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In this post i am going to provide a list of free blog provider. With free blog provider you don’t have to buy a domain name and there is no need to buy any hosting package. You can directly register your account and start your blog for free. You can blog about anything as you wish till your blog subject meets to the terms and condition of blog provider.  So, before starting a blog just go through the terms and condition section once. Remember if you don’t follow the terms and condition, your blog account may be deactivated without your notification. Once it happened with me. That’s why i don’t want you to do same mistake.

List of free blog provider:

Blogger -

Blog -

Wordpress -

LiveJournel -

MSN Spaces -

OkayBlog -

BlogEasy -

Aeonity -

Blgates -

Supersized -

Tblog -

BlogSome -

Weblogs -

SelectBlog -

ClearBlogs -

Atom5 -

With your free blog you will be able to get free money online.  Also you can express your thoughts to other with free blog provider service. The main advantages of having a free blog are neither you have to buy any domain name nor you have to buy any hosting package.

Though you can start with a free blog, it is always better to have your own self hosted blog if you want more flexibility over your blog as well as earn cash online. Nobody can deactivate your blog until and unless you don’t do that. For this you need a domain name ( and a hosting package.  Once you have your own domain name and hosting package you have to setup worpress software in you host. Wordpress software is open source and you don’t have to pay to setup wordpress in your host.

Recommended resources for self hosted blog

Get a Free Blog at Expert Wordpress Learn how to install your self hosted blog in just three easy steps. You can join ExpertWordpress as a free member and as paid member. As a free member you will get a complete blog and superb video training that will teach you how to setup your blog in just three steps. Paid member have access to more video training and personal training for blogging success.

Join Expert Wordpress Here and Get a *FREE* Blog Get a cheap domain name at Best hosting service provider for blogger. They allow to have unlimited domain name under one hosting package only for $7.95 per month. More over their customer service is really excellent. Surprisingly now you can start with only 1 cent for the first month. Just click the link or banner and use the coupon codewordpress” (remove the quotes)


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11 Responses to “List of Free Blog Provider”

  1. You have a great outlook on commenting. I started blogging and it was quite quiet for weeks. I got to listen to myself think

  2. akshit says:

    yes another site to add to list

  3. Pavan says:

    Which is best among all those blog providing sites?

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Pavan,

      Sorry for delay. Out of all those Blogger blog is the best. I have experience with Blogger blog. But beware! Google deleted so many popular blogger blog last month. If you are serious in your online business then it will be best if you buy own domain and hosting account. Let me know if you need any help.


  4. blogReaction says:

    Google does seem to be on a trend of deleting blogs without reason. just started to provide blogs for people and it has a “Digg” style feature for posts and blogs to make it to the front page.

  5. Ali says:


    Where can I find a list of free blogging services that run on wordpress script ?
    Same question goes for those running on the blogger platform.


  6. Amanda says:


    These free blogs sites are very helpful for free blogging mostly people access the blogger for their blog posting.Can you tell me the reason why blogger is too much famous while wordpress or squidoo are good blog sites.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Amanda,

      Thank you for your question. I believe you are saying about and not Blogger blog is famous comparing to since you can do affiliate marketing with Blogger Blog. is very strict and they don’t like if we use their blog for marketing purpose.

      Squidoo is popular but even they are strict and we can’t use direct affiliate link in lens. I have seen many good ranking lens getting suspended. I believe after the recent Google change they are becoming more strict.

      Because of all these reason I only use Self Hosted Wordpress blog. Please note that it’s blog and you can install this if you have your own hosting account.

      Hope I cleared your question.


  7. Mark says:

    Here’s another.

    It has a whole bunch of other services, like Video, Counters, Forums etc. that you can set up and combine with your blog.

  8. Sam Orchard says:

    I’d definitely recommend self hosting your blog - gives you a lot more flexibility with regards to the design, the functionality, and SEO.

  9. Free blogs are a great way to get started, I think, to see if people are really going to have what it takes to keep working at their blog. That’s how I started, before I got my own website, I made sure to practice for a few months and then I was convinced I could make the jump to a self hosted website. Great list of resources, I wish I had seen this when I first started out.

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