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City Build Trade Review

While searching online for profitable investment opportunities I found a very interesting high yield investment program called City Build Trade. By the way, tomorrow I will leave the Swiss Alps and I will travel to my next destination: Rome. I hope the weather will be nice so I can enjoy my short vacation. I’ve visited Rome before and I was impressed so it is one of my favorite travel destinations. Anyway, I’ll be connected to the Internet so I’ll continue to invest online.

City Build Trade Review

City Build Trade was started more than three years ago and found only good opinions about this investment program so we can say that today all their investors are paid on time.

City Build Trade accepts only Perfectmoney and Payeer at this moment.

Personally I used PerfectMoney to invest with City Build Trade.

Investment Plan

City Build Trade offers only and a little profitable investment plan paying 102% After 7 Days.

The minimum deposit accepted by City Build Trade is $1 and the maximum is $500,000.

Because their minimum is so low is very easy to make a test deposit to try their service and if you’re satisfied you can invest more.

Earnings Example

Let’s say for example that you’ll invest $1,000 with City Build Trade. In this case you will be paid $1,020 after one week. So, the interest is 2% after one week. If you’ll reinvest the same amount each week you will get a total of 8% monthly interest. This is more than what a bank would pay.

City Build Trade has a very attractive affiliate program paying up to 10% referral commissions. So, you can earn even more by inviting your friends to join City Build Trade and make a deposit.


Even if City Build Trade doesn’t have a very attractive look it is paying investors on time for more than 3 years. my guess is that they’re keeping a low profile until at some point when they’ll decide to start a massive promotion campaign and putting this investment program on top. I think now is a good time to join this program and  especially because the earnings will be paid back in a relatively short time, just one week.

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