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CME Trades Review

Good day friends, another weekend is approaching and I am about to introduce a high yield investment program called CME Trades. The website is designed in a very professional way along with state-of-the-art security systems.

CME Trades Review

CME Trades is a long term program paying for more than a year at the time of this publication.

This HYIP is managed by CMETrades Limited a company incorporated in the United Kingdom with registration number 10356452.

Their postal address listed on is 75 Hampsten Road, London, United Kingdom, NW1 2PL .

Investment plans

CME Trades offers a total of nine investment plans at this moment. Each plan have different rules which you need to keep in mind:

  • CME1 investment plan pays 2.1% DAILY FOR 20 DAYS for deposits between $10 and $5000
  • CME2 investment plan pays 2.3% DAILY FOR 35 DAYS for deposits between $5000 and $15000
  • CME3 investment plan pays 3.3% DAILY FOR 55 DAYS for deposits between $15000.00 and $50000
  • CME4 investment plan pays 655% AFTER 25 DAYS for deposits between $4000.00 and $30000
  • CME5 investment plan pays 1500% AFTER 45 DAYS for deposits between $2000.00 and $20000
  • CME6 investment plan pays 3000% AFTER 60 DAYS for deposits between $1000.00 and $25000
  • CME7 investment plan pays 6500% AFTER 90 DAYS for deposits between $500.00 and $50000
  • [VIP]CME1 investment plan pays 600% AFTER 11 DAYS for deposits between $18000.00 and $50000
  • [VIP]CME2 investment plan pays 1600% AFTER 24 DAYS for deposits between $12000.00 and $50000

These investment plans are very profitable but you can earn even more with their three levels deep affiliate program. CME Trades pays 5%-2%-1% referral commissions to their members. You must be an active investor to earn from their earn from their affiliate program.

Earnings Example

Let’s say for example that you’ll invest $1000 in their first investment plan. In this case you will earn $21 daily for 20 days plus your initial deposit back after 20 days, this is a pure profit of $420.

Technical Features

The security of CME Trades website is really impressive which contains a DDos protected server from DDOS Guard and also a positive SSL certificate from COMODO. Their domain name will expire on 2025. Click here to view the complete whois record.

The website is built using a licensed Goldcoders HYIP manager script which certainly shows the seriousness of administration towards the program and it is also designed very professionally. The website contents are original and the “FAQ” page is loaded with point-to-point information.

Their support service contains the traditional mail ticket system and a phone number +442033185712.

In addition to all the other good features of CME Trades, the choice of E-currency is quite wide: PerfectMoney, payeer and Bitcoin.


CME Trades seems like a promising HYIP game to me. The website clearly shows the strong determination of administration to become another hotspot of investment. I really wish the program will run for a longer time than I am expecting now. I feel CME Trades is worth trying but before investing always use your own intuition and remember the golden rule of HYIP, that never invest anything which you cannot afford to loose.

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  1. Badri says:

    What kind of ecurrency do they take?

  2. Jason Kovacs says:

    It pays well for me! Here are my daily payouts:

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