Top 5 Reasons - Why You Have Not Made Your First Dollar Online Till Now?

Have you made your first dollar online? If not, why? Are you making efforts and not getting any result? If you are working hard, then it is obvious that you should have earned something by now. You must be perturbed in such a situation. Of course, there are many reasons for your failure.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am neither a big earner not a very successful man. I am not a perfect man and still have to go far. Yet, I am earning a modest income. I am happy till now with whatever I have achieved. I am writing this post just to help you. I will tell you the real facts behind earning money online. Initially, I committed many mistakes and I am sure you are also doing the same. I will show you how to overcome this problem and make your first dollar online.

Top 5 Reasons of Your Failure:

#1. You are Too Lazy: You won’t be able to earn a single dollar if you are too lazy. Tell me one thing- have you got your degree without studying day/night? Have you achieved anything without working for it? Many people who start their online journey think that it is very easy to make money online and it will automatically flow in, doing nothing. If you one of those who think like that, then please leave the online world, now.

#2. You Want Results Very Fast: This is another problem with every newbie. They want quick results. They think if they invest $100 today, tomorrow they will receive $1000. Think practically! If anybody could earn so fast then everybody would have quite their jobs and work only online. Do you think I will do my 9-5 day job if I can make $100 to $1000 overnight?

#3. You Are Not Ready To Learn: Sometimes, people ask me to explain ways to earn money online. I am ready to help anybody with all my knowledge. But the problem is that people only want to know the process of fast money making but not an online career. They have disbelief that there is not much to learn in this field. Mind that online business is same as offline business. ‘There is no shortcut to success’. So, try to learn the basics first.

#4. You Don’t Respect Others: Yes, many people think all internet marketers are cheaters. They sell scrap products. I agree that this can be attributed to internet scams. But, there are reliable marketers too. You should learn to have faith on others. To convince yourself, you can verify the marketer’s details by personally contacting them. Please note that these marketers are very successful people in their life. They work hard to promote their brands across the globe. Respect them and try to learn from them. I know many marketers who are really very helpful.

#5. You Are Not Ready To Invest: Every newbie thinks- why should I spend to earn money? Tell me– Did you complete your studies without spending any dime? Did you not buy any books? Internet Marketing is also same. You will have to invest to learn the basics and tricks of online earning. If you think you already know everything and are not ready to invest small amount for your success then, dear friend, you are not at the right place. My advice is better don’t waste your time anymore. I would like to ask you to quit, but I know you surely don’t want to give up so easily.

There are some excellent online programs. Go for them. It is a warning that there are a lot of scams. Hence, you should be very careful before buying any product.

Please don’t think I am going to sell you something. No not at all! I just want to help you. You will get lots of free tutorials and resources on my blog. Have a look on my blog topics and you will find it.You can also request any tutorials and I will try my best to help you.


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47 Responses to “Top 5 Reasons - Why You Have Not Made Your First Dollar Online Till Now?”

  1. raphael says:

    Hello Chandan
    Loved the 5 reasons. People believe making a living on the internet is easy and when they found out is not, they quit. Patience and hard working will make a difference.

  2. Nice list - a little rough - but sooooo true. The internet, in my opinion IS still the best investment $ can buy - You don’t have to spend a lot of $ to make a lot of $ - but you still have to put in the EFFORT.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Sorry for my roughness…but in this I listed all the points that a newbie should realize. Many people laugh at me when I started my online journey. Even I meet so many people blaming quality program. Without trying they nicely say that all are scam and I hate that. So, this post directly goes to them..

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Very good post. It’s so true that many people get scammed when first starting out on line. That’s because most people want a quick fix - instant easy button and there is no such thing. Education is the first key to making money in any business and then actually taking action. You’re not being rough just honest. Newbies especially need to hear this message. There are great internet marketers out there that are willing to help

  4. Alex Sysoef says:

    Those are all valid reasons and I just want to add one more to the mix: Haven’t found the right person to learn from yet.

    I have personally discovered that we learn best from those we like.

  5. 1kadayhome says:

    Can you become an effective entrepreneur by starting an online business from home? Yes, the Internet lends you the path. Choose a niche considering your well set plans. Enter into your money making world with short and long term plans. You can successfully run an online business using internet.


  6. Everything you say is so true. My advice to those who are serious about starting an online business is to treat your internet education as seriously as you would getting a college degree, and to work your online business (which is your own) as seriously as you do your job (which makes your boss rich)!

  7. Jim Clary says:

    Great list. I have found that (and I am one) most Americans can be very impatient about making that big money NOW. I have worked with people from all over the world, and the ones from other countries seem to realize it won’t happen overnight.

    Jim Clary

  8. Dawn says:

    It takes time to make money online. It will not happen overnight. Patience always works in the end.

  9. Anne Fox says:

    I totally agree with you. Working online is not as simple as earning money while doing nothing. Most people I know are jealous with my work. They usually tell me that I’m lucky because I’m working based on my own pace, time. Just sitting in front of the computer inside my room. You know what I always tell them? Hardwork and patience are two of the major keys why I’m earning online. Absolutely, it isn’t that easy.

  10. There has to be a lot of patience and hard work to begin to earn some money from home.

  11. r4 dsi says:

    All the reasons are very important and it’s should be a at least working to the Internet and earn money in the dollar. I graceful after red this articles… Thanks for share with us..

  12. satrap says:

    god, i wish more bloggers would think this way, specially newbie like my self. i always see in forums that i participate in, new bees who just want the money handed to them. and many of them are angry because their not getting enough traffic, when their blog is only 2 weeks old!
    its simple as the old saying “no pain, no gain”

  13. Sandy says:

    Thanks for being honest about earning money online. It doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a lot of patience and persistent work. I feel blessed because God has allowed my path to cross with others who are willing to share their knowledge. I have also done a lot of research and reading to learn more and to help me know the questions to ask.

  14. Kim Ramsey says:

    I’m currently earning online from clients, but until now, I haven’t earned my first dollar from my own means. Well, I still don’t lose hope to earn my first solo earnings. Hopefully, it will happen soon.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Good Luck Kim. Providing own service is a good way to make money online. I had to do a lot get my first sale from ClickBank. But hard work always pays :-)

  15. Another perspective that is important to know… You can make some money fast but it won’t be sustainable.

    If you want earn money over time it’s just like growing a business, it takes time and effort.

  16. freelance says:

    Thanks for this Great Article. These are really facts. A person who don’t want to learn and don’t have any patience can’t earn any penny online.
    Best way of earning without any investment is to provide your services as SEO Expert, Programmer, Virtual Assistant, writer or researcher.

  17. Ajang says:

    It is true that many people, especially beginners who want to make money quickly, because a lot of ads that say easy to make money on the internet so have thought that making money on the internet was easy was the same as offline business have to work hard and learn to make money. And failure like me until now not been able to make money because most search for information that is not on target pokus, which ultimately failed. by reading articles from you I wish I could more pokus on one business topics.
    Thank you for this great article

  18. Micah Wright says:

    Much work awaits you if you want to earn money through internet.

  19. Great list Chandan.

    Unfortunately, many in the internet marketing community are responsible for items 1, 2 and 3. How many product sales letters have we read, or even written, that talk about using the product to make good money, to make it fast and with little work?

    Responsible internet marketers need to set realistic expectations about making money online.

  20. I agree with all the points. But about last point I am little bit confused. Investing sometimes can get cheated, right?

  21. People will remain lazy if they can’t see results from people that they know, especially if that person is very close to them. After that, massive effort will be done but are expecting quick results like what you said then get frustrated.

  22. Emma Smith says:

    I like this list and agree with the points brought up. I would guess that a lot of the reasons why people are lazy or not ready to invest is because that’s what people online tell them! How many times have you seen a headline like, “I made $10,000 in 3 days.”

    People need to learn how to see through those types of cheap titles.

  23. Laziness is the main factor for all the persons to remain idle.

  24. Faiz Suberi says:

    Hi Chandan.
    It’s really true what you wrote in your article. Especially #3 ‘You are not ready to learn’. It’s really important to stay updated with the current trends and learn new marketing techniques to be successful in online business. Everyday a new software comes out, or someone figures out a better way to market your product. Being ignorant with with all this information that most people give out for free is unacceptable. You’ll only get left behind.

    thanks :)

  25. Ekwunife says:

    Hi, i want to starting a make money online.

  26. So true man. But now i earn money online in many ways but i thought some of the sites i turn to maybe spam and scam but some of theme are trusted.

  27. Lazyness is the biggest problem for sure, long term success only comes with decent content and creating content takes time. Online isn’t that much different from offline: If you want to make money, it’s hard work and there isn’t a secret shortcut.

  28. blogReaction says:

    It just takes a lot of work and patience. Once you do make that first dollar, it is addicting and it will push you to make even more.


  29. D.J.Rony says:

    I totally agree with your writings. Great blog you have here. Please keep writing, I am comming back to read more.

  30. Hi Chandan, i totally agree with you on the listed points. It does not only applies to earn money online, i would say they are part of the attitude that require for anyone who want to success in any business they are doing…

    Nice post!

  31. Osmin says:

    i never knew that making money online could be so hard, in till now. Thanks for this great post

  32. Point #2 is usually the cause of why people fail. Most who entered this field expected easy and fast money and gave up within a few months because they don’t see load of cash pouring in. This field, like everything else, requires hard work.

  33. Two more reasons (and probably the biggest two) why people fail to make money online:
    1) Freebie Hunters - these people hunt for free PDF’s, videos, software, etc dealing with the topic of MMO. They should realize that these free products do not contain all the information needed to be successful…it is only the start. Once the newbies fail by using these free info, they lose heart and never ever attempt any more online money making ventures.

    2) Buying too many info products - people spend thousands on buying multiple info products. It is better to stick to one well known program, implement it, upscale it and slowly become an expert in this one method. Diversification is good, but over-diversification is really really bad!

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Thank you Nick for your contribution. Actually it is the sales page which makes us to buy various products.

      People always keep searching for Magic Button and marketers never miss this opportunity. Truth is to make money online we need to work and we should treat this as a serious business.


  34. C E Benz says:

    The questions I have are:
    1) What is considered “hard” work?

    2) What is reasonable to expect?

    I’ve been working at this for a couple of years now and think I’m finally figuring it out. The point I was trying to make is that some of the terms being used are too vague. I’ve done the 30day challenge and while I learned a lot, it didn’t lead to any money. But the lessons were valuable. And now I’m taking part in NPC as it seems promising and I actually know someone making money from Adam’s program in a little niche.

  35. Randy says:

    I think this is a very important. Now days, people are looking for alternate ways of earning an income. It is logical to check out online business opportunities. It has a lot of freedom to work your own way. But it must be taken very seriously. You must be willing to work hard and to work smart, and to not give up!

  36. Jim says:

    100% Agree With The Article.

    Today everyone wish to gain quick money and that’s without doing anything. Moreover, just believe in copy-paste methods and don’t want to apply own brains to learn and create a new thing.

    But we really forgot that those who are sitting at there place and making money have really thought of something new and different.


  37. mike says:

    excellent article…like the way you don’t pull any punches here. just like with anything, there’s no real “get rich quick” formula. you tend to get back returns on what you invest…so treat this like a business and not just a hobby. Thx!

    • Thanks Mike for your comment. SEO is getting harder day by day and now a days it needs lot of investment. Google has changed a lot of things. But we should not be in trouble if we continue learning new things and adopt new strategy for the change.

  38. Amani says:

    Hi Chandan, I like your first reason. This is certainly not a place for lazy person. If making money online is so easy than everybody will quit their daily job.

  39. tampa pawn says:

    I think the #1 reason is that the older people that are are looking to do this are set in the old way of doing things ( like the newspaper) and are not willing to take the time to lean some thing new!
    thank you for all the great info it has help me allot with my online work.

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