How These SEO Secrets Can Make You More Money Online!

We all know that if we want to make money online we must have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. We should have at least basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Otherwise it will be really very difficult to make money online.

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Here only many people do the single mistake - they think that Search Engine Optimization is too difficult and they can’t rank their site. Honestly saying SEO is not difficult at all. It is a complete step by step process and we only need to follow the steps. However I don’t want to claim that it is so easy to rank a site. No, it is not. But if you can follow some steps, I don’t see any reason why you will fail to rank any site.

To make money online the most important this we need is traffic. Traffic is lifeblood for any online business. There are basically two types of traffic -

1. Organic search traffic which is totally free
2. Paid traffic such as Google Adword, Media Buying

Organic search traffic are those we get from search engine and this is totally free. We only need to rank our site in search engine and automatically traffic will start flowing to our website.

Paid traffic are those where we need to pay for traffic. If we want traffic through Google Adword then we need to pay Google for each click. It depends on niche and sometime we need to pay more than $40 per click. Yes, single click will cost you $40.

Other than this there are other types of traffic sources as well such as social networking. But I believe SEO is the best way for two reasons -

1. It is totally FREE
2. We can expect a consistent result after ranking a site. There is only small maintenance required.

If you are a beginner then never choose the paid traffic model. You will only lose your money instead of making money. However I am not saying that people don’t make money through this way. Yes, many people make money through Google Adword. But they are very experienced and they have goog knowledge of SEO. You may have a question - why I need to know SEO when I am paying Google? It is because Google display advertise and charge money based on quality score. Better quality score you get means better position in Google adword and less money. To get better quality you need to know SEO first.

What about SEO Secrets?

I have written an Ebook for people just like you who need a guide covering complete SEO with step by step action plan. In the month of April I wrote one more guide and I got good response from my customers. Because of that I decided to write one more guide on SEO.

The good news is you will get my previous guide completely FREE as a Bonus with my SEO guide. More over there are some very exiting Bonuses.

How much it will cost you?

It is lower than any SEO course available on internet. It is only $12 and there is 100% money back guarantee.

I am sure you will like my guide and you won’t need any other SEO guide after reading my guide. More over I am here for any questions. I will answer to all of your questions regarding SEO.

Unsolicited Testimonials From My Customers:

Testimonial 1 (Read the original one by Clicking Here)

I don’t post to often, but let me put in my 2 cents on @chandan_dutta guide. Easily the best SEO book I have ever read, and even better than some of the SEO video courses I have. 42 pages of no fluff, no bs, no crap he gets straight to the point.

I thought I knew a lot about backlinking, but this guide showed me some new things. He covers just about everything you need to know regarding SEO and backlinks. The bonus Backlinking Expo guide is the icing on the cake.

If you are doing any kind of SEO work, GET THIS GUIDE!! I have a folder on my computer called “My Golden Products” which contains the only IM products I would ever use or recommend to others. I put Chandan’s guides in there after the 1st read…and I usually don’t do that until the 3rd or 4th read.

For the price he is asking this is a no-brainer…o btw his customer service is top notch. He responds to e-mails very quickly, and will help you through any problems.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing this guide, or you gonna lose out on rare SEO GOLD.


Testimonial 2 (Read the original one by Clicking Here)

Hi Chandan, after reading your book I was blown away by how comprehensive it is and how everything you explain flows in a logical easy to follow sequence.

I was particularly impressed with the resources and tools you use which I had never heard off, I think you have over delivered and I will be using this as a reference for my SEO and backlinking efforts for some time to come,

Kindest Regards,

>>> Get The Guide While Still It Is Available At Very Low Price!

I won’t keep it for sale for longer period. So, make sure to get your copy. Anyway there is 30 days money back guarantee. So, you can try it out Risk FREE!


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35 Responses to “How These SEO Secrets Can Make You More Money Online!”

  1. well.. one of the finest articles i have read on Search Engine Optimization.. well i went to the link you provided for testimonial and it was really good to read that..
    i am seriously thinking to give it a try,since i have been looking for this for a long time..

  2. Manny says:

    Chandan….great reading! You provide some great information on your blog. Keep up the good work!

  3. Glynn Sole says:

    Wow I’m sure glad I stumbled on this page. That is the lowest cost SEO course I have seen and anybody trying to get in the top 5 search engine rankings will need to utilise what is contained in it.
    An additional tip for your readers is to turn their articles into video, that sure helps with my rankings.

  4. Gabe Johnson says:

    Thanks for all the information on S.E.O. I have been working online part time and SEO is a huge factor in building long term traffic using my blog and article marketing. Search Engine Optimization requires lots of writing around keywords for search engine rankings. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  5. Rocque says:

    I have a post similar to this but more about getting visitors to your blog who can leave some great comments. It seems organic SEO seems to be the key to success now.

    At 12 dollars your book is a good offer. Knowing the ins and outs of SEO are very important for success in online marketing.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Thank you Rocque for your feedback. Yeah, I like organic traffic. In my guide I have provided complete case study about how anyone can get organic traffic by ranking their blogs or website.


  6. Vivek says:

    well ,this is the best seo course i have ever come across.You wont believe how content rich this guide is.I believe if you try to follow case study :how to rank in front page of google for keyword”earn money online”,and if you implement all the techniques mentioned in this guide you cant go much wrong.This is the best seo guide that money can buy for 12$.Above all,this guide shows how to do it without using any “expensive seo tools”.
    This is a must have guide for internet marketers who are looking to rank in google without purchasing any seo tools.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Thank you Vivek for your great feedback. I am glad to know you liked my guide. Now just follow the guidelines, rank sites and make money.

      Good luck :-)


  7. Simon says:

    SEO is not so difficult but you do have to be methodical and invest the time. Also, it takes time to climb the organic search engine rankings and I think a lot of people lose patience and give up too soon.

  8. Hmmm SEO guide that has multiple positive referrals and could make me money, or a meal at a fast food joint. I think the choice is clear.

  9. Tony says:

    Interesting article, must make an effort with SEO. I use SEOPressor and it seems to be working, but to know how and why it works is a mystery, well to me anyway. I have used the same method on static sites as oppsed to blogs and that works as well.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Thank you for your comment. As per my knowledge SEOPressor handle Onpage SEO and Onpage SEO is not difficult. We can manage it easily. Actual ranking is possible only through Offpage SEO.


  10. jules says:

    i can’t avail of your e-book but i sure learned a lot from your post..thanks so much may Godbless you..

  11. Wonder what niche would cost 40$ for a single click? Sounds pretty exclusive.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:


      You are right. Google Adword is costly. Actually $40 is very less and I just gave an example. Have you checked the estimated CPC for - direct car insurance? It is $157 per click.

      Currently I am working on a blog where estimated CPC is $55. Hope it will rank soon.


  12. Typo … “… many people make money through Google Adword. But they are very experienced and they have goog knowledge of SEO…”

    - good should spell good!

    I have to seriously believe that Google Adwords is dead for those who do not have the starting capital to invest. Newbie IM’s should go for those free methods.

  13. Simon says:

    So I have a question for you. Did you do keyword research before writing this article and choosing the title?

    It’s appearing under some interesting search terms.

  14. PD says:

    I heard some good things about the content here regarding SEO so I had to check it out.. Good value. Keep it up.


  15. Well, I am also believe in organic traffic & i agree with you. If you will go for step by step optimization than it’s not difficult to get the no 1 ranking in Google. Once you get ranking in search traffic automatically comes to you, which in turn converts into money.

  16. movers says:

    This sounds great. I do agree with Nick Rodriguez about the necessity of starting capital in order to use Adwords well and get better positioning on Google’s SERP. Organic is probably the only thing we can still rely on.

  17. I am a member of the warrior forum and I bought Chandan’s WSOs.I bought both of them and I must say that I have learned a lot of seo secrets.He explains everything nicely and with details.He even showed one of his sites(case study).I was also impressed with his first WSO.He explains how to index backlinks which is infact very important.He also updated that ebook when there was a bit of problem with the free service he recommended.I would give both his WSOs 5/5!

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hey John,

      That’s a great feedback for me. Really thank you very much. Meanwhile I am updating my first WSO and I am sending it to all customers for Free. I hope you already got my message. I sent to my list. This time 90% task will be automatic and it should be completed before 10th November.

      Thank you again,

  18. Kamran Aziz says:

    I learned a lot about SEO for online earnings from this post.thanks!!

  19. I bought the WSO, Very effective link building techniques.

  20. lindsay says:

    I have learnt few things regarding seo and i m willing to learn more as this is a great process for making money online and you are doing the right thing by providing here the seo secrets that can give an opportunity to those who want to make money online.

  21. Considering how well you have SEO’d this site for major keywords, I will def take a look at this guide..

  22. Hmmm. Linkbuilding does seem pretty elusive to me. I mean, there are only so many ways you can get backlinks. I’ll be interested to see what your guide has to say! Thanks!

  23. Chandan says:

    Chandan, Pls make your seo book available in warrior forum or anywhere else.

  24. SEO is a simple activity that can be done by everyone with the condition must be continuous, consistent and focused. With a simple SEO techniques we can bring in big money even though the number of blog posts we are very low. thanks:)

  25. Mithu Alamin says:

    Really it is a good post of you about seo. I think people, who wanna make their blog as a money earning one must have to have the proper knowledge about seo. I have a online radio station. When it had been started it had no page rank. And some days later I started to make backlink. After that it got it’s rank 1. But unfortunately it had been stoped for some days and I saw it lost it’s page rank and became 0. What do u think about decreasing page rank.

    • Thank you Mithu for your comment.

      Pagerank get decreases if we stop building links. Moreover it depend on cycle. For example:

      Suppose you have a PR0 site with 300 backlinks and you did all links from Jan-August. Also you did not do single links from August-Dec. In this case if Google update their PR in Dec, your site will likely to stay PR0. But if you had created all links during Aug-Dec, the site PR would have increased rather than PR0.

      This is just an example, not the accurate time of PR update. I mean the duration in example. This example is just to explain the cycle.

      Hope it makes sense. Let me know if you have doubt and I will be glad to answer.


  26. SEO is really the best way to market your website.Social media traffic hardly converts,paid traffic is not for everyone.For average webmasters like us SEO is the best bet.But,since search engine algorithm is an ever changing thing,SEO is also a continuos education.There is no full stop in SEO learning.

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