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Wealth and Romance Review

Hello friends and readers, today I am going to introduce to you a very promising investment opportunity called Wealth and Romance. When I first visited their website, I immediately liked their layout as it is user friendly and with a very professional design. At a first look, it’s a little hard to understand that, Wealth and Romance is an investment program. It looks like a professional Escort Agency of high class models in London but they are also offering several very reasonable investment plans to online investors. Lets take a closer look at them.

Wealth and Romance Review

Wealth and Romance is a London Escort Agency and they launched their investment offer about a week ago offering a share of their profits to investors.

I was impressed with the professional look of their website and their escorts also look great. Escort agencies in London usually make huge profits so the business they’re claim to be in is really interesting and very profitable.

Investment Plans

Wealth and Romance offers 4 investment plans paying:

  • 1% Daily For 180 Days for $100 deposits
  • 1.5% Daily For 180 Days for $1000 deposits
  • 2% Daily For 180 Days for $10000 deposits
  • 2.5% Daily For 180 Days for $100000 deposits

They also offer a very attractive affiliate program paying 5% referral commissions so you can earn even more by inviting your friends to join. Anyone can register your free affiliate account.

Earnings Example

Let’s say for example you will invest $1000 with Wealth and Romance, in this case you will be paid $15 daily for 180 days $2700 after 6 months. This is 270% return so a pure profit of 170%.

Technical Features

Wealth and Romance is build on a WordPress platform using a custom plugin for managing investments. They accept PerfectMoney and Bitcoin.

The website is highly secured especially because investors don’t share too much private info. All you need to enter is a name, email address and your PerfectMoney or Bitcoin account for receiving payments. You don’t need to enter a password. When investing you will receive a purchase code that you will use to login with your email address.


Wealth and Romance looks like a very promising long term investment program. I was impressed with the professional look of their website. The minimum deposit is a little high but it’s a long term program so it will last longer.

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