What Happens If You Change The Title of a Site Which Is Already Ranking

Have you tried to change Title of any site which is already ranking? Anyway most of us won’t like to change the Title of a site which is ranking well since Title is the most important part of Onpage SEO. Even I didn’t wanted to do, but I did for better performance of site. A proper Title is really very important to rank well in search engine. Even you can rank with a blank page if you use the  proper Title and then do the Offpage SEO well. I have done this myself in one of my testing. Of course you have to use the exact keyword in Title for which you want to rank and it won’t be possible for a tough keyword.

I have changed Title of 3 of my major sites and I did when all of them were in Top 3 in Google.com. Among these 3, I changed 2 of them 8 months back and recently I changed this blog’s Title. Already you might have noticed that.

Did I Lose Ranking?

Till now I did not lose any rank. It’s ranking even better. Anyway that was the aim of changing Title. I wanted to rank my main domain for one secondary keyword and because of that I added the secondary keyword in Title. But few thing you need to keep in your mind while doing this and they are:

1. Do not change your main keyword for which your domain is ranking. Otherwise your site might lose rank. For example: My this blog’s main keyword is Earn Money Online. I did not wanted to change that since I am #1 in Gogole.com for earn money online. I have added other keyword Make Money Online in my Title.

2. Google display maximum 70 characters from your Title in the SERP. So, try to utilize all those 70 characters using the best and related keywords in Title. Below is one example:

Suppose you want to rank for Make Money Online. So, instead of using only Make Money Online in Title, You can use as below:

Make Money Online: Learn How To Make Money Online Fast From Home

If you use Title as above, you can target your domain for various keywords such as:

make money online, how to make money online, make money online fast, make money online from home etc. I hope you got my point.

I do this always with all of my sites and I am getting good result following this approach. While doing this, I usually try to rank for the main keyword first, then for the second and third. Also make sure to use secondary keywords in content as well. This will definitely help you to rank your site better.

3. While building links, use your main keywords in anchor text. Do not vary them initially. I know this is a great point to debate, but I want show you the method that is working well for me. Once your site started to rank for main keyword, give your site sometime to settle down. Then start varying anchor text as 50% primary keyword, 25% second keyword and 25% third keyword. Also track down your result properly. If you notice any ranking drop for the main keyword, then stop varying keyword in anchor text for sometime and use only main keyword in anchor text.

Usually it doesn’t create any problem for an old site if we vary keyword in anchor text while building backlinks. Problem occurs only for new site and you should be careful while building links for any new site.

Hope you find my blog post valuable. Please note that I got this result from on my own testing. You might have seen different result and if so, please share your findings below. Moreover if you have any questions then post below. I will be glad to help you.


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22 Responses to “What Happens If You Change The Title of a Site Which Is Already Ranking”

  1. Well… when I first checked… This site was not in #1. But, then i went to USA to search and found you at #1 :) LOL

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Yeah, you are right Suraj. I am not #1 in Google India due to Hosting account. My hosting account is in US(Hostgator). It is #1 in Google.com(US) :-)


  2. Brian says:

    I’m a newbie in Internet Marketing.
    Can you suggest some keywords that I can put in my blog or tags & how to get high SEO ranking. Thanks.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you for your comment. Could you tell me your niche? It will be difficult to suggest any keyword without knowing which niche you are targeting. Anyway I will write a post on keyword research very soon. Hope that will be able to help you.


  3. Chandan says:

    Is there any relation between PR drop and changing of title tag? You can guess why am i talking this.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Chanda,

      As per my knowledge there is no any relation between them. PR is completely different and we get PR based on Incoming Links, Site Age etc.

      I know why you thought like that ;) My this blog’s PR dropped to 2 because from last 1.5 years I haven’t been doing any backlinks at all. Moreover I have noticed that Sites for which I build links during Dec 2010 - March 2011 got nice PR. In fact one of my niche site got PR4 from PR0. It was a new site and I started it on December. 3 other sites got PR3.

      Anyway PR is not much important like Ranking. But still it hurts when PR get dropped :-( Definitely I will try my level best to get PR4 in next update.

      Chandan Dutta

      • Chandan says:

        Chandan, I have got almost every knowledge about “PR” like any average internet marketer do. Still, I asked you because PR calculation is not as easy as it seems to be. As you are researching with advanced SEO these days, I thought you are the best person to answer this.

        • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

          You are right Chandan. It’s difficult to know the exact number of links we need to get good PR. But still we can guess it and get PR only building backlinks. More over it depends on the Cycle. For example - One of my site got PR1 in recent updated. On the other hand one another site did not get any PR. Reason is the cycle. For first site I created backlinks during March-April and for the second site I created on May-June. Definitely the links created during May-June did not get counted for recent PR updates.

          More over I started 5 sites in December 2010. Out of them 4 got PR3 and 1 got PR4. But for all of them I built same types of links.

          Conclusion: Of course it’s better to have good PR but PR is not all. I still see lot of PR0 site in #1 on Google. Only ranking does matter.

          Thank you for all of your comments and the link you set in your blog post. I commented on that post(Regarding Data Entry work) and even bookmarked it as a thanks. But I think my comment went in spam queue.

          Please let me know if you have any question and I will be glad to answer.


  4. Hi Chandan,

    very good ideas generated here. Which software do you use to check your rankings for a particular keyword please?

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Thank you for your comment. I use various method to check rankings as: PageWash.com, SEO Rank Checker(Link Assistance) and Google Global Firefox Add-ons Among these I use PageWash.com very often. If you use it, make sure you open a new browser and clear cookie before checking. Even Google Global Firefox Add-ons is also great. Using this Add-ons you can check Google Ranking in different countries very easily.

      There are many other tools as: SEOBook Toolbar Rank Checker, whatpageofsearchamion.com etc. But I don’t get accurate result with them.

      Let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to answer.


  5. Chris says:

    Hi Chandan

    interesting post, you’re so right in that its all about the testing. I can often get apprehensive about experimenting too much, but when I have i’ve found some really interesting things and implemented some neat changes that have really increased rankings and income for me. You make some very interesting points about the main keyword being the most important feature. Thanks for a great post

  6. Suraj says:

    I am trying like hell to get my site up. I think its stuck LOL… Trying changing title now… Does 2 Keywords like… If my keyword is ABCD 123… How would ABCD 123 Review Help?

    • Patience is the key :-) It takes time to rank site and it depends on keyword. If your keyword is ABCD 123, You can use something as:

      ABCD 123: Read This ABCD 123 Review Now

      This way you can target ABCD 123 and ABCD 123 review as well. But you have to build backlinks using both keywords. Even it’s possible to target more than 2 keywords as well.

      Hope that helps.

  7. that is interesting experiment. you can then make kind of approximation on how keyword density and other factors onPage seo influence rankings - I think this is a perfect way to find the optimal title.

  8. Jayed says:

    Hi, your site has been very helpful to me. Thanks a lot.
    Would you please do me a favor?
    my site is xtremepctricks.tk
    It’s mainly pc tips and tricks related. Also contains movies and games.
    Would you please give me a suitable title and keywords for my site. Please Please Please… Thnx in advance….

    • Thank you for your feedback.

      I visited your site. In Title use the most suitable keyword for which you want to rank. For that you need to do keyword research and this should have been done before you start the blog. Anyway nothing to worry, now also you can fix it.

      Now for me it will be difficult to write a Title without knowing keywords which you are targeting. I could have done Keyword Research for you but will take some time since I am busy in my own projects.

      Once you get the perfect keywords, you can email me and I can suggest you the best way.

      Good Luck :-)

  9. Amani says:

    Hi Chandan,

    I have found your blog through Google using keyword ‘make money online’.

    Using Firefox as browser, your are #1
    Using Chrome as browser, you are #3

    never thought that browser are effecting search result.

    Any way, keep it up.

    • Hi Amani,

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I am not #1 for Make Money Online. Currently I am #1 for Earn Money Online and #10 for Make Money Online in Google.com(USA)

      I don’t think different browser shows different result. Might be you are getting on #1 because of cache. It happens usually with Firefox.

      Anyway I am working to get higher rank for Make Money Online and I know it will take lot of efforts to move from #10 to top 3. Very very tough :-(

      Thanks for your comment


  10. If you are target a number of lesser competitive keyword phrases (approximately 30 phrases), is it better to build links (using keyword anchor text) directed to the homepage, or to each specific page of the site. I would think it would be better to direct the link to the inner pages that are specifically targeting the keyword. Am I right? The reason I ask is because I didn’t know if it would be better having A LOT of links pointing to the home page…which would trickle down to the subpages, or to have “some” links pointed to each subpage I’m using as a potential landing page. Did this make any sense? :)

    • >> I would think it would be better to direct the link to the inner pages that are specifically targeting the keyword. Am I right?

      Absolutely and that is the way to go. It’s not good to build all links only to home page. We can rank for many different long tail keywords if we target sub pages. My strategy is to target home page for tough keywrod and inner page for moderate keywords. It’s not difficult to rank for long tail keywords and we can target 2-3 long tail keywords for each sub pages.

      Hope I answered your question. Let me know if you have any more questions and I would be glad to answer.


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