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How I Ranked in First Page of Google Within 48 Hours

Hi Everybody,

In this post I want to share with you about how I managed to rank in Google’s first page within 48 hours. I hope it will be helpful for those who are struggling and unable to rank their site. SEO is not difficult actually. Of course there are so much to learn when we come to SEO and it takes time.

If you have noticed I made my last post on 4th May. I actually work up to late night and I posted in between 11-12 PM on 4th May. Yesterday I was checking Google for my post status and I found that I am already in first page.

Please type in Google as - Magic Article Rewriter Review and you should see my post on 4th or 3rd position. Below is the screen shot:


The above result I got in Google.Com. If you are living in UK then for you it will be So, based on your location, position may differ.

Here it is how I did:

1. Onpage Search Engine Optimization: Whenever you are posting anything make sure to do the Onpage SEO very well. There are so many factors and they are as:

Title - Make sure include your keyword in Title. This is the most important factor.

Meta Description - Write description including your main keywords and not more than 150 characters. Even thouhg Meta Description doesn’t help too much in ranking,  yet you can write something attractive including main keyword.

Keywords in the Header Tag - Try to include main keyword and variation of your main keyword in Header tag. In my example I used two sub-keyword in my blog post and they are Magic Article Rewriter Features and Magic Article Rewriter Benefits.

URL - Try to keep the main keyword in the URL. In my example the URL is Note that I have used the main keyword in the URL.

If you are getting any difficulty then you can read Onpage Search Engine Optimization for Dummies for more description.

2. LSI Keyword (Latent Semantic Indexing): LSI keyword is the keyword that is related to your main keyword. For example - my main keyword is Magic Article Rewriter Review. So, I have used some keywords those are similar to mymain keyword such as - article submitter, article rewriters, Magic Article Rewriter etc. You can find LSI keyword using the Google Keyword Tool.

3. Backlinks: This is the most important factor for ranking. Whenever you are trying to rank, you should see your competitors backlinks first. Find out how many backlinks they have and the quality of their backlinks. If they have less backlinks, then you can easily beat them. There are so many ways to get backlinks.

Basically I did all these above mentioned steps very carefully. Even though I have pointed out the main factors, only these are not enough. Ranking depends on situation. There are some other factors as well such as Domain Age, Domain Backlinks, Page Backlinks etc. Right now I am writing one guide covering the Complete Search Engine Optimization.

Last month I wrote one more guide and I got good response from my customers. The guide was on Backlinks Indexing and I shown how I managed to get Google first page ranking without any content. The Blog is still ranking and now it is in #5 position from #7. Interestingly still there is no content. Only one welcome post that we get by default at the time of installing wordpress.

That guide is no longer available for sale. But you will get all the information in my new guide. But not only this, there will be much more information in my new guide than the previous one. In my previous guide I did not cover everything about Search Engine Optimization. Wherever in my new guide I am going to cover everything.

Thank you

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