RedGage - Why Not To Get Paid For Your Online Activities?

Not believing? But it is true and RedGage pays people for their online activities. In RedGage you can earn money for all the activities you’re already doing online at place like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker and Blogger. You can bookmark each of your blog post and you will be get paid based on the value of your content, measured by page view/popularity. More over you can upload any document, video, photo, link.

Why you get paid for your online activities?

There are so many social networking sites. These sites earn money through advertising. RedGage share their income with their member. So, as a member you will be get paid. However you won’t get paid more. But I always welcome free money.

I don’t want to go much brief as it is very simple. Just register, invite friends and do your as usual online activities. Recently I joined and I liked their services.

Below you can see how on of my blog post I uploaded in RedGage:


If you have a blog it will be benifecial for your blog as you can broadcast your blog easily and get some more traffic. Using tools you can import content from your several social media account, so no manual work is required to earn money. By using RedGage, you can make money for what you are already doing online.

If you feel interest to join RedGage then Sign Up at RedGage from here and I will be happy if you put my user name(chdutta) as referrer.

Do you want some tutorial to get start? If yes then can go for

There is one more site MyLot where people get paid for taking part in online discussion. You can join if you are interested to take part in discussion and earn money online at the same time.


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6 Responses to “RedGage - Why Not To Get Paid For Your Online Activities?”

  1. jps says:

    Am Here to Alert & caution Everyone About “RedGage”,,,

    This Site is A SCAM, & Fooling all people with their hard earned Money & Efforts….I had Created a account here in Redgage and had loaded many,useful Blogs,Videos,Photos,& had made more than 100 friends in just a week’s Time…
    To my surprise More than 30 my useful tips (BLOGS) 8 videos & 57 photos had loaded on this my surprise and lack of information this site has blocked me or suspended me after collecting my all relevant information.
    I worked hard day & Night put my efforts to reach more and more people thru links and my social sites Ihad joined.
    Now,I am Going to take Strict Action against REDGAGE for its Cheating & Fooling Attitude, by using members Information’s & Blogs for its own purpose and blocking them for not any reason.
    Now,I am Going to spread REDGAGE as scam in all the sites and Caution & Alert people from Joining REDGAGE….
    RedGage is a Scam & FRAUD site,Dont Join and Waste Your Time & Efforts.

  2. vivek says:

    REDGAGE is not a scam site and i know it since my friend got the money.They take a lot of time to send you their card.But they do make payment if you did not cheat with them.

  3. Thanks for the post!its really helpful,i want to have an income of my first blog.How i wish i can do it and it will grow..Thanku so much for the idea youve posted..!

  4. Jason says:

    Another good post! I checked out some of your other posts also and I signed up for your RSS feed.

    I would like for you to check out my site also and subcribe to my feed. Plus, if you follow me on my twitter account, I will follow you back.

    Best Regards,
    Jason McMurray

  5. Thank for that information, i didn’t know about RedGage. Can we make great profits with that ?

  6. THIRDSTONE says:

    I have earned very good money on redgage, and been paid in the past, I’ve earned over $600 to date, dollars a day, not pennies. The site is not a scam, but that said, the site does have some major money issues it has to get over and put behind them.
    Problems began this past Feb, when I noticed I had no earnings showing for the month of Feb. I posted this on the site, and soon had nearly two dozen other members state they aslo had zero earnings showing for the month of Feb. Redgage then announced that for some members, a computer glitz had caused their earnings for that month to vanish. We were assured the problem was a minor one, and we would be paid soon. That was six months ago, and not one of us with missing funds has been paid for feb.
    Then some members began claiming they had not been paid for the month of june, so I checked my account, and my funds had gone through, but after checking with others, I found some of my friends had no earnings for june posted on their account. Redgage insisted the money would be coming shortly.
    Then in July, I checked my account and no update was showing for July, for me, that makes two months of earnings I am missing. For most other members, July is their first month of no income showing. On top of that, we are only days away from the Au8g postings, and if redgage doesn’t gewt on the ball quickly, most members will be showing two missing months of earnings, me and others will go down three months of missing earnings - this stopped being funny back in Feb.
    I have been paid several hundred dollars to date, so I do not think they are a scam, but I do believe they are having some rype of cash flow problems, and they are beginning to get out of control.

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