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Trusty Hour Review

Hello friends, today I am going to introduce a very interesting investment program called Trusty Hour. This high yield investment program was opened to public about two weeks ago and it’s growing constantly.

Trusty Hour Review

Trusty Hour has listed their US postal address on their website (1958S 950E,PROVO UTAH, US) and support by phone is provided to vip members.

They offer a great support to all members via the traditional email system, I received fast and detailed answers to all my questions. At this moment there are more than 600 registered users and almost $400000 deposited and these are great stats for a new investment program launched less than two weeks ago.

Investment Plans

Now lets take a look at it’s investment plans. Trusty Hour is offering three investment plans paying:

  • 0.86% - 0.93% hourly for 120 hours for deposits between $10 and $10000
  • 1.52% - 1.86% hourly for 70 hours for deposits between $300 and $10000
  • 30% - 45% hourly for 12 hours for deposits between $1500 and $1000000

Their investment plans are quite profitable and sustainable on long term. in term if pure paid interest it can be compared to other long term investment programs paying 1%-2% daily but the main advantage with Trusty Hour is that you will get your initial deposit back plus profit in a very short time.

Trusty Hour also offers an attractive affiliate program paying 3% referral commissions so you can earn more by inviting your friends to join.

Earnings Example

Let’s say for example you’ll invest $1000 in their second investment plan. In this case you will earn $15.2 every hour for 70 hours accumulating a total of $1064 in less than 3 days.

Trusty Hour accepts all major payment systems like PerfectMoney, Advanced Cash, PAYEER, Bitcoin, Litecoin.


There is a minimum deposit of only $10 so it’s very easy to use a small deposit to test their service before deciding to invest a large amount.

Trusty Hour was launched on May 10 2017 and their online presence is growing every day. I searched online on various discussion forums to see what other investors think about this investment program and all investors are getting thier withdrawal requests paid on time.

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