Make Money Online: How To Make Money Online The Legit Way

You, or anyone, can make money online or earn money online from home, almost right away. There are people and guru’s that write ebook’s promising 101 ways to make money online, but there is one problem. Many of these people ONLY make money selling make money online scams to people.

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So, how do you recognize the legitimate ways how to make money online? First, you must have the right mindset to become a professional, legit and successful internet marketer, as with any successful business. Having the right mindset of not earning money online and becoming a millionaire over night is the first step to beginning, long before finding any online business opportunities to make good money.

Make Money Online Fast and Make Money Online Now

Learning how to make money online fast and now from home is dangerous and rewarding in many ways. Many people looking to make money now and fast are in the wrong place in their minds, but sadly, they never realize it. Making money quick, easy, fast and now online is great, but you must be ready and prepared to accomplish this task. Remember, if something were easy, everyone would do it!

Making Money Online For Free The Legit Way

The quickest ways to make money on the internet, without getting scammed and ripped off, is to make money taking paid online surveys, learning website design, website flipping(education first), creating niche blogs, and affiliate marketing. For many people across the US and the world, this is a full time online business to make money using your computer from home and were not talking chump change. We are talking making real money to support a family.

Next, comes the question, how do I find jobs to make money online taking surveys? This is a great question and the answer is simple, research. I know everyone wants the easy and overnight way to make extra money on the internet, but being a business owner in the internet marketing community must start with a solid education, overview and understanding of the internet.

Trying to jump into the internet to make money when you know nothing about internet marketing products, programs, scams, businesses, methods and opportunities is the same as trying to jump into the ocean off a boat, without knowing how to swim and without a life jacket. Spend a couple weeks at a minimum learning about the internet via online forums, websites and social networks. You will be glad you did.

How To Make Money Online or How To Make Extra Money Online?

Start with crash course or educational program on internet marketing. Many educational videos about making money online are available for free. A great tip is to only watch the video’s that a lot of people have watched.

Look for videos with a lot of views and comments. Read a few comments, if they are positive, then watch the video. This will save you hours of time wasted when searching for online jobs that will pay extra cash. Even if you are a teenager and want to make money online, education about how to make money online as a teen is the first place to start.

If you want to sign up for a online membership, this is a great way to invest in education about making money over the internet in your part time, or full time. Make sure to read A LOT of reviews about a program or membership before purchasing. There are hundreds of income programs that promise $5000 profit your first day. While this is possible, look for a business model that will work in 2010, 2011, 2012 and for many more years to come with Google.

A Few Different Online Money Making Methods You Should Read About

- Making money with affiliate programs

- Making money with affiliate marketing(make money online with forums)

- Make money blogging online(make money with a blog online)

- Make money taking surveys online

- Making money with website hosting reselling

- Learn about referral fees

- Making money with CPA offers

- Make cash with other proven online business opportunities

Best Programs For Newbie To Learn How To Make Money Online:

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Last - have fun making cash online!


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19 Responses to “Make Money Online: How To Make Money Online The Legit Way”

  1. Chris says:

    I agree its so important to research you products thoroughly before purchasing them, its something that I do religiously before making a purchase to ensure I am getting a good product and not getting ripped off

  2. Missy H. says:

    I have been doing odd and end ways of making money from home since 1999. I enjoy the freedom it provides. But I am always looking for new ideas. You mentioned “website hosting reselling”, funny, but after all these years, I never once thought of that. Thank you for getting me to “think outside the box”.

  3. Hi,

    i just want to give you guys an idea as well. I make money posting easy jobs that can be done in minutes and i charge from 5-100$ per one. To give you an idea… a logo for a website 5$, a website (simple) 50$ and so on… All this postings goes on and it is very easy to navigate/post the jobs..

    Hope this will help some of you…

    Cheers, Radu

  4. Amani says:

    The question is not how to make money online but how to make huge money online. I think efforts and determination will lead to success. Make money online is possible but try not to pay upfront in order to avoid being scammed. However you re totally correct to do research and review even these always being ignored by most people.

    • Thank you Amani for your comment.

      >> Make money online is possible but try not to pay upfront in order to avoid being scammed

      Honestly saying I am not agree with you. Online business is the same with other business where it needs investment. We must invest to make money online. For example: Domain name, Hosting Account and there are lot of things. No one can make make huge money online doing everything themselves from Article Writing to SEO. It’s better to outsource as much as possible and it needs investment.

      Even newbie should invest some money buying some good course instead of browsing here and there. Of course they should do very well research before purchasing anything to avoid getting scammed. Also people who are serious in making money online, they should get their own domain and hosting instead of free blogger blog.

      • Amani says:

        Dear Chandan,

        You are totally correct on investment such as advertising, SEO, Domain name, and etc. However I am just hopping that people will not easily pay upfront for such making money online scheme.

  5. tomal says:

    really appreciate your nice written. and i am agree with your every a days earn money online its too difficult for us because so many fake site are show make money per click. I mean ppc site. I am also working that kind of website.. but they never pay me

    • Hi Tomal,

      Thanks for your comment. PPC are not the reliable way to make money online. As I said earlier making money online is same as other business. Instead of trying all those, invest time + money + effort creating your own sites. It’s true that they won’t make money so soon. Butt those are the actual source which will provide you output($$) in long run.

      When I started my online journey, I also did few PPC, survey but very soon I realized know that I won’t be able to build a solid online business based on them. So, I started creating my own sites.

      If they are not paying you, then it’s better to quit all those programs.

      In case you need any help, I am here. Anyway very soon I will start publishing complete tutorials to make money online.


      P.S. I removed the link from your comment body and set in URL field. Sorry, I don’t accept link in comment unless it is absolutely necessary. I do that only to avoid spam.

  6. arif says:

    Taking Surveys is one from other solution to earn money online. But how to earn money online with free surveys and where?

  7. hugh says:

    theres the magic word. RESEARCH. the answer for the question “how do I find jobs to make money online taking surveys?” and doing the research takes time and patience and this is where some of us dont want to do. onine marketing is a long journey this is not an overnight success. But dont wait too much also. you have to take action.

  8. Victor says:

    great post, If you want to make some extra money or possibly even create your own full-time income then you should try affiliate marketing. This is by far one of the easiest ways to start making money with little cost and starts very fast too.

  9. I appreciate your honest posts. I agree with how you can make money online. It can definitely be done legitimately!

  10. Priya says:

    Well,Thanks for Sharing Such a Nice list . But i think there should lists of Pay Per Visit (PPV) Programs. PPV is becoming new leader in market.
    From my side I am Sharing Websites Which are Best PPV Programs and I used :

    1. Clicksor ( - Earning Per 1000 Visitors : $5.20
    2. Shineads ( - Earning Per 1000 Visitors : $8.50
    3. Infinity ADS ( - Earning Per 1000 Visitors : $4.75

  11. Martin says:

    Nice article, thanks.

    There is no short cut is there?

    I looked into one of the survey sites, tried 2-3, and have since received a barrage of emails, so I am leaving that one until later, until I do what you said, simple research, like anything.

    It is interesting how people, including myself, hope for the easy way, but then it’s like anything else.

    The way I like to remind myself, is, imagine I create a site one day, that makes say $5 per day, for years to come. Now that becomes a decent amount of money, and what type of work would I expect to put in for that amount of money. That helps me anyways, as I am pretty new to this.



    • $5 per day from one site is nice. Now you need to make more sites like that.

      You are right. Online surveys, PTC are not the way to passive income. To make good money, we need own site and then make money from those.

      Wishing you all the best and will be glad to hear more success stories from you.

  12. Martin says:

    Thank you Chandan.

    It isn’t making $5 a day, yet, but I think that is a nice goal for me to set.

    I hope to have some success stories to share in the future.

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