How to start a Blog?

In this post I am going to write about how to start a blog very easily. Blogs are known as small sites in the web but very powerful. Assume blog as your diary. In diary you will be keep on updating daily task, similarly a blog is a place in the web where you can continuously update fresh content of any topic you like. Choose a topic you like and you can start blogging very easily.

Blog= Web + Log

Here Log stands for your content. Previously people used blog as their daily diary and sharing their knowledge with each other through blog content. But now a days people are using blogs for business purposes. Blogs are very powerful because search engines love blog very much for their unique updated content. So if you have a blog of unique content surely
you can rank in search engine very well.

Difference between a website and a blog:

Website usually contain more arranged content. For example you are going to open one online store. So first you will gather all your content, then design the website layout and finally hosted your website.

However you can start with a blog with a small article or a post. Post refers to the content you want to publish in your blog. Day bay day you can start publishing new new content. For example is my blog and it is my post. Now you are reading my post.

How to start a blog?

It is very easy to start your own blog. First You should select a blog service provider. There are two types of blog service provider - One is free service and another one is paid service.

Blogging with Free Service:

There are various free service provider where you can start your blog.  To know about Free Blog Service Provider  you can see my another post

List of Free Blog Provider

I have experience with and If you are beginner then go to and sign up for a account. You can easily start your blog. You can download my free ebook “Blogger Blog For Beginners” where I am showing each steps of creating a blog in

Blogging with Paid service:

In this case you have to host your blog yourself and you will need a domain name and a hosting account. Once you have your domain name and hosting account you need to setup Wordpress software in your control panel. Wordpress software is free. For your blog theme go to themes. and upload theme to your hosting account. My blog is self- hosted. I bought domain name from and hosted in Remember and self- hosted Wordpress is not same. allow to start blog for free. But if you want to promote any affiliate product, won’t allow you to promote affiliate product. They may delete your account without any notification. So if you are planning to start your blog for some profit then  its better to
choose self- hosted wordpress blog. However through blogger blog you can promote affiliate product.

Why self-hosted Wordpress blog are better then free blog?

There are so many advantages of self- hosted blog over free blog. I used both services and I liked self- hosted blog. I am including here few differences between those two from my own experience:

  • Free service provider which is very popular is actually owned by So, if any reason they don’t like your blog content they may close your blog account. On the other hand  in self-hosted blog you will be the full controller of your blog.
  • In self-hosted blog you can customize your blog very easily with greater flexibility. For example You can arrange your blog content under a specific category in self hosted wordpress blog which is not possible with
  • There are so many pluggins available for wordpress whereas you can’t install any pluggin in logger blog. Plugins are very important for your blog.

If you are a beginner and still if you hadn’t started any blog then start with Once you have few experience you can move to self hosted blog.

I know for beginner it may be difficult to understand whatever I mentioned. So if you want me to host your blog then you can contact me. I will charge a very little amount to make your blog ready. Also I will tell you every thing whatever i learned and you can just copy my blogging process. You don’t have to buy any other product for your blogging success, I assure you. You just buy a domain at and a one hosting package at

Hostgator is the best hosting service for blogger as it allows you to host unlimited number of domains under one hosting account for only $7.95 per month. Once your blog is hosted you can start working with your blog very easily.

Did I mention that everything I will do for you? Yes, I will do. Of course you may not believe me as Internet is full of scam programs. So If you feel to buy any blogging product just see my Blogging Product Reviews before buying any product. It will save your money from being wasted. Happy blogging.


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