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CoinexPRO Review

Hello friends and readers, I hope you are all having a great time investing online. Today I am going to introduce a new high yield investment program called CoinexPRO.

CoinexPRO Review

The website looks really nice and the returns paid by this HYIP are really impressive. CoinexPRO is managed by Coinexpro Ltd, a company incorporated in the United Kingdom with the registration number: 10720571. You can check their company details here. The postal address listed on CompaniesHouse.Gov.Ukl is 15 Golden Square, West Central, London, United Kingdom, W1F 9JG. Now lets take a closer look at their plan.

Investment Plan

CoinexPRO offers only on very profitable investment plan paying 10% daily for life.

They accept only Bitcoins so dis could be a disadvantage but Bitcoin is getting more and more popular in the HYIP industry and could become the first choice when talking about payment methods for online investors.

CoinexPRO offers a really attractive affiliate program paying 15% referral commissions so you can earn a lot more by inviting your friends to join.

Earnings Example

It’s not so much to tell, let’s say for example you will invest $1000 with CoinexPRO then every day you will get paid $100. Basically you will get paid 10% daily forever as long as their business is online.

This means in 10 days you get your initial deposit back and all earnings after that are pure profit.

Technical Features

The website is made using a customized script with many good features like automated withdrawal requests or automatic reinvestment if you wish to activate it and use it as a compounding feature.

The website is being hosted using a DDos protected server and a Comodo SSL certifiate has also been installed to secure the data transmission.

CoinexPRO offers customer service through Live chat, Email and by phone at (+44) 78 600 79 225.


Overall, CoinexPRO seems like a very nice program which certainly have the potential of paying the investors for a longer period of time. The program is new so I hope early birds will certainly be able to make some nice profit from here. Along with their referral program it’s also possible to earn a good income by referring investors. Though CoinexPRO seems like a low risk program but still before investing always remember the golden rule of playing HYIP, that never invest anything which you cannot afford to loose.

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    Can you have a rough estimate of how long can coinexpro be online based on your experience with this type of programs?

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