Online Data Entry Work: Are they SCAM?

Now a days it is very difficult to find a Online Data Entry Work which is genuine and legitimate. Everywhere only online scam programs. Many people want to earn some extra money online and keep on searching legitimate online data entry work. On the other hand few peoples are taking this advantage of these hungry people and trying to promoting some scam program which is not at all useful. They are cheating people. But now question is legitimate online data entry work really exists or not? Yes, it is there.

There are few programs which are really genuine and you can be benefited from those programs. You don’t have to pay anything to register on those program. Only you have to apply for those jobs. Once you get approval they will assign you some work and you have to complete the task. After completion of the task they will send your earnings through Paypal or through check. Its your wish whether you want to full time or part time. They need your resume and your personal information like your address, phone no etc. Prepare a well written resume and apply for the job. If your profile matches with their requirements surely you will get approval.

Online Data Entry Work Opportunity:

Join DiondSolution Dion Data Solutions

First complete with the registration process and then they will assign you one application. As soon as you get approval you will be able to work from home by providing them data management service. No registration fees. Requirements for diondatasolution includes a Home Desktop Computer and Stable Internet Connection.

Join DiondSolutionAxiondata

In axiondata you will be able to work as an independent aontractor. You should have basic knowledge of computer and should know few things such as use of windows explorer, installation and uninstallation of software, sending and receiving email and use of internet. Sorry to say currently there is no any vacancy but keep checking the website for job opportunity in future. Registration is free.

Join DiondSolutionCapitaltyping

Register at capitaltyping and take work order online. Once you submit the application form you will get an confirmation email containing all information about your new account. Registration is free.

Join DiondSolutionAccutranglobal

To apply for job in accutranglobal you should have minimum typing speed 60 wpm, with 70 preferred. You can check your typing speed at Currently there are following open positions:

1. Transcription
2. Scoping
3. Formatters
4. Document Review
5. Editing
6. Real time Writing
7. Management
8. Back End Support

For applying you have to download questionary/test from the website.

Join DiondSolution


Available current employment opportunity in troyresearch are Salaried Employee and Independent Contractor. You can view the website for more information.

Join DiondSolutionPalmcostdata

Currently they are hiring people in Florida and Colorado only. Upload your resume and profile in the website. If your qualifications meet their requirements you will called for interview. You can apply online as well as apply to the employment center directly. Location is mentioned in the website.

Join DiondSolutionTdec

You must be US citizen to apply for Job opportunity available in tdec. You will be employed in tdec as a data entry associate.

For more information on online data entry work you can see my another post about Freelance Jobs.

Drawback of Online Data Entry Work:

I should mention drawback of online data entry work also. Though you can do free registration in all those websites, it is very difficult to get work. It may takes long time to get work from them. In so many forum I saw people discussing about all those programs. They were claiming that they did not get any work till one year after registration. A few people got work, few did not get at all. You get work means you are lucky.

It is always better to start with your own business by creating your own blog, website and earn cash online from various sources. If you don’t know what is a blog and how to start a blog you can see my post

How To Start a Blog.


I will give you one tip so that you can stay away from scam online data entry work. From so many days I was searching some legitimate online data entry work so that I can earn some extra money utilizing my free time. I came across so many program who always promise that you can earn $200-$500 by doing simply data entry work. I joined few of them and badly I got scammed.

They usually show a picture in their website as below:

Google Adword Example

Google Adword Example

For you information I would like to say that this is not at all related to data entry work. Never ever join to all those online data entry work provider who show you this picture and promise you that you can earn a lot of money simply filling this form. This is related to Google Adword and you don’t need pay them to get the Google Adword Link. Don’t think I am publishing this addvertise. Here I am just showing you an example. Hey! just kidding. Even they won’t teach you Google Adword and how you can earn money online through Google Adwordexternal1 Online Data Entry Work: Are they SCAM?. They will give you the link of Google Adword and Clickbank and so many other website to promote product through Google Adword. Interestingly Clickbank is free to register and you can promote any digital product and earn commission from your sell.

Did I help you? If yes you might want to give me your valuable feedback below:


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35 Responses to “Online Data Entry Work: Are they SCAM?”

  1. sajib barua says:

    I want to join your web side for earn money imediatly

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Sajib,

      Contact me if you are really interested to work. I can provide you some online work.

      • Well dear i want to work online typing, ad posting or data entry work but without any investment. if any opportunity you have please tell me i will be very thankful to you
        Best regard
        Muhammad Yousaf
        from Pakistan

        • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

          Hi Muhammad,

          Honestly saying it’s hard to find like those program. But of course you can make money without any investment and you can through Online Freelancing. In all those sites you can bid on various project based on your skills. For example: If you can write article and then you can bid on those projects where article writer is needed. This way you can make good money. $1 per 100 words is reasonable and if you can write well, then you can charge even more.

          Other than that you can try Website Designing,Blog Designing, Link Building, Programming etc. You can read more about Freelance work here => Freelance Jobs

          Most of them are absolutely free to join. They pay really and for that you need to complete your job. I know one guy who get regular work from Elance and Scriptlance. Initially you can try these two.

          Good Luck


      • Ahmed says:

        i want to do some data entry or typing jobs with out any investment. Is there any way please give me detail.

        [email protected]

  2. Stan The Man says:

    What do you mean by data entry work? Surveys? What you should do to get paid?

  3. Stan The Man says:

    I read the entire post but I am still confused. Installing/uninstalling software? Basically writing stuff, editing, transcriptions? Don’t believe is worth the time spent to be honest..there are better alternatives on the internet!

  4. EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

    Agree with you that this type of works are not worth of time. So, it’s better to start Affiliate Marketing through own blog, website, article marketing etc. I have already mentioned that in Drawback of Online Data Entry Work.

  5. internet marketing promotion…

    Recent Post The Social Influence Marketing Report What Open Source Means to Social Media Social Media Summer School Social Media Success Summit– @ GaryVee Twitter Summary Run a Twitter Contest with TweetsWin Social Media Software 2009 things to do fo…

  6. itjobs says:

    Sites like this are really popular nowadays as with these lay-offs and unsuccessful job search. But evidently people are afraid of accepting jobs like this because there are too amny scams!

  7. I have been thinking about this, so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely bookmark it, as well as share it with my friends.

  8. francis says:

    i am finding a job now a days and i can;t find one. i already joined a ptc but i find it to earn.

    pls give me some suggestions.
    thank you.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Francis,

      Even I started my online journey through PTC site only but income level is very low. So, I started affiliate marketing. It takes times but it’s not impossible to earn money online. You can buy one good product and then stick with only one. Surely you will be able to make money. Remember, there are lots to learn to make money online. Let me know if anyway I can help.


  9. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner,I found that to be more helpful well let me know how it turns out. Keep up the great works guys I’ve added you guys to my blogroll. This is a great article thanks for sharing this informative information.. I will visit your blog regularly for some latest post.

  10. Daycare says:

    Work From Home ……

    It is amazing how many folk miss this one ……

  11. Ruri says:

    I try data entry work once in the past and successfully got scammed…Lol. anyway, this is good guide, unfortunately I read it too late..

  12. Amini says:

    What is Affiliate Marketing!

  13. Denise says:

    Tdec is currently hiring data entry position. I just signed my contract papers to start training. Check out their website for more information.

  14. Rea Dougal says:

    It would be great to see more posts here in the future. I’m looking forward to it. Good luck.

  15. Carlson says:

    Thank Chandan for this article but I dont prefer data entry anymore,last year I lost $165 on data entry just because they were scams,they wont even refund my money back.

  16. D.J.Rony says:

    Yap.. I personally do not like data entry job’s too. But what to say- people always runs for the easy ones.

  17. I don’t know how to make an online profit. Please give some info. By the way thanks for sharing your info.

  18. ankur says:

    i believed in data entry because of this is easy way to earn & without any hard working that like every ones………

  19. The data entry work may have some benefits to offer that is why many people prefer to use it. Although, they are not that helpful.

  20. Bob says:

    I think you have to very careful in signing up any kind of program that promises you easy or automated money. Its just common sense but there are a lot of very legitimate business plans out there that work out for a lot of people.

  21. Dear sir
    Please guide me. i want to do some data entry or typing jobs with out any investment. Is there any way please give me detail of that real job who give me real work and pay me in reality.If you will help me in this regard i will be very thankful to you in the entire my life
    Best regards
    Muhammad Yousaf

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Muhammad,

      Thank you for sharing. Honestly saying it is very hard to get such kind of jobs. But you can try similar kind of jobs being a freelancer. I have written a post here -> Freelance Jobs

      If you have time then learn Affiliate Marketing and then promote products from Amazon, Clickbank etc. This way you will make the real money. But of course it needs some time and lot of work.

      Let me know if any other way I can help.

      Thank you,

  22. “trying to promoting some “scam” program which is not at all useful. ”

    scams are all over the internet now a days, that’s why we really have to be aware.

  23. Avenue says:

    I think most of the people on the internet are scam ! its really hard to find such good programs. there’s alot of online resources like ezine odesk freelancer etc that u can apply for some good jobs online however you need to be legit and consistent

  24. [...] IM buddy Chandan Dutta took a great effort to list up some genuine typing job provider websites. You could sign up with them if you like [...]

  25. Rania says:

    Hi Dear,
    How are you ? I hope your fine .
    first of all i would like to join ur team work ,how can I contact you , your email , second i am from egypt . this country avialble to join you also .how to join i must pay money or what really i didnt understand how its working through internet .
    best wishes ,
    yours ,

    • Hi Rania,

      Thanks for your comment but you did not understand the concept properly. I don’t have any team doing online data entry work. Those are the websites where you can find work. In BTW I am providing free tutorials on making money online and you will get all info here: Tutorials to make money online

      Let me know if you have any questions.


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