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BitPetite Review

Hello friends, wish you all a great day. Today I am going to introduce a very attractive investment program known as BitPetite, which is a quite unique program accepting only Bitcoins. Let us take a look at what BitPetite has to offer.

BitPetite Review

After a real long time I am again seeing a program with the guts to offer such bold and straight forward investment plans which can easily earn you a really nice profit in a short period of time.

BitPetite accepts only Bitcoin as payment method for deposits and withdrawals so, we can say it’s a bitcoin investment program.

Investment Plans

BitPetite offers two very profitable investment plan paying about 4.5% daily return for 6 weeks. The daily interest is variable but in amount of minimum 3.97% in weekdays and minimum 1% in weekends.

Even with the minimum daily return investors are earning a minimum of 21.85% every week.

The minimum deposit accepted by BitPetite is 0.005 BTC (about $10-$12 at the moment).

Their investment plan is suitable for any type of investor. There is no particular strategy to play with this kind of simple and straight forward plan, you just select the amount you wish to invest, make the payment and withdraw your daily earnings.

There is also their second investment plan paying a smaller daily interest for a a longer period of 9 weeks instead of 6 weeks. personally I prefer their 6 weeks investment plan and you can always make additional deposits.

Earnings Example

Let’s say for example you’ll invest 1BTC today at the current rate of about $2430 / 1 BTC. At todays interest rate of 4.5% daily paid by BitPetite you will earn a total return of investment of about 147% in 9 weeks. This means that you will be paid about $3572 in less than 2 months. The pure profit will be more than $1000.

Technical Features

The security system of BitPetite investment website is really good which includes all the necessary installations to run the business smoothly. The website is being hosted on a DDos protected server and a positive Comodo SSL certificate has been installed to maximize the data transmission security.

Technical Features

Over all, BitPetite seems like a good investment opportunity to earn some nice fast profits. It is a new investment program at the time of it’s publication and growing stronger day by day. The returns are really profitable and can give you a good return on investment in a short period of time. The minimum deposit accepted by BitPetite is only 0.005 Btc so it’s very easy to test their service with a small deposit first before deciding to invest a large amount. I invite you to share your experience with BitPetite by adding your comment bellow.

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  1. paul says:

    I invested some bitcoins here and I can say at this moment bitpetite is paying on time

  2. james says:

    it’s really a good and paying investment program

  3. paul says:

    still paying, this hyip has some really interesting features

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