Why I Quit My Day Job?

I haven’t updated my blog from long back. There is a big reason behind this and today I will let you know the reason.

Actually I have been busy in a project of my own. It’s not yet completed and I am doing my best to complete it within June. During this time I learned a lot and I will share everything in my blog once it’s done.

But today I thought to write a post about why I quit my day job. The reason is simple like many of us and if you have been working in Corporate field, I believe you can already guess the reasons :-) Anyway if you are not interested to know about my story then please skip this post because you may get bore. This post is going to be little long.

So, What Are The Reasons?

1. I was Sad: Like others, I was also having a great dream of doing job in good IT company. For that I completed BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application) and MCA(Master of Computer Application) with 82% of aggregate. Of course 82% is not much but I was happy with my performance. Then College Campus started and only 2 guys from our class got selected in IT companies. Luckily I was one of them :-)

I was very happy being selected and I was thinking I will be able to explore my knowledge to the next level once I start doing job. Days went and I joined to the company in June 30th 2008. There was 1 month training program for us. I did my best to learn as much as possible during training. After the completion of training I was assigned into one project like my other colleagues. Till this everything was moving very well and I was hoping the other coming days will be also very exiting.

Sadly, I was not assigned into a development project. Instead I was assigned into a maintenance based project. What the F**K? I am a technical person, not just to check websites and send the status email to team leader and other members. In that project there was not much technical work. It was involving only checking website status,server status, sending email and managing little technical issue. There was no any development work. What the hell. For this why they need a person like me? Any person who have good English, they can also perform the same thing. There was also no chance of improving my skills. We all freshers were being treated like small kids. LoL

I was surprised to see the very very low quality of knowledge of few person working in the same project. Even people after having experience of 4-5 years. People like who doesn’t know to write a simple Java program, was working in that project. Anyway most of the Indian IT companies has the same story. Most of them are doing Maintenance Based Project. I was very depressed and very very sad to face all these.

Being very dissatisfied and sad, I started doing research about what can I do of my own. Once I heard that if we have a website we can make money. There is the start. I started searching in Google about how to make money online at all my free time. I spent lot of time searching and  then one day I started my own website. It was just a start. Money came after a lot of struggle.

All those days were very painful for me. The job timing was from 2PM-10PM. Usually I used to reach home at 11PM and from then to morning 5-6 AM I was doing my own work. I used to get up by 12 AM next day, check the emails and then get ready for office again. Of course it was effecting my performance in my job. But who cares! I don’t had intention to continue that job more. Lol..I was just waiting for the right moment. Frankly speaking they are making money from us and not returning us what we deserve. If they think, it’s all about business then let me also think the same. Why they hell I will take my day job from my heart if they don’t?

2. My Marriage: Shocked? Don’t be. After getting the job, my GF was asking me for our marriage. We love each other so much and even there was no problem from both of our family. So, we got married on 14th December 2009.

3. Desire To Be successful: To be successful yet I have to do a lot and I am happy since I am on my way. I already came to know that I won’t be able to be a successful person if I continue the job. So, I had to think about  better alternatives. Please note that success depend on person to person. My success may not be the same with you or vice verse. It is unique for each person. I will think myself successful if I can grow a company of at least 200 members and right now I have only 8 members. You may have higher goal and you may think of growing a Multinational Company. It’s all about our thought.

The Time When I Finally Took Decision…

After may marriage I was continuing the same. But life started to be very tough to maintain both day job and my own work. I was unable to give proper time to my newly married wife. More over till then I was already earning double than my day job. After thinking a lot, I decided to quit the job even though it was not an easy decision. But I was confident. February 28th of 2010 was my last working day. I felt sad since I had good colleagues there. Few are Mohan, Prashant, Arpita, Isha, Dominica. They all are good friend of mine and I missed the time I spent with them. Anyway it’s life. We have to sacrifice something  to get something.

Life After Quitting Day Job:

1. Independent: Yes, now I am independent. I can work whenever I want and how much I want. It’s all depend on me. I am my own BOSS. No one else can fire me from work like other company do during recession time. That
is the thing I hate most in Job. Whenever they want they will hire people and whenever they want they will throw off people like anything.

2. Rewards: The more I work, the more achievement for me. I feel happy when I complete a new project and get the desired result. But it was not same with my job. There was no any rewards or appreciation for good work.
All goes to higher authority people. Look, I am a work-a-holic person and I like to work more. Even sometime I work 48 hours continuously. No sleep for 2 days and I enjoy it since I am doing it for myself. Remember, you can work for yourself more and more and you will enjoy each of the moment.

3. Earning: If I were in job, till now I could have earn $10,000 - $12,000 per year(But while I was at job, I was getting less than this). If you are not from India, then let me tell you that this is a good amount of money in India. But right now I am making around $36,000 - $40,000 per year. I am hoping till the end of this year I will be able to reach $50,000 per year.

Few lines for newbie, for my previous colleagues and to other Indian friend(of course if anybody is interested)

Newbie: I already wrote one blog post regarding this. Please and please remember that there is no magic bullet to online success. One $27 product can’t make you thousands of dollar without hard work. So, don’t waste your money simply purchasing those product. Instead invest your quality time in your work with a goal. It takes time to make money online and it usually take 3 years to rich a six figure income. So, have patience and work on it.

My Previous Colleague and Other Indian Friend: Okay, since we are all from India you may think that making money online is not possible. But I am sure you know about Facebook, Gooogle, Amazon, Ebay. They all are making billions of $$ per year online. You can waste time in Facebook but never try to understand or simply ignore how they are making money.  I can understand that you don’t have interest in making money online. Fine, but you can do something better than your current situation. Create or develop your own software or think about growing one software company. Why you want to waste your knowledge and energy working for someone else?

Don’t feel bad for this. I just want the growth of India and this can be done only and only if every Indian realize their potential and work harder to make India something different. Remember, we can all make our India great. I feel sad knowing that India is still known as Third World Country.

Last Line: Please don’t get me wrong. I am not showing off here and I don’t have any intention to do that. I also have to do a lot still and I am doing it and one day or other day I will make it happen. I am on the way to my success.

Once I watched a great movie and below I am sharing a part of the movie. Whenever you get time, watch this movie. An awesome movie I have ever watched. I hope it will inspire you :-)


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22 Responses to “Why I Quit My Day Job?”

  1. Nice. I’d like to be able to quit my job too. And that is not because I don’t like my job, I’d just like the freedom of not having to work.

  2. Chandan says:

    Namesake. It’s nice to know about you and quitting your day job. You are doing great job for newbie Internet marketers.I like the way you blog.

  3. Ramesh says:

    Hay Chandan,

    This is Ramesh from Visakhapatnam.
    Thanks for this Post. It is great inspiration for me.

    First time I know you from an e-book(that is about indexing backlinks).

    I wish you all the Best to you.


  4. I’m so thankful i found this article. I might suggest this post to all my readers , coz’ it’s very inspiring.

    I make some money when i quit my job and i really want to be my own boss, no worries, just work when i want to work, online business - i am affiliated with clickbank and adsense.

    A littel money for my first month, but i will hope it will doubled or tripled my previous daily job sooner.

    I will soon come back on this website and look for some updates. Hey, can we have a link exchange? Please give me a comments on my blog, and i will give you ‘list of keywords you might want to write to make money’, they are high paying keywords.

    I might continue my online jobs, thank you very much.

  5. That was a very interesting post. Great to hear your personal story and I am happy to hear of your success working for yourself.

  6. Ramon Elias says:

    Hey… I am very proud of you… and I am the one who dreams to be in tha position… I don;t want to work for others anymore… I ask to God to help me focusing on my own projects… so that I can quit my current job also.

    Keep working… and you are a real source of inspiration.

    Good luck!!!

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Ramon,

      Thank you very much for your great words. Wishing you all the best. That day is coming for you soon. It’s only need focus and continuous work.

      Good Luck :-)

  7. Heather todd says:

    Inspiring post,i like your way ,really doing work for someone always sucks,Thanks for your effort

  8. Rash says:

    This i a way of thinking. it reminded me of a quote

    “an idea is worthless, unless you act upon it”

  9. cloudy says:

    I love this way, maybe i have to leave ma work too .. :)
    I also have one sentence:
    “u are what u think”

  10. Bruno says:

    This is the right way of thinking…
    I hope I can discontinue my normal job also as soon as possible. so that I can be still independent and free the rest of the short life:-)

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Thank you for your comment Bruno and Wishing you Good Luck! It takes time but it’s not impossible to make a good living through internet.


  11. [...] But in Feb 2010 I quit my job and I have written why I did that in my this blog post:  Why I Quit My Day Job. If I were not earning a good income online, definitely I would not have quit my job. Moreover I [...]

  12. Amani says:

    I am still with my 9 to 6 day job(sometime it can be until 9pm). I am working hard hopefully eventually I will be my own boss. The reason is because I wanted to be with my family at most of the time and also I hate traffic jam.

    • You are doing really good work, inspiring. I can understand your situation because 2 years back I was doing the same. 2PM-10PM office and then 10PM-5AM online work. It really needs time and lot of effort. It is possible to make money online. Unfortunately it’s not like 30 minutes copy paste work like all Gurus promise.

      Good Luck Amani, if anyway I can help please let me know. I will be glad to do that.

  13. Prabhakar says:

    Hi Chandan,

    Great to read this… I can imagine how it feels like to be owner of your day and your time!! Great Man!!

    I am new to the idea of making a income Online.. and i am considering this on a serious note for the same reasons as yours… Only hitch is i am not from technical or software background.. do you think it is possible for a non IT guy to make money online if ready to learn.. would appreciate some genuine advice.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Prabhakar,

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to online journey. You have made a great decision. It’s 100% possible for everyone to make money online if they are ready to put efforts. You too can even though you are not from IT background. Actually IT background is not needed at all. You can learn all process step by step and build a successful business. Even though I am from IT background, initially I did not know anything about Website Hosting, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization etc. I learn them later.

      But I would like point out some true facts. It’s not an easy task like most of the people think. There is no secret, no shortcut. Even nobody can become rich overnight. If a person is successful, then he/she is only because of his/her hard work, consistency, patience and desire.

      One important note: There are so many Scams program online. Just beware of them. In IM you will find lot of people who claims themselves as a GURU but in reality most of them are fake. Also try to avoid programs like - Online Survey, Paid To Click program etc. Those are good for those who want only part time income and don’t want to build their online business. You need your own website, blog to make a good living. Don’t worry, you can learn all these.

      I keep getting emails asking how to make money online. Because of this reason I have decided to teach people how I do it actually. All will be free and I will start doing it very soon. If you are interested to learn all, then you can read the below post for more information:

      Free tutorials to make money online

      Let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to help you.


  14. Hey Chandan,

    I love the information and personal story you have provided.
    I hope people can take the information you provided and use
    it to inspire themselves. To be successful all it takes is one decision.



    “sometimes your greatest victories come one step past your greatest failure”

  15. vinodh says:

    great posting

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