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How To Put Affiliate Links In Articles?

You may face problem of putting Affiliate Links in Articles while submitting your articles.  Some article directory as Ezinearticles doesn’t allow to put affiliate links in article.  Mind that links should not be there in the article body part. You are allowed to put links only in article resource box.

Though you are allowed to put links in article resource box, affiliate links are not allowed in all the article directory. But there is a small tips to put your affiliate links in articles.

To give an example of affiliate link lets say about ClickBank HopLink. Once you create a HopLink it will look as:

To make an profit people should go to merchant’s website through your link. But this link you are not allowed to use. Then what to do? To solve this problem we can use the tips Domain Redirection.

Domain redirection is a simple process. For example: there  are two website and Now I want to redirect to Means whenever people will type in their browser address bar they will be redirected to As a result people will see in their browser.

This tip you can use to put your affiliate links in article resource box. To accomplish this you need a domain. Don’t worry! you can buy a .info domain only in .99 cents. Once you bought your domain, you can use your domain name in author resource box and redirect your domain to affiliate link. When any user click on your domain name they will be redirected to merchant’s website through your affiliate link.

Below I am showing how you can redirect your domain to affiliate link. I am showing example with my Godaddy account.

Lets assume you bought one domain name and your affiliate link is Now follow these steps:

1. Log in to your domain account.
2. Once you logged in select My Domain in the drop down menu. See below:

You will get now screen as below:

3.1 Now select your domain name. Click the check box.
3.2 Click on forward. Once you click the forward you will get screen as follows:

4.1 Click enable forwarding
4.2 Put your affiliate link in Forward To text box
4.3 Select Moved Permanently
4.4 Click on OK.

Now you have successfully redirected your domain name to your affiliate link. No need of further step. Don’t go for masking. If you mask cookie won’t be saved in clients computer.

Test once your domain just typing in the browser address bar whether it’s redirecting properly or not. I hope you have completed successfully. Now go ahead and put your new domain name in author resource box. Reader will be automatically redirected to merchant’s website through your affiliate link and at the same time you will earn money online.

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