Payment Proof of Survey - Get Paid To Take Surveys

In this post I just want to show you Payment Proof of one Survey. Recently I received a payment of $5 for one survey and I am showing here my PayPal account details and the email I got from survey provider. It is possible to get paid to take surveys.

The reason I am showing you this because, many people believe that earn money through internet is not possible. These types of people normally won’t take any action and simply keep blaming good online money making programs.

Watch the Payment Proof:

Few days back, in one popular forum I saw a question and I got totally shocked reading the answer. One person asked as - Is it possible to make money blogging or it simply waste of time?

The answer was as: Don’t do all those thing. It’s all crap! All are scam.

How that person answer like that? May be he/she is completely blind about online world or he doesn’t know about famous blogger who earn more than $40,000 dollar from blogging. You may not believe, but it is true.

This amount I received just completing one 20 minutes survey. Definitely it’s not a big amount. But it is best for those who don’t want to build their website or blog and want to earn extra money at home simply investing little time. After all $5 for 15-20 minutes. Not bad. Right?

There are so many online survey provider. You have to pay some amount and they will provide a list of websites where you can join FREE. Are you ready to pay for joining?

Hey wait! no need to pay anymore. I collected a list of websites which are well known from payment. There are totally 49 websites. However if you want more then inform me. I will find some good websites and update my list.

If you don’t have idea on how to get paid to take surveys then you can check my another post where I wrote the process in details to earn extra money at home.

Ready to take your first Online Survey? If yes, then click the link below.

I will be happy if you bookmark this post or forward to your friend. As so many other survey provider are charging,  I am providing here FREE. So, utilize it and help others.

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RedGage - Why Not To Get Paid For Your Online Activities?

Not believing? But it is true and RedGage pays people for their online activities. In RedGage you can earn money for all the activities you’re already doing online at place like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker and Blogger. You can bookmark each of your blog post and you will be get paid based on the value of your content, measured by page view/popularity. More over you can upload any document, video, photo, link.

Why you get paid for your online activities?

There are so many social networking sites. These sites earn money through advertising. RedGage share their income with their member. So, as a member you will be get paid. However you won’t get paid more. But I always welcome free money.

I don’t want to go much brief as it is very simple. Just register, invite friends and do your as usual online activities. Recently I joined and I liked their services.

Below you can see how on of my blog post I uploaded in RedGage:


If you have a blog it will be benifecial for your blog as you can broadcast your blog easily and get some more traffic. Using tools you can import content from your several social media account, so no manual work is required to earn money. By using RedGage, you can make money for what you are already doing online.

If you feel interest to join RedGage then Sign Up at RedGage from here and I will be happy if you put my user name(chdutta) as referrer.

Do you want some tutorial to get start? If yes then can go for

There is one more site MyLot where people get paid for taking part in online discussion. You can join if you are interested to take part in discussion and earn money online at the same time.

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Make Money Taking Surveys- Free Paid Surveys

Did you know that you can Make Money Taking Surveys? Get access to Free Paid Surveys and start making money online today. It is the easiest way to earn money online working from the comfort of your home.

This is the best way for those who don’t want to build their own website or blog or don’t have much time for internet. Simply invest a little amount of time and earn extra money online. Open a new email account before registering to all those free paid surveys. Because you may get lots of email and its better to keep a separate email account for this.

How making money taking surveys system works?

It’s so simple. There are so many multinational companies who want to know feedback of their products from customer. However to earn money online through paid survey you don’t have to buy any product. You have to just register for free to complete this survey online. There is no right or wrong answer. But you are supposed to give your honest opinion so that your opinion can help all those companies to make their products better.

Proof that make money taking surveys system works:

Here I am showing you one proof. You might have one question - why I am doing this? Frankly I am not doing this to get commission or anything like that. I just want to help you. There are so many website who charge $47 - $67 for just getting these list of companies. I am giving all for FREE. See the proof below that this work:

Making Money Taking Online Survey

This is for all those people who think earning money online is not possible. So many people even lough at me if I say it is possible to earn cash online. Hope you are not among them. If you are then just go and find how Google is making billions of money online and later come here.

Do I Make Money Taking Surveys?

Of course I am. But few thing I don’t like about online survey. Sometimes really unexpected situation occurs. I will be in the half of completing the survey and then I get the message as “You are not eligible for this survey. Continue with the next survey”. You know it hurts. You will be hoping that you will get $2 to $10 once you complete the survey and then this message. That’s why I don’t put so much effort to make money taking surveys.

I like more Affiliate Marketing. Why because you can do as you wish and put as much effort as you can. In Affiliate Marketing you can build your own way to earn money online. Its completely depend on you up to where you want to reach in your business.

If you don’t know about Affiliate Marketing and how to earn cash online through Affiliate Marketing then you can read my post

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

You can find out the here List of Paid Surveys.

Any question, feedback? You might put it below. I will be happy to hear your feedback.

Affiliate Marketing Power Series

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Online Data Entry Work: Are they SCAM?

Now a days it is very difficult to find a Online Data Entry Work which is genuine and legitimate. Everywhere only online scam programs. Many people want to earn some extra money online and keep on searching legitimate online data entry work. On the other hand few peoples are taking this advantage of these hungry people and trying to promoting some scam program which is not at all useful. They are cheating people. But now question is legitimate online data entry work really exists or not? Yes, it is there.

There are few programs which are really genuine and you can be benefited from those programs. You don’t have to pay anything to register on those program. Only you have to apply for those jobs. Once you get approval they will assign you some work and you have to complete the task. After completion of the task they will send your earnings through Paypal or through check. Its your wish whether you want to full time or part time. They need your resume and your personal information like your address, phone no etc. Prepare a well written resume and apply for the job. If your profile matches with their requirements surely you will get approval.

Online Data Entry Work Opportunity:

Join DiondSolution Dion Data Solutions

First complete with the registration process and then they will assign you one application. As soon as you get approval you will be able to work from home by providing them data management service. No registration fees. Requirements for diondatasolution includes a Home Desktop Computer and Stable Internet Connection.

Join DiondSolutionAxiondata

In axiondata you will be able to work as an independent aontractor. You should have basic knowledge of computer and should know few things such as use of windows explorer, installation and uninstallation of software, sending and receiving email and use of internet. Sorry to say currently there is no any vacancy but keep checking the website for job opportunity in future. Registration is free.

Join DiondSolutionCapitaltyping

Register at capitaltyping and take work order online. Once you submit the application form you will get an confirmation email containing all information about your new account. Registration is free.

Join DiondSolutionAccutranglobal

To apply for job in accutranglobal you should have minimum typing speed 60 wpm, with 70 preferred. You can check your typing speed at Currently there are following open positions:

1. Transcription
2. Scoping
3. Formatters
4. Document Review
5. Editing
6. Real time Writing
7. Management
8. Back End Support

For applying you have to download questionary/test from the website.

Join DiondSolution


Available current employment opportunity in troyresearch are Salaried Employee and Independent Contractor. You can view the website for more information.

Join DiondSolutionPalmcostdata

Currently they are hiring people in Florida and Colorado only. Upload your resume and profile in the website. If your qualifications meet their requirements you will called for interview. You can apply online as well as apply to the employment center directly. Location is mentioned in the website.

Join DiondSolutionTdec

You must be US citizen to apply for Job opportunity available in tdec. You will be employed in tdec as a data entry associate.

For more information on online data entry work you can see my another post about Freelance Jobs.

Drawback of Online Data Entry Work:

I should mention drawback of online data entry work also. Though you can do free registration in all those websites, it is very difficult to get work. It may takes long time to get work from them. In so many forum I saw people discussing about all those programs. They were claiming that they did not get any work till one year after registration. A few people got work, few did not get at all. You get work means you are lucky.

It is always better to start with your own business by creating your own blog, website and earn cash online from various sources. If you don’t know what is a blog and how to start a blog you can see my post

How To Start a Blog.


I will give you one tip so that you can stay away from scam online data entry work. From so many days I was searching some legitimate online data entry work so that I can earn some extra money utilizing my free time. I came across so many program who always promise that you can earn $200-$500 by doing simply data entry work. I joined few of them and badly I got scammed.

They usually show a picture in their website as below:

Google Adword Example

Google Adword Example

For you information I would like to say that this is not at all related to data entry work. Never ever join to all those online data entry work provider who show you this picture and promise you that you can earn a lot of money simply filling this form. This is related to Google Adword and you don’t need pay them to get the Google Adword Link. Don’t think I am publishing this addvertise. Here I am just showing you an example. Hey! just kidding. Even they won’t teach you Google Adword and how you can earn money online through Google Adwordexternal1 Online Data Entry Work: Are they SCAM?. They will give you the link of Google Adword and Clickbank and so many other website to promote product through Google Adword. Interestingly Clickbank is free to register and you can promote any digital product and earn commission from your sell.

Did I help you? If yes you might want to give me your valuable feedback below:

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Freelance Jobs - Recession Proof Businesses

freelance jobs Freelance Jobs   Recession Proof BusinessesIn present days of recession time you can consider freelance jobs to build your own recession proof home business and start earning money online. There are so many freelance jobs available today and you can choose any thing your are best at; for example article writing, editing, programming and web design, conducting, administration etc. You can meet your lifestyle need and see some profitability to manage your overhead doing freelance jobs. There are so many clients worldwide who want freelance worker to do their job. This way both the parties can be benefited. Clients can easily reduce their project expenditure by outsourcing their project and as a freelance worker you will be able to earn a massive amount of income by working from home. Freelance job is the most convenient and legitimate way to earn cash online either working part time or full time.

Advantages of Freelance Jobs:

bullet Freelance Jobs   Recession Proof Businesses Freedom Freedom Freedom…..You and only boss. Live life being independent.

bullet Freelance Jobs   Recession Proof Businesses

Being able to arrange your work schedule yourself and you are no longer locked into a crazy schedule like 9-5.

bullet Freelance Jobs   Recession Proof Businesses Work from home or anywhere you like and with any client as you wish. You just need a computer and Internet connection.

bullet Freelance Jobs   Recession Proof Businesses

You will be able to get proper value of your work and keep yourself far from office politics which is very famous.

However there are some disadvantages also while choosing your career as a freelance worker. But you will be able to overcome from all those disadvantages if you determine to build your career as a freelance worker.

Disadvantages of Freelance Jobs:

bullet Freelance Jobs   Recession Proof Businesses

It may takes time to build your career as there is too much competition. However if you have ability surely you will be able to stand against competition.

bullet Freelance Jobs   Recession Proof Businesses You may feel lonely as you will be only there in your work. But when clients will be searching for you for your work, you may expand your work and start your business by recruiting other people.

bullet Freelance Jobs   Recession Proof Businesses

You will loose additional benefits from your employer such as pensions and health-care provision. But I don’t think it matters most for those who dream to build their own business.

OK, now I am ready for Freelance Jobs. Where to start?

Welcome my friend. That’s why I am here to show you some way where you can start your journey. To get project from client you need to create your profile mentioning your abilities clearly. Depending on your profile you will be able to bid on available project. You will get the project once you win the bid. Below is list of legitimate Freelance Jobs provider where you can start your freelance work. is the largest online service market place. There are more than 160 categories in which you can find for your freelance work of interest. Currently there are three types of membership available. Basic, Guru which is $199.95 annually and Guru vendor which is $259.94 annually. Huge market place for freelance programing jobs.

Elance is one more place where you will get lots of freelance jobs to apply. Here also two types of membership available; one is free and another one is paid. For paid member they charge one time $16.90 at the time of creation your profile. You can start with free membership easily. When Clients (Employers) make a payment to their Service Providers(Freelance Worker), Elance deducts between 6.75% and 8.75% from the payment to cover its Service Fee and Payment Processing costs and transfers the remaining amount to the Service Provider.

In Scriptlance you will get lots of freelance works. For example programming, logo design, website design, article writing, content submission, online data entry etc. So if you are looking for online data entry work you might want to visit Scriptlance once to access freelance jobs.

As from the name only you came to know that GetaCoder is the place for Freelance Programmer and Software Buyer. You can do your FREE registration. However Rent a Coder charges freelance programmer a Rent a Coder Fee (from 15% to 7.5%) on the profit from work and questions. You can bid on different types of available project based on your profile. is one more website similar to GetaCoder who offer freelance programming jobs.

Gofreelance cover lots of freelance works. Most importantly you will be able to get online data entry work, virtual assistance jobs, telecommunication jobs, editing jobs and even programming jobs also. But its not free. However there is a trial offer available which charge $7. If you want you can try once for trial offer and if you don’t like then you can cancel the membership at any time.

This is one more website where you can try for lots of freelance jobs. They have two types of membership. Basic which is free and gold membership which is $12 per month. Advantage of being gold member is that you don’t have to pay any commission on your earning and you will get higher ranking plus exclusive projects to bid on. 72.83% of projects are won by Gold members. Another website similar to GetaFreelancer you can try where you can earn in euro.

redlooksoreal1 Freelance Jobs   Recession Proof Businesses

Click here for sample Freelance Jobs

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Make Money Writing Letters

20px|Windows Live Logo Windows Live Writer
Image via Wikipedia

You can make money online by writing different forms of letter. Many people needs various forms of letter for their business purposes. So they outsource their work and get it done by others. Here is the opportunity to earn money online by writing letters. You can write any of the following types of letter:

1. Resignation Letter
2. Cover Letter
3. Complaint Letter
4. Interview Thank You Latter
5. Apology Letter
6. Invitation Letter
And so many…

There is a site where you can upload your letter and if somebody buys your letter, you will be paid.

How “Make Money Writing Letter” system works?

  • There are so many people who need above mentioned types of letter. Buyer first sees available letters in the website. If they didn’t find the letter what they are searching for they submit a request for letter.
  • Those requests are posted to the ‘Current Requests’ page of the website.
  • Letter writers then can see the requests in their member section, follow necessary steps and submit the required letter.
  • Submitted letters should get approval and once it is approved a new request will go the buyer’s email.
  • Once the buyer comes and buy the letter, writers will get paid.

You will be able to earn $10 for each submitted response.

If you don’t have much idea about writing different types of letter you can go to and see the sample of all types of letter. Also you will get help at

For those who want more information on make money writing letter I will recommend Instant Recommendation Letter Kit. It includes 79 professionally written, fully-formatted, full-length real-life recommendation letter templates in downloadable format. Also it contains over 150 pre-written Recommendation Power Phrases that will fast-track your letters and give you a professional final product.

Download Instant Recommendation Letter Kit and Make Money Online Writing Letter today.

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Freelance Writing Jobs: Get Paid To Write Articles

Freelance_Writing_JobsThere are so many ways to earn money online. One of those is Freelance Writing Job. You can get paid to write articles as a freelance writer. As a writer you can write articles depending on the client’s requirements or your choice. Freelance writing jobs require you to have good knowledge of reliable use of grammar and correct interpretation of content.You can make some decent amount of money by writing for the web. Sign up process is easy to apply for this job. Few companies need experience as a writer. So, if you have written any articles you can upload your sample while sign up process. You can work from home for part time as well as for full time.

Freelance writing jobs service company list:

#1. Associated Content

Associated Content is one of the most popular sites that pays people to write articles as well as publishing video to Associate Content. Mostly on every topic you can write articles. You can earn money by writing as well as publishing video. More over you will earn more if number of page views of your articles increases. At initial lavel you might earn $3 to $4 but later when you page view increases you earning will also increase.

Join AssociatedContent Freelance Writing Job

#2. eHow - How to do just about everything

eHow is the great place to start as they have vast library of information and its growing day by day. Submit your articles and get paid for it. Writer compensation program is also available in

Join eHow and Get Paid for Writing Articles

#3. EssayWriters

With, you have freedom of choice. You can decide the topic you want to write at your suitable time. Also you will be paid regular bonuses.

Join EssayWriters and be a Freelance Writer

#4. Suite101

To register in Suite101 you have to submit two writing samples for review. Once its get approved you can publish your articles and participate in professional writer’s community. As soon as your article get published you will make money. Also you will get hands-on-support and guidance from professional editors. As a freelance writer you will have access to different networking opportunities in writer’s forums.

Join Suite101 here

#5. Helium

Helium is not so profitable as they pay less for articles. You can earn $1 per article and earn some extra from traffic. More number of people read your articles means your earning lavel will increase. The best point of Helium is you can earn more from its market place. In market place you can select an assignment and write articles. In market place you might earn $10 for each article.

Join Helium here

#6. Constant-Content

Constant-Content is a network of large writers where you can post and sell your original content. You can not post duplicate content. Once your account is created brows requested content and get paid for your writing.

Join Constant-Content Freelance Writing Job

#7. Triond

Triond is one more site that pays you for article submission. You will earn money when your articles get traffic. So while writing articles you have to optimize articles for search engine. So to earn more money online you have to submit more number of articles.

Get Paid To Write Articles at Triond

#8. LoveToKnow

In LoveToKnow you can write in any of your interested topic available in chanel topic of LoveToKnow. There is huge list of topics available. Once you get approved your payment will start at $20 per 650-word article, with a minimum of 20 articles required each month

Be a LoveToKnow Freelance Writer

#9. KPwriting

KPwriting is another site where you can choose a writer role that is best suited to you. Currently 3 role are there for writer and they are Academic writer, Resume Writer and Content Writer. You can register for a role among these three. KPWriting pay contracted writers anywhere from $6 up to $20 per page.

Join KPwriting here

#10. TextBroker

You can also submit articles to TextBroker with an unlimited variety of theams. Choose assignment based on your interest and knowledge and the one which come most natural to you. Payment is based on either fixed word-rates or pre-negotiated rates. You can earn up to $25 per 500 word.

Join TextBroker and Get Paid To Write Articles

#11. DreamStudio

In DemandStudios you can apply to various roles based on your interest. Offered roles are Film Maker, Writer, Transcriber, Copy Editor, Title Proofer, Expert. You can write on numerous topics in various different formats. Working hours is flexible. You can work part time as well as full time.

Join DemandStudios for Freelance Jobs

#12. RentaGhostWriter

You can choose from a wide variety of of writing projects from clients looking to hire a ghost writer to complete their project. Registration is totally free. You will be immediately notified when a project fit your profile. After your registration if projects are available you can immediately apply for a online freelance writing job.

Join RenetGhostWriter and be a Ghost Writer

*FREE* Article Spinner Software:

There are many article writer software available. This is also called as Article Spinner. Using Article Spinner you can create various version of the same article. It actually replaces the word with synonyms of word and this way create different version of article.
You can download a article spinner software from my blog below for free. Just right click and save in your computer.

Download Article Spinner Tool v2.1

Get Freelance Wrting Jobs Guide

A Complete Guide to Freelance Writing Jobs

Write And Profit… Discover Why The Secrets Of Freelance Writing Can Make Dreams Come True.
Get Paid To Write! A complete Guide.

Get your guide now

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Writing For Money - Easy way to earn cash online

writing for money Writing For Money   Easy way to earn cash online

Writing for money? But how? You can earn cash online by writing small articles. Even you don’t need any website. You will get a free web page where you can publish your article and make money online. You don’t have to know anything about HTML or other technical stuff to publish your content. It’s very easy to build a page and to publish. You can earn cash from various sources once your page got published. Writing for money is the best way for those who don’t want to build their own website and want to earn cash online. You can write on any topic that appeals you.

Where to start writing for money?

Here I am explaining some of the opportunities where you can start your journey. All are totally free to register and you will get help in the help section of website if you face any problem.

Squidoo is the best place to start writing for money. Its very user friendly and also you can create as many pages as you want. These pages are called LENS and those who create Lens called Lensmaster. You can create any lenses on any topic. Once your lens got published people can view your lens from various sources . You can promote various product from ebay, amazon, clickbank to earn from your lens. To make money through Squidoo lenses your lens should get traffic. You should get reader to your Squidoo Lens.

Join Squidoo and start writing for money

If you are interested in making your Squidoo Lens you can download a free guide on how to make a Squidoo Lens. Squidoo Lens Creation for Newbies is written by POTPIEGIRL, founder of famous ONE WEEK MARKETING plan. The guide is really very good for beginner. Everything is written step by step with diagram of each step. You can easily follow the steps and make your own lens. Important point is that the guide is totally *FREE*.

Squidoo Lens Creation For Newbies

Download Squidoo Lens Creation for Newbies and start your first lens creation for *FREE*.

Below video will show you how to create a squidoo lens:

Hubpages is one more website where you can create your own page. In Hubpages the page which you will create is called as hub and you will be called as hubber. You can have as many hub as you want. Hupages are almost similar to Squidoo lens. If you are a beginner then just download Squidoo Lense Creation for Newbies. Once you know how to create a squidoo lens, you will be also able to create hubpages very easily.

Join to become a Hubber

There are so many other websites where you can create your own page. You can also create page at Select a topic of your interest and start writing for money today.

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Get Paid To Click, Get Paid To Read Email

get paid to click Get Paid To Click, Get Paid To Read Email

PAID TO CLICK and PAID TO READ EMAIL is very easy and simple way to Earn Money Online. Paid to click, Paid to read email sites give us opportunities to make some extra money from Home Without any Investment. At these sites, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You will get link to click directly in the website’s “View Advertisement” section or you will get link to click through email. It’s totally free to join Paid To Click (PTC) program.

Watch the demo video below:

How much you can earn through Paid to Click sites?

You will be paid $.01 to $.02 per click. There are two level of membership available. One is basic and another one premium membership. In basic membership you will get 4-10 links to click within 24 hours. However if you upgrade to premium member then you will get more links to click and you will be paid more per click. More over you can earn more by referring other people. Most PTC program pays $.005 for one click of reference. Like this way if you join at least 10 PTC sites and you have 50 references then you can expect minimum $2 daily by doing half an hour or one hour work. Defiantly it’s not a big amount but you can do it in your spare time and earn some extra money. Instead of you your family member can also continue it. Just they have go to your account and click the link. PTC works well if you have more reference. Otherwise its very difficult to earn.

Be careful about Paid To Click sites!

There are so many scam PTC sites. You should be careful about it. Some PTC offer $1 per click. That is obviously scam. Nobody is going to pay you $1 fro 30 second. Otherwise everybody would have done that. I have a list of scam PTC sites. Never ever join to all those PTC sites. You can download it from

Some Useful Tips:

  • Create an account with PayPal and Alertpay. PTC sites will pay you through PayPal or Alertpay.
  • Work with multi tab browser. This way you can click more advertise link in different tab.
  • Disable image and flash movie option in browser. This way when you click the link, page will load fast. Otherwise it may take long time to load the page.
  • Use Roboform. What it does actually it will remember all your user id and password. Don’t worry, roboform is secure. If you use roboform you don’t have enter your user id and password again and and again.

You can download Roboform for free. Just register and you will get it free. Also you can watch some important video for free.

Download Roboform from

How to get more references?

  • Create one blogger blog and keep your entire PTC reference links in your blog.
  • Invite your friends to visit your blog.
  • Join some online forum and use your blog url as your signature.
  • Join online social communities and try to get more friends. For example you can join Facebook, Orkut, Tweeter, Myspace, Mylot and update your blog in your account. Even Mylot pays people for joining and for taking part in online discussion. This way you can increase traffic to your blog and get more references.

PTC sites are great way to earn some extra cash online without doing much work and without having your own website. Register to as many as you are comfortable and try to get more reference. Surely you will be able to make money online very easily.

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