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Soft-Mining Review

Hello readers, I hope you all are having a great day. I was pretty busy and did not get much time to hang my boots and relax. As I begin this review I would first want to mention the great support Soft-Mining offers to their members, I received fast and detailed answers to all my questions.

Soft-Mining Review

Soft-Mining is already in the sixth week with 7128 members as I write this review. This I consider to be  a very good response to a low roi program and with coming days the program should only improve. Soft-Mining has good stable looking investment plans which are sustainable in the long run and received investments over $1397129 at the time of this publication.

Investment Plans

Soft-Mining offers 3 long term investment plans where in the first plan ideally suits the new investors and for those who want to do a test spend. Let us take a closer look at the plans and other details about the program.

  • MH/s Daily for lifetime - paying 0.95% daily profit for deposits from $10 to $500
  • GH/s Daily for lifetime - paying 1.05% daily profit for deposits between $501 and $1500
  • PH/s Daily for lifetime - paying 1.25% daily profit for deposits over $1501

If you look at the plans above you will realize that the first plan is the one that is just right for the newbies to start with. Certain high end investors may choose to invest in the other plans but even the returns on the first plan is not bad. All plans run for lifetime so you basically get paid every day for as long as their website is online. Another feature that I like is they accept various payment methods and this is going to attract more potential investors who are interested and can invest in the program and this will certainly help the program to grow.

Earnings Example

Let’s say for example that you’ll invest $1000 with Soft-Mining. In this case you will get paid $10.5 daily forever.

They accept PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin. All these payment processors are reliable but personally I prefer PerfectMoney, and Bitcoin more. This is just my preference, I recommend you to use the payment method that suits you better.

Technical Features

Soft-Mining is built on one of the strong scripts in this industry, i.e. the GoldCoders script and a valid license has been purchased for this HYIP program. This is one of the safest scripts which is very secure from the hackers. The design of their website is simple and professional and what matters most is the timely payments from the admin which is happening every day. The admin has also very carefully chosen a variety of good monitors to rate and monitor this program. The site is hosted on server with DDoS protection from DDOSCURE.COM. I have seen HYIPs been hosted by this company and the company has a good reputation. Since I haven’t seen any major downtime with the previous sites hosted by this company I presume that they have pretty neat set up. Soft-Mining can be accessed through an SSL encryption which is certainly good that they are considering the safety of the investors’ data and money. Soft-Mining site has home page content is a pretty regular one which you would see on most of the HYIP program but again the design has a professional look and an user friendly interface. The only way to reach the admin is with the conventional email support system. Addition of live chat certainly would have added more interactivity of the admin with the members and a way to get faster answers but even so, as I mentioned before, all my emails were replied quite fast and I received detailed answers to my questions.

Final Thoughts

The very fact that Soft-Mining has been online for last 42 days and is paying smoothly shows that the plans that the admin has setup is working seamlessly. I would advice everyone to consider this program as a HYIP program, but considering that it has sustainable plan one can think of looking into this program. One should always asses various factors and lookup everywhere for as much information possible about any particular program before deciding to invest in it but in my opinion this HYIP has all the features needed to become one of the best investment opportunities of 2017 so it’s worth at least a test deposit.

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