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Safety Depositary Review

Hello friends and followers, here i am with a new review of a very interesting high yield investment program. Today I am going to introduce a program called Safety Depositary. It’s a very professional looking, daily paying long term program with tight security systems installed in it.

Investment plans & Strategy

Safety Depositary offers four profitable investment plans to the investors with interest differentiated according to the size of deposits. All four plans are the same kind of daily paying plans just with better ROI for bigger deposit. The plan structure is very simple paying Up to 5% daily for 555 days, principal back, Mo-Fri:

  • 0.4% Daily For Deposits from $25 to $9999
  • 1% Daily For Deposits from $10000 to $14999
  • 2% Daily For Deposits from $15000 to $24999
  • 5% Daily For Deposits from $25000 to $250000

Now, you can clearly understand that your daily return will be based on your deposited amount. There is no such strategy to play with this kind of plan because if you have $10000 to invest, then you will surely know that you will earn $100 daily.  Now take a look at some rules which has been specified for all four plans.

Investment period for all plans : 555 calendar days.
Compounding available.
Principal amount will be returned after the term expires.

Security & Script

In terms of security, Safety Depositary will get full marks in my score sheet. It includes a DDos protected dedicated server from DDOS Guard and a GoldCoders Licensed HYIP Manager Script to maximize data transaction security and also for maximum uptime of the website.

I can’t really assure you guys about the originality of the address because I don’t have any way to verify it’s legitimacy. Their domain name is registered for another year and will expire on 20th January, 2017 and the owner of the domain appears to be someone called LUKE WALTERS, click here for full whois info.

Payment processors & affiliate program

Safety Depositary accepts two major online Payment processors: Bitcoin and my all time favorite PerfectMoney. I really expected a lot to see the Bank wire and I hope administration will think about it as Bank Wire deposit method always increase the legitimacy of the designated program. Safety Depositary also offers an affiliate commission of up to 5%, which you can earn even if you are not an active investor of them.


Overall Safety Depositary seems like a good program to me which can help us to earn some profits. But on the other hand I can’t really smell any real life business as operational backend of Safety Depositary. However, I am impressed by seeing the confidence of the administration and I hope administration will not let us down. The minimum deposit is only $25 so it’s easy to test their services with a small amount before deciding to invest more.

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    I got paid every time by this HYIP

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