two types of optimization methods: Onpage Optimization and Offpage Optimization. Let me start with OnPage optimization.

Onpage Search Engine optimization:

Onpage optimization basically consists of all of the ranking factors that are located on your webpage. I am going in details steps of these ranking factor.

1.Title: This is the title of your webpage. In html it looks as <Title> </Title>. It is very important to put your main keyword inside title. If you put blank inside title tag you won’t be able to rank in search engine.

To get idea write “download antivirus” in Google and see what’s come up. I got as below:

View Title of Web Page

Download FREE antivirus software - avast! Home Edition - this is the title of the page www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html. To make sure go to the website and see the source view of that page. just right click and click view source.

Title of Web Page in View Source Mode

Google shows the title of any web page in their search result. Try to complete your title withing 60 character.

2.Meta Description: It appears just below the title in the search engine result. Make a proper description for your webpage including all your main keyword. Don’t put more than 5 keywords and try to complete meta description within 160 character. You can see meta description in source view as:

View Meta Description

Put your keywords in Meta Keywords also but search engine doesn’t give value for that because of peoples spamming nature.

3.Header Tag: These are the tags that appear as <h1></h1> <h2></h2> <h3></h3>. There are total 6 header tag up to h6. Use it for your webpage properly. Put your page main heading including main keyword in the <h1></h1> tag and sub heading including sub keyword <h2> </h2> tag and continue like this. Whenever search engine crawl your page it crawl the header tags before the text.

4.Bold, Italic Tag: Use <strong></strong> tag to make your text bold and <i></i> for italic. Mind that I did not say to use <b></b> to make bold because search engine give more importance to <strong></strong> tag. Try to make your main keyword bold al least in first paragraph.

5.Image Alt: Alt is an attribute for the img tag. It appears when the browser can’t display image. Here is an example how you have to use :

<img src=”image path” alt=”click To Download Antivirus”> </img>

Always put meaningful content using keyword. Don’t overdo it as search engine may see it as spam.

6.Link: Link are used to link another page or website. It appears in html as
<a href=”download.html”> Download Antivirus</a> Always use good Anchor text while creating link and use your keyword.

<a href=”download.html”> Click Here</a> is NOT a good example of
onpage optimization. It is not an optimized method to use image or flash files while creating hyperlink because spiders for most search engines do not typically crawl links within Flash files or images.

Well, these are the basic Onpage Search Engine Optimization Methods.

Offpage Search Engine optimization:

Offpage optimization basically consists of all of the ranking factors that are NOT located on your webpage, that the search engines look at when ranking a website.

These include:

  • Which websites link to you
  • The number of websites linking to you
  • The Google rank of the website linking to you
  • The page title of the website linking to you
  • The anchor text used in the link linking to you
  • The number and type of links linking to the website that’s linking to you.
  • The number of outbound links on the website that is linking to you
  • The total number of links on the website that is linking to you
  • The IP Address of the websites linking to you.

For Offpage optimization you need to promote your website. It is not simple as Onpage Optimization. For this you need to opt different methods such as Article Marketing, Forum Posting, Blog Posting, Web2.0 etc. As it is difficult to cover everything in one post I am going to write in different post.

Did you liked my post? If yes please consider it for bookmarking or give me a feedback.

FREE Site Builder

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Keyword Research - Why it is important for your online business?

Keyword Research is very much important for any online business. For Keywords Definition I can say keywords are the phrase or  word people use while searching in search engine. For example if somebody is looking for  some way to earn money online he or she may search in search engine as -> earn money online, earning money online, making money on Internet, earn cash online etc. So these are the keywords.

To rank in search engine you should use proper keyword for your blog or article. However it depends on so many other factor such as On Page Optimization, Off Page  Optimization, BackLinks, PageRank etc.

If you start your own blog or Website it may take some time to rank in search engine. I am  not an expert but few things I would like to write here. I was able to rank my first mini  site in first page of Google, Yahoo, Msn, Ask for one of my keyword phrase. But I did not  make any profit icon cry Keyword Research    Why it is important for your online business? Why? Because my niche didn’t converted well. May be my landing page  was not good.

Getting Keyword Ideas:

First assume some keyword related to your niche. If you don’t have idea about niche and how  to find a profitable niche you can read my next post. There are so many keyword research tool available today. Some are free and some you have to buy. I like to use free service as it does everything for me. To get keyword ideas you can start with any of following free keyword research tool:

Google External Keyword Tool

It is the best and free keyword research tool.  For your keyword research

1. Type your niche in the box and then click Get Keyword Ideas

2. Once you enter you will get many keyword related to your niche.

You may be thinking which one to choose. To select good keyword always:

1. Select keyword that have 1000-1500 search volume
2. Select a keyword that has less than 20000 competing page.

First one you will get from the Google External Keyword Tool. See the global search volume.

To get data about competitive page go to Google and search as:

“your keyword phrase” -> Use “”

Now see how many result page Google is showing. This number indicate that those number of  pages are having the same keyword. So you have to compete with them.

Wordtracker - Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

I often use Wordtracker. Wordtracker shows the number of search in daily basis. Just put your keyword in keyword text box and press Hit Me. It will show keyword list and number of  search. It is better to choose a keyword that has 29 - 50 daily search volume.

You will get enough keyword ideas using above two. But still you can go for  further research.

Bullets Use  Keyword Difficult Check Tool to find out  difficulty level. It indicates the difficulty level to rank in search engine for your keyword. If it is less than 40 then easy to rank.

Bullets You can also use Google Search Based Keyword Tool to get your keyword by browsing different  category. It shows the monthly search volume, advertiser bidding price for keywords,   competition and many more.

Bullets Through Google Insights For Search you can do more analysis on your keyword. You can select a region and check the peoples interest on your niche over time. However web search is also available. It’s really amazing tool. It display result in graphical way, shows the related keyword and rising searches.

I think this is enough for keyword ideas for a beginner. For further research you can buy Brad Callen’s Keyword Ellite. This is a great software and useful for  advanced keyword research. Using Keyword Ellite you can uncover the exact keyword that are 100% proven to bring success to your Online Business.

Build Free Websites

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