15+ Red Hot Tips On Getting FREE Traffic To Your Blog

Tips On Getting Free Traffic

It is easy to set up a blog but most difficult part is to get free traffic to your blog. After coming to blogging world I learned so many thing and that’s why I am going to post here about the all possible and effective ways to getting free traffic. Traffic is not like something that it will instantly rise after we set up your blog. We have work on it to gain traffic. Of course it depends on you how much you can put effort to gain traffic. But if you follow the following steps surely these will increase traffic to blog.

Article Marketing

1. Article Marketing: Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to get free traffic. Try to submit articles to different article directories. It will not only bring traffic to your blog but also create dofollow backlinks to your blog. Dofollow backlinks has a great impact on search engine ranking. Instead of Article Directories you can submit your article to Free Traffic System. Free Traffic System will post your article to different blogs available in their network. Even you can spin your article using Free Traffic System which will save you from duplicate penalty.

Social Bookmarking

2. Social Bookmarking: If you are a blogger you should not avoid this step. There are so many social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Mix, Propeller, Delicious etc where you can bookmark your blog post. The golden rule is to bookmark others post as well as yours. A good ratio is 70%:30% where 30% is for your bookmarks. Don’t get banned by all those sites by promoting only your content. For better result use OnlyWire or SocialPoster to bookmark more than one sites with only one mouse click. You can also use SocialMarker free service to bookmark to 215 sites. Believe me it is  a very powerful method to get traffic to blog. Use it wisely.

3. Social Networking: Blogging is all about community. Join social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog etc and make friendship with other blogger. Join as a reader to all those blog and those blog owner may also return same favor for you. Add your blog RSS feed to your Facebook account. You Facebook profile will be automatically
updated once you publish a new post and your blog post will be visible to all of your friends.

4. Directory Submission: Once your blog has a good content submit your blog to all of the directories on Robin Good’s list of RSS directories.

5. Free Press Release: Inform world about your blog through press release submission. Below is the list of Free Press Release Sites:

6. Guest posting: Blogger allows for guest post on their blog. Make a good post on their blog and put a link back to your blog. It will help you to get some more traffic.

7. Blog Commenting: As I said blogging is all about communities. Visit others blog and make a habit of posting  comments. Here is one important point to mind. Always post comments on Dofollow Blog. You are spending your time to give a comment. So, why not to get back some reward for this? You can get rewarded by submitting comment on Dofollow and
CommentLuv installed blog. CommentLuv add your recent post with your comment. So, it will help you to get a backlinks to your blog. This backlinks will be effective only the link is dofollow. Post comment on dofollow blog  using dofollow blog finder.

8. Forum Posting: Join some popular forum and use your blog url in signature. Take part in discussion and help others with useful reply. If a person is happy with your reply then definitely he will click on your signature. It may apply to other forum members as well.

9. Video Uploading: Don’t know how to create video? Don’t worry. It’s so easy. If you are using windows operating system you can use windows movie maker to create video. There is not much important that your video should be of high quality or long. 2-3 minute video is enough. Then go to TubeMogul and upload your video to so many video sharing sites at once.
Register at TubeMogul first and then all those video sharing sites where you want to upload your videos. Then using your TubeMogul account you can upload videos to all those sites with only one click.You can edit others video as well using Overlay Video Creator If you get problem in creating video you can convert your article to video using Article Video Robot.

10. Traffic From Yahoo: You can expect a lots of traffic from yahoo answer. Help others giving right answer and put your blog link at source. Be vary careful while answering. If you simply put link your account may get suspended. Similar to yahoo answer you can try Yedda and AnswerBag

11. Blog post Submission: Submit your best blog post to following:

It will increase blog traffic like crazy.

12. Create a Free Report: Create a free report on your blog niche and allow visitors to download it. People loves freebies and they will come back to your blog if you continue this.

13. Free Classified Ads: Post some free classified ads to the following free ads submission website:

14. Creating Squidoo lens, Hubpage, Google Knols: Create a Squidoo lens, Hubpage and Google Knols based on your blog’s secondary keyword and promote these with social bookmarking.

15. Submitting Banner: Create banner and you can submit to some free free banner submission website to get more traffic. For your information you can create free banner with my FREE Banner Creator service. Then submit to following sites:

16. Using Zemanta: Download Zemanta plugin for firefox and add releted post to your blog post provided by zemanta. It will  ping all those blogs  automatically and will create backlinks to your blog. The more you use Zemanta, Zemanta will show your blog post in their related contents for other bloggers. It is the most easiest way to get traffic.

Did you liked my article? If yes then help me to gain more traffic by bookmarking it or give me your valuable feedback.

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How To Continue Blogging When You Don’t Have Content?

It is very difficult to continue blogging if you could not find content to publish for your blog.  For a blog it is very important to have fresh content published regularly. Very difficult! Right? Even when I started to learn about internet marketing I thought writing is not possible for me. But I tried and  now I try to update my blog at least thrice in a week.  Not good  but OK.

It happens with everybody in the initial stage. However you can outsource your article and publish it. But it may not be possible with every new blogger.

There is a way to avoid this problem of posting content regularly. You can use Private Label Rights Article for your blog content. With Private label article you are allowed to use articles for your own purpose, sell it or give it away for free.

But there is problem. For example you bought some private label articles form some marketer.  The same articles may be bought by some other person also. Using those articles as it is means you are breaking friendship with Google as Google doesn’t like duplicate content.

That’s why it is strongly recommended that if you are going to use Private Label Articles for your blog don’t forget to rewrite it. At least the title, beginning and ending paragraph. Recently I took heading of one PLR article and searched in Google to check what comes up. I got shocked as same title was being used in many places. At least they could have changed the title.

Though there are problems with PLR content, it is very useful because it saves a lot of time. Get the idea reading PLR article and then write in your own words. This way your post will look like unique. For this blog till now I didn’t use any PLR content. Thinking to use PLR articles for my next blog.

If you are interested you can download 7000 PLR Articles for FREE. Just download it and publish in your blog once you rewrite the contents. If you don’t want to download then you may buy PLR articles for your blog and get job done easily.

Free PLR Articles

I am giving away these 7000 articles for free.  This package contains almost all hot niche. You are not allowed to give it away for free to others. It is only for your personal use.  I have more PLR Articles. You can subscribe to my blog updates and also get the $100 A Day Income System Completely FREE.

Download 7000 FREE Private Label Articles Here

Need More Articles? Get It Here

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7 Proven Ways To Make Money Blogging

In many places likes forums I saw people asking How To Make Money Blogging? So, I thought to write a post on this. Though it is not easy task to make money blogging, if anybody stay consistent in works I believe it’s possible.  It’s all depends on taking action.

There are so many ways to blogging for money but everything depends on the amount of traffic you get to your blog. This is real true and it takes time to get traffic. Below I am writing in details about the 7 proven ways to make money blogging.

Get Paid For Blogging:

Did you know that you can get paid for blogging? If you have a blog with some good content you can get paid for blogging. You can join for free and then submit your blog. Once you get approval you can start making money from your blog.

The task is simple. You will be assigned to write review on different product and post on your blog. Depending on your review You will be paid $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review that you post on your site. Below are the list of some website where you can join:

Placing Text/Banner Advertise on your blog

This is most common and I think you already know about it. To make money you can place different text advertise and banner advertisement on your blog. However to get approval your blog should contain unique and quality content. Don’t forget to go through the terms and condition while registering. Below is the list:

Placing Multimedia Advertisement

This is one more new way to make money blogging. As soon as you agree to place multimedia advertisement on your blog, some audio or video advertisement will be played on your blog while your blog loads. To make money user don’t have to click on those advertisement unlike text or banner advertisement. You will be paid once advertisement played on your blog. However it’s depends on your location and blog traffic. You can try:

Promoting Affiliate Product

This is the common thing that every blogger do. And true thing is if you don’t implement, it will be very difficult to make money online. Be an affiliate and promote them through your blog post. If you are new to Affiliate Marketing then you can view my another post and come back here.

Make Money With Product Review

Do you brows internet for review of a product you are going to buy? I think you do and most of the people do. Did you get the idea? Wait! I will explain in details. Take some products and prepare a nice review on them.

I am not saying you should prepare review to cheat people. Be honest and try to give review on some quality product. Help people by giving some details on those product. Next publish your review on your blog. If you write well people will like your review and they may buy that product. As a result you will earn commission.

However to do this you need a good and attractive blog theme so that your blog looks professional. You can try once  Alex Sysoef’s Review Blog System. This theme is specially designed for review blog. So many plugins are already set to make your job more easy. Also these themes are fully search engine optimized which is a crucial part for the success of your review.

Selling Private Label Right Product On Your Blog

Want some product as your own and sell it for profit? Let me give you an easy way to have your own product. You can make easy money online buy selling Private Label Right product. With Private Label Product you can do anything whatever you like. You can sell the product as you are the author, break the ebook’s part and post it to your blog, use it for your newsletter and so on..Just think you got your own product.

I have few more Private Label Rights Ebooks and Software. If you want a few then contact me. I will send you a page for downloading.

Selling your Own Product

I know you are thinking this is not a simple task but many people create a information product and sell through their blog. They create a product on a particular niche and sell it for $10 to $15. Actually they create a small report containing 10-15 pages.

Many people like to write and they want to express their knowledge to their friends, colleagues and family member. If you are one of them and at the same time want to make money online then you can give a try to create your own information product.

If still you are thinking it’s hard to build a hot selling info product then you can try-

7 Day Info Product Greatness - The Easy Method to Build a Hot Selling Info Product For Any Niche.

You will learn how to build a hot selling info product and you’ll only have to do a minor amount of touching up to the product and You’re going to have it in less than 7 days!

Renting Your Blog Space For Advertising

This is a very common way to make money blogging. Once your blog start getting good amount of traffic and get good rank in SERP, you can rent some of your blog space.  Create one page as “Advertise Here” and publish in your blog. You will be contacted if anybody want to place advertise on your blog. Some examples are - Banner Advertisement, Text Links advertising etc. You can also write sponsored post for some additional income.

Want a Blog like this? Check My  *Blogging Product Review*

7Day Info Product Greatness

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Turn Your Keywords Into Cash On Autopilot: aLinks Plugin

Would you like to turn your keywords into cash on autopilot without annoying your blog reader and and implementing a very simple process? Of course you would like. It requires only few simple initial setup. Once it is set, the process will do all the job automatically for you. You can then repeat the same process for each keyword you want. Any keyword you can select for this purpose.

How To Turn Keyword Into Cash On Autopilot:

To apply this technique you need self hosted wordpress blog. You need to install one plugin and set some initial parameter. This plugin is aLinks. There are two ways to set the initial parameter for this pluging to work. Just install the plugin and activate it. Here I am showing both the ways.

Setting ClickBank Nickname and Product Id

1.Click on the Setting of aLinks. If you are using wordpress 2.7.1 it will appear in a widget aLinks just below the Settings widget. Once you click Setting of aLinks you will get the following option:

aLinks Example1

Enter your Clickbank Nickname in Clickbank Settings. Then click on Update Clickbank Settings.

2. Click on Keyphrases of aLinks widget. Here you have to set your keyword which you want to turn into cash. You will get as:

aLinks Example2

Below Clickbank Keyphrase section enter your keyphrase here. For example I entered Google Adword. Give a small description and the product id. Before you could have get the product id from your clickbakn hoplink as it was in the form:


But now clickbank started with a new method to encrypt the hoplink so that no one else can steal the affiliate commission . So if you create a hoplink for googlecash it will be as:


You can’t find product id from this link. But wait! you can find it in another way. Just go to clickbank and place the mouse cursor on the view pitch page. See the link that appears on status bar. For Google cash I got as follows:

aLinks Example3

Form the above I got the product id and that is googlecash. I entered this product id in aLinks settings.

3. Click on Update Keyphrase. You have done. Now wherever the keyword Google Adword will appear in your blog it will create a link for Google Cash 3rd Edition.

Setting General Keyphrase and URL

This step is more easier than setting clickbank keyphrase and product id. For this setting just see below clickBank Keyphrase. Here I am showing an example:

Setting General Keyphrase in aLinks

As you see I entered the Keyphrase Make Money Blogging. To get my hoplink I went to clickbak and search for my desired product. Then I created hoplink and place that hoplink in URL.

Next click on Update Keyphrase.

You have done with General Keyphrase and URL settings. Now whenever the keyword Make Money Blogging will appear in my blog it will create a link to my affiliate link automatically.

There are some more information you can find using aLinks. Such as statistics of how many and which link got click. Even you can import keypharse form other file. However you can use the General Keyphrase to link your existing post or anywhere you wish.

It’s just a simple process to create a affiliate link for your blog keywords and at the same time monetilising your blog without annoying your reader.

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Steps in Finding a Profitable Niche For Your Blog

To run a successful online business you should find a profitable niche for your blog or website. However a profitable niche is not limited to only for your blog or sites. While writing articles also you have to find a profitable niche for making money on internet.

So, what is a niche or niche marketing? A niche is a subset of a generic product. It’s a specific product. For example Mobile will be a niche. it’s a specific product for overall market of communication device. Similarly niche marketing is targeted on specific product.

Few easy ways to find a profitable niche:

1. I am sure that you know about ebay. Lots of people are buying product from ebay everyday. So if you can find a product which is selling more, then that you can choose that as a niche. In ebay you will get a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks, and cool stuff on eBay.

To find popular searches product go here: http://pulse.ebay.com

Find a Niche In Ebay
Now take one product of your choice from popular search category and start with article marketing or blogging.

2. Amazon is once more great place in this planet. Similar to ebay you can search for the best selling product in Amazon. Surely these niche are profitable. See below to get an idea:

Find a Niche in Amazon

3. On third you can try Google Trends. If you are a beginner you might not have used it. Google trends will show you the trends of searching. You will be able to find out what people are searching. If you got a product related search you can choose that as your niche.

Go to Google Trends

4. Similar to Google trends yahoo is also having one service - YahooBuzz. At YahooBuzz you will be able to find out what people are searching in YahooSearch. Check YahooBuzz for a profitable niche.

You may look at below free video to find a profitable niche. You will get more idea.

  • Video1:  Create Simple Little One Page Articles to Promote Affiliate Products
  • Video2:  Create Adsense Content Pages that Pay You Residual Ad Revenue
  • Video3:  Create Niche Market Private Label Rights Packages and Sell these for a Quick Profit. Get here FREE PLR product
  • Video4:  Create Squidoo Lenses and claim your share of the profits generated by the traffic
  • Video5:  Create eBay feeder pages and make money when new users register for eBay

Once you got your niche, you should go for keyword research. This is very important steps and your complete success depends on this step. Bad keyword, bad result.

To get an idea of keyword research you can check my another post:


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Blogging Product Reviews~Honest Reviews

If you search in Google as Bogging Product Reviews or Blogging For Money you will get lots of Blogging Product Reviews. Almost all blogging product promises you to make rich just doing half an hour work daily. But is this really possible? No, not at all. If you are a beginner there are so much to learn. Learn it first and then put your knowledge into action.

My Blogging Product Reviews:

Expert Wordpress: No 1 recommended blogging product

Expert Wordpress Review

Expert Worpress by Alex Sysoef and Dmitriy is my top most recommended blogging  product for those who want to make money blogging. It is fully loaded with awesome training material that will boost up your blogging success. Alex Sysoef a is very successful blogger who is been holding almost entire first page of Google results for his chosen (and very competitive)keywords for over a year! All his knowledge and experience were turned into complete Video Tutorials where he guides you step-by-step and makes it a complete no-brainer to install, even if you never created a single page on the Internet!

Expert Wordpress Membership Type:

  • FREE Membership: You can join Expert Wordpress as a FREE Member.
  • Paid Membership: Initial charge $47 and then monthly $27. You can cancel membership at any time. You will also get 30 days 100% money back guarantee.

FREE Membership Contents:

  • Complete Blog Installer package with some very easy to follow instructions.
  • One search engine optimized blog theme with all important plugins installed.
  • You will get 2 FREE videos. In one video you will find full instruction on how to install your blog. Another video will show you the unique features of your blog. No technical knowledge required.
  • Free access to online forum where you can interact with other members as well as get answer to your all problems.

Paid Membership Contents:

  • More than 11 hours of video tutorials. These videos cover all aspects from getting massive traffic to making money from blogs. There is no hidden secret that can make you rich overnight. You have to work on it and these videos will show you how.
  • Each month you will get 200 Blog Posts on 10 hot niche. More over it is accompanied by pre-written comments and guides to help you. In reality you won’t get any trouble for finding new contents for your blog. Just download blog posts and build your niche blog empire.
  • Peer Promotion tool - This tool is specially developed for paid customer. Use this  tool to grow your blog traffic like crazy. No traffic No money!
  • Access to Monthly Support Webinars where you will get all answers to your questions directly from Alex and Dimitry. You will be able to download Webinars as a video file and refer whenever you want.
  • Premium customer support from Alex and Dimitry. Whenever you face any problem, you will get complete support as long as remain a paid customer.
  • After 60 days of membership you will get access to 50 more “blog and profit” researched and verified niches, each comes with same quality 25 blog posts and 10 pre-written comments for each. Totally you will receive 750 Blog Posts
  • Review Blog System for free (After 120 days of membership). Currently it is $47. You can check==>  Review Blog System

Drawbacks of Expert Wordpress:

  • Video doesn’t cover about keyword research. If you are a complete beginner then you have to learn about using proper keywords.

I couldn’t find any other drawback of Expert Wordpress. For me it is the best product I have ever bought online. If you need any help regarding keyword research just contact me. I will try my best to help you. Not only keywords, I will help you in any case.

If you join Expert Wordpress don’t miss my BONUSES:

Click Here To Get $800 Worth of Superb Bonuses

You are not loosing anything. You are getting a FREE BLOG and FREE VIDEO TRAINING to set your blog ready instantly. You will reward yourself for your wise decision of joining Expert Wordpress.

Click Here To Get Your *FREE* Blog

Did I help you through my review? If yes or if you have any question in your mind don’t feel hesitation to put it below:

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How to start a Blog?

In this post I am going to write about how to start a blog very easily. Blogs are known as small sites in the web but very powerful. Assume blog as your diary. In diary you will be keep on updating daily task, similarly a blog is a place in the web where you can continuously update fresh content of any topic you like. Choose a topic you like and you can start blogging very easily.

Blog= Web + Log

Here Log stands for your content. Previously people used blog as their daily diary and sharing their knowledge with each other through blog content. But now a days people are using blogs for business purposes. Blogs are very powerful because search engines love blog very much for their unique updated content. So if you have a blog of unique content surely
you can rank in search engine very well.

Difference between a website and a blog:

Website usually contain more arranged content. For example you are going to open one online store. So first you will gather all your content, then design the website layout and finally hosted your website.

However you can start with a blog with a small article or a post. Post refers to the content you want to publish in your blog. Day bay day you can start publishing new new content. For example EarnMoneyOnlineHub.com is my blog and it is my post. Now you are reading my post.

How to start a blog?

It is very easy to start your own blog. First You should select a blog service provider. There are two types of blog service provider - One is free service and another one is paid service.

Blogging with Free Service:

There are various free service provider where you can start your blog.  To know about Free Blog Service Provider  you can see my another post

List of Free Blog Provider

I have experience with blogger.com and wordpress.com. If you are beginner then go to blogger.com and sign up for a account. You can easily start your blog. You can download my free ebook “Blogger Blog For Beginners” where I am showing each steps of creating a blog in blogger.com.

Blogging with Paid service:

In this case you have to host your blog yourself and you will need a domain name and a hosting account. Once you have your domain name and hosting account you need to setup Wordpress software in your control panel. Wordpress software is free. For your blog theme go to themes. Wordpress.net and upload theme to your hosting account. My blog is self- hosted. I bought domain name from 1and1.com and hosted in
Hostgator.com. Remember Wordpress.com and self- hosted Wordpress is not same. Wordpress.com allow to start blog for free. But if you want to promote any affiliate product, Wordpress.com won’t allow you to promote affiliate product. They may delete your account without any notification. So if you are planning to start your blog for some profit then  its better to
choose self- hosted wordpress blog. However through blogger blog you can promote affiliate product.

Why self-hosted Wordpress blog are better then free blog?

There are so many advantages of self- hosted blog over free blog. I used both services and I liked self- hosted blog. I am including here few differences between those two from my own experience:

  • Free service provider blogger.com which is very popular is actually owned by Google.com. So, if any reason they don’t like your blog content they may close your blog account. On the other hand  in self-hosted blog you will be the full controller of your blog.
  • In self-hosted blog you can customize your blog very easily with greater flexibility. For example You can arrange your blog content under a specific category in self hosted wordpress blog which is not possible with blogger.com.
  • There are so many pluggins available for wordpress whereas you can’t install any pluggin in logger blog. Plugins are very important for your blog.

If you are a beginner and still if you hadn’t started any blog then start with blogger.com. Once you have few experience you can move to self hosted blog.

I know for beginner it may be difficult to understand whatever I mentioned. So if you want me to host your blog then you can contact me. I will charge a very little amount to make your blog ready. Also I will tell you every thing whatever i learned and you can just copy my blogging process. You don’t have to buy any other product for your blogging success, I assure you. You just buy a domain at 1and1.com and a one hosting package at Hostgator.com.

Hostgator is the best hosting service for blogger as it allows you to host unlimited number of domains under one hosting account for only $7.95 per month. Once your blog is hosted you can start working with your blog very easily.

Did I mention that everything I will do for you? Yes, I will do. Of course you may not believe me as Internet is full of scam programs. So If you feel to buy any blogging product just see my Blogging Product Reviews before buying any product. It will save your money from being wasted. Happy blogging.

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List of Free Blog Provider

Image via Wikipedia

In this post i am going to provide a list of free blog provider. With free blog provider you don’t have to buy a domain name and there is no need to buy any hosting package. You can directly register your account and start your blog for free. You can blog about anything as you wish till your blog subject meets to the terms and condition of blog provider.  So, before starting a blog just go through the terms and condition section once. Remember if you don’t follow the terms and condition, your blog account may be deactivated without your notification. Once it happened with me. That’s why i don’t want you to do same mistake.

List of free blog provider:

Blogger - http://www.blogger.com

Blog - http://blog.com

Wordpress - http://wordpress.com

LiveJournel - http://www.livejournal.com

MSN Spaces - http://home.spaces.live.com

OkayBlog - http://okayblog.net

BlogEasy - http://www.blogeasy.com

Aeonity - http://www.aeonity.com

Blgates - http://www.blogates.com

Supersized - http://www.supersized.org

Tblog - http://www.tblog.com

BlogSome - http://www.blogsome.com

Weblogs - http://weblogs.us

SelectBlog - http://www.selectablog.com

ClearBlogs - http://clearblogs.com

Atom5 - http://www.atom5.com

With your free blog you will be able to get free money online.  Also you can express your thoughts to other with free blog provider service. The main advantages of having a free blog are neither you have to buy any domain name nor you have to buy any hosting package.

Though you can start with a free blog, it is always better to have your own self hosted blog if you want more flexibility over your blog as well as earn cash online. Nobody can deactivate your blog until and unless you don’t do that. For this you need a domain name (http://yourdomainname.com) and a hosting package.  Once you have your own domain name and hosting package you have to setup worpress software in you host. Wordpress software is open source and you don’t have to pay to setup wordpress in your host.

Recommended resources for self hosted blog

Get a Free Blog at Expert Wordpress

ExpertWordpress.com: Learn how to install your self hosted blog in just three easy steps. You can join ExpertWordpress as a free member and as paid member. As a free member you will get a complete blog and superb video training that will teach you how to setup your blog in just three steps. Paid member have access to more video training and personal training for blogging success.

Join Expert Wordpress Here and Get a *FREE* Blog

1and1.com: Get a cheap domain name at 1and1.com

HostGator.com: Best hosting service provider for blogger. They allow to have unlimited domain name under one hosting package only for $7.95 per month. More over their customer service is really excellent. Surprisingly now you can start with only 1 cent for the first month. Just click the link or banner and use the coupon codewordpress” (remove the quotes)


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