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Want to Be Rich? Become an Insider

The first thing that comes to my mind when presented with the term insider is Martha Stewart selling her Imclone shares as the result of tip from the companies CEO.

That’s one kind of insider information…the bad kind…the illegal kind, the kind that ends your butt up in the slammer.

Being an insider is how most easy and big money is made. Not the illegal way of directly profiting from information that hasn’t been announced to the public, but the profitable way of having enough of a keen interest in a subject to live it, until you find an edge that gets you the kind of information that nobody else has.

What is an insider?

An insider can be an expert, with experience, connections and possibly influence. He has information that, when applied to his business, gives him an edge over his competitors.

An example.

I have a friend who’s into real estate investing. He’s done really well at it…to the point where he doesn’t really have to work…but he was getting bored, so he decided to take a job as a construction manager for a company the builds cell phone towers.

Where are cell phone towers being built these days? Near new housing developments. Do you think that working with all the developers in his area, gives my friend insider information that benefits his real estate investments? You bet!

The money he makes in salary will likely be insignificant to the money he makes from the information he assimilates just by showing up and doing his job.

What do you want to do?

And how could you benefit from being on the inside? How about volunteering a couple hours work a week for someone who is already doing what you dream of.

There isn’t a real estate investor on the planet that doesn’t have a fence that needs painting or a tree that needs trimming. Or an Internet business dude or dudette that doesn’t need a keyword list cleaned or some templates reconfigured.

You can learn a lot just from doing menial tasks for someone who is established in what you want to learn.

When I first started out blogging I volunteered to do some backup blogging for Darren - a friend of mine - on one of his much smaller sites, when he went away on a vacation. At the time I had never used a WordPress site and never written for a site that actually made money.

I got to see how it all worked, how he had his ads set up and many other things (like how he orchestrated communication with 30-40 bloggers so he could take a relaxing month-long vacation) just from putting in a couple hours a week of my time.

It turned out to be a great way to learn and the experience of taking a peek inside a pro blogger’s shop sold me on having an Internet business, and using WordPress as my blogging tool of choice.

Want to get rich?

Find a way to get some inside information and experience. Try using a tangential approach to get to the center of where you want to be. Just listening to the conversion of a really successful person can make you a lot of money…because you’ll learn how they think…which is everything.

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