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Chain.Group Review

In this article I’m reviewing Chain.Group - a new way to earn money investing online. Chain.Group is not a regular high yield investment program but it’s a great platform that offers access to various investment opportunities.

Chain.Group Review

Chain.Group is a financial escrow service where cryptocurrency traders and online investors meet. Exchanging Cryptocurrency is similar to Forex Trading but more profitable. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin but there are many other new ones rising. At the moment Bitcoin values is over $2700 and several years ago was only $20 so, you can see the huge opportunity of earning from the value of this cryptocurrency. You can search online for more information about how Bitcoin works.

Trading cryptocurrencies requires special skills and that’s why professional traders are the one making profits from these exchanges. Chain.Group gives these traders the possibility of creating trade groups where online investors can invest and earn a share of their profits. Each Trade group has its own terms and conditions.

Investment Plans - Chain.Group Trade Groups

I am using the term “investment plans” because is easier to understand and each Trade Group pays a variable daily interest or a fixed daily interest. Some Trade groups offer the possibility of principal withdrawal before plan completion for a certain fee.

At this moment there are 4 trade groups available on Chain.Group and I invested small deposit of $125 to test their service. I selected Dragon Foundation Trade Group, I’m satisfied with their returns so I’ll invest more soon.

Investors can select any trade group, each trade group has detailed stats about past performance, number of investors and amount deposited in the Stabilization Fund. The Stabilization Fund acts as an insurance policy to protect investors by paying refunds in case anything goes wrong with a trade group (just like Forex Trading bad trades can happen).

There is no particular investment strategy to be used when selecting a Trade Group. It depends on the needs of every investor. Some may be interesting in better conditions for withdrawing the principal before plan expiration other might be interested in earning a constant profit for a longer period of time.

Every investment plan offered by trade groups has a deposit term (minimum 90 days), a fixed or variable daily interest ( minimum 0.1% maximum 10%) and some have other features like compounding available or the early withdrawal of the principal.

You can watch the following video to see an useful presentation of Chain.Group services:

Earnings Example

The best example I can give is providing my own earnings from investing with one of the trade groups available on Chain.Group.

I joined several days ago, selected the Dragon Foundation Trade Group, invested and today my first withdrawal request was paid as you can see in the screenshot bellow.

My daily earnings since I joined until today are: $6.43, $4.04, $5.15.

Each trade group has detailed statistics available to be consulted on Chain.Group website. For example Dragon Foundation trade group has paid +4.12% profit today, +28.40% profit for last 7 days, +82.52% profit for the last 30 days.

Each trade group offers a different investment plan, the one selected by me pays a variable interest of 0.1-6% daily for a period of 180 days. Compounding is not available but an early withdrawal of the principal is possible for a 50% fee.

Technical Features

Chain.Group is hosted on a server with anti DDoS protection and the website is accessed through an SSL Encryption.

Their website uses a custom investments software and having dedicated programmers managing this software will increase the security of Chain.Group.

The custom script and Comodo SSl encryption will protect clients personal information from any potential hackers.

Chain.Group offers support by Email and by phone at +1 202 600 82 48. I was impressed by their dedicated support team with all my questions receiving fast and detailed answers.

Chain.Group accepts different online payment methods, I deposited using PerfectMoney and AdvCash, payeer and Coinpayments were also available. So, Bitcoin investors will be pleased to know they can use Bitcoins too.


Chain.Group looks like a very serious financial escrow service to me, loaded with all the qualities needed for becoming an industry leader. I will certainly recommend this opportunity to be added to your diversified portfolio as it shows great potential. Their growing online presence and professional approach certainly set them apart from the crowd. Chain.Group offers a great service to people and can become the next big thing of the online investing industry. the minimum deposit accepted by Chain.Group is only $5 so it’s very easy to spend a small amount first to test their service before deciding to invest a large amount. I invite you all to share your opinion about this new online investment opportunity by adding your comment bellow.

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  1. Trueman says:

    3 month already with Chain Group!!

    I had some deposit issue, but is was resolved instantly with support team. I like to see many trading groups at one platform. In truth, my own attempts to trade in the cryptocurrency exchanges (Polinex & Bittrex) ended pitifully.

    Chain Group the best service!!!

  2. Earn Money Online Hub says:

    I made another request today and was paid on time as usual:

  3. My next withdrawal was paid on time: Received Payment 11.7 USD from account U12935665. Batch: 183275140. Memo: API Payment. payout 51698.

    Profits were earned from my investment in Dragon Foundation trade group, my username is publicly listed on investors page.

  4. Earn Money Online Hub says:

    Got paid on time as usual, I attached as payment proof a screenshot from my PerfectMoney account:

  5. Lesly P. says:

    Chain.Group it seems to be leader in several months.

  6. Earn Money Online Hub says:

    Chain Group is paying on time, here is a new payment proof

    and you can check my profile on Chain.Group Dragon Foundation trade group to see my live daily profits.

  7. Earn Money Online Hub says:

    Next withdrawal was paid again on time as usual:

    I will post payment proofs here but if you wish to see all my earnings history visit my profile on ( id is U0000894). For example I made another withdrawal two days ago that was also paid but I forgot to post the payment proof here. Since I joined the average interest paid was 4% daily.

  8. Earn Money Online Hub says:

    Payment received on time as usual

  9. Earn Money Online Hub says:

    New payment proof, Chain Group is paying on time as usual

  10. Earn Money Online Hub says:

    Chain group paying on time as usual:

    For complete stats about my payments you can visit my ChainGroup profile, I invested in the Dragon Foundation trade group.

  11. Earn Money Online Hub says:

    Chain Group is paying, here is a new payment proof

    check Chain.Group profile to see all my profits

  12. Earn Money Online Hub says:

    Payment received on time as usual:

    Visit my Chain.Group profile for detailed statistics about all my earnings

  13. Earn Money Online Hub says:

    Chain.Group is paying on time as usual:

    You can visit my profile page to see all my earnings history

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