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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate is the brain child of 2 successful internet marketers, Kyle & Carson. Their objective of creating Wealthy Affiliatee is to help as many internet marketers as they can to succeed online. This product is a membership base subscription website with a lot of useful information and tools for those who are new to internet marketing and want to make money online. In fact, even experience internet marketers can learn a thing or two here.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about Wealthy Affiliate as I am sure you would know by now that there are many self proclaimed internet marketing “gurus” out there selling lots of “crap” ranging from $1 to $79.99. Most of the information out there by these “gurus” are rehashed information and the only way they made money was to sell those information to newbies of internet marketing.

But boy was I surprised and amazed when I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate website is packed with information and tools. You may find it overwhelming at first as there is just too much information in the website and you may not know where to start. Well, here’s a tip for the new guys who just joined Wealthy Affiliate, start with the 8 Weeks Action Plan. Then go to the forum and look under the “General Success” section for some great inspiration and motivation. For now, you can also read the testimonials found on the website.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in March 2008 and I am still a member of this website. Before I go on, I would like to disclose that I do earn an affiliate commission for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate. But I am not promoting it just for the sake of it but actually am passing on my real experience with the Wealthy Affiliate, and their founders Kyle & Carson.

What You Will Learn In Wealthy Affiliate University

There are many strategies and techniques that you can pick up at the Wealthy Affiliate University, but I am listing the key basic education that you can learn here.

Article Marketing - This is a method that helps you drive highly qualified visitors to your affiliate links without needing to shell out any money for advertising. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn strategies and tricks that will give you top listings under keywords that you decide on. Many members at Wealthy Affiliatee use article marketing as their only traffic source, and earn full-time earnings from.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing – Pay-per-click Marketing is by far the most sustainable online business model around. You will learn all aspects of PPC marketing from getting started to building a highly scalable internet business applying this technique. Email marketing, Website Design, and other aspects of training all lead to the success of a PPC campaign and the Wealthy Affiliate makes sure to deliver a wide array of training on these topics as well.

Email Marketing – Are you aware that building an email list of people that opt-in to your offer don’t just provides you with a more powerful marketing platform, it genuinely can cut your traffic costs in half? Just about every highly successful company or independent Internet marketer uses email marketing to their advantage and for anyone who is not reaping the benefits of a list, you need to learn this now. The Wealthy Affiliate will show you the ropes how to literally double, triple, or quadruple your earnings by using a few easy strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is a technique or combinations of tweaks that can be made to a website to have it listed in the search engines for free. Building SEO friendly material for website, articles, blogs, etc can produce the difference between acquiring a FREE listing in the search engines, and being kept from the search indexes altogether. The teachings at Wealthy Affiliate focus on training you to become a well rounded Internet marketer with a wide array of skills and strategies at your disposal.

Rich Features Found in Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s a list of the features that you get to enjoy when you join Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Internet marketing training guide and tutorials
  • A website builder
  • Turnkey feeder sites
  • Website templates
  • Free webhosting
  • Content generator
  • Website development training
  • One-On-One support & coaching
  • Video training
  • Keyword reseach tool
  • Clickbank research tool
  • Competition spy tool
  • The famous Wealthy Affiliate Forum (This is an information goldmine!)
  • Adwords tool
  • Link cloaking tool
  • Keyword list
  • Access to jobs posted in Wealthy Affiliate Jobs
  • Your own space and blog
  • A mini economy called WA Gold
  • Sharezone – this is where members generously share valuable resources from documents to videos related to internet marketing which they create themselves

As you can see Wealthy Affiliate is rich with features and it evolves over time. I will not go in depth each of the features found on the website and only those that I have found useful so far.

Click Here To Join And Check Out All The Wealthy Affiliate Features In Detail

Start At The 8 Week Action Plan

The 8 Week Action Plan was my starting point when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. Though I may not be a total newbie when I joined, I followed through the 8 weeks program and discovered that there were a lot of gaps in my internet marketing knowledge. The 8 weeks action plan managed to fill them up.

I picked up Squidoo and learned how to optimized using Squidoo as a result of this. Trust me, there’s a lot more being covered in the 8 weeks action plan. Though some of these information can be discovered if I search hard enough on the Internet, having it here all spilled out to the me does save me a lot of time.

Get Inspiration From The Forum

The next thing that I frequently visit is the Wealthy Affiliate forum. There is so much information in there that you would most likely take some time to digest the amount of knowledge that is being shared here. I would suggest to take a look at specific sections that may be of interest to you only buy you do find some real gems in there if you look hard enough. You get to experience the thoughts of real internet marketers in the forum both new and the experts. You will quickly discover that you are not alone in the Internet Marketing journey.

Real Coaching By The Founders

Another great feature that I must say is that the 1-to-1 coaching is a real thing. I personally do get some great advice from Carson on specific areas and got him to review some of the projects I am working on.

My first thought was that, where in the world will he be able to find time to attend to new members like me? But I was proven wrong when he responded and it was done promptly too! Got great feedback and minor tweaks from the founder on my projects. Thanks Carson!

Hidden Gems

A great thing about being a Wealthy Affiliate member that is less mentioned is the opportunity to work with some of the great marketers in there. I was fortunate enough to meet another fellow member who is a product owner of a great Clickbank product. He was pretty generous in guiding me on promoting his product and provided all the necessary information from ready built web pages to effective keywords that are profitable. The profit generated from that product alone covered my Wealthy Affiliate membership fees many times over.

Does This Guarantee My Success?

Yes, this place is definitely packed with features and information. But does it mean that you will succeed online with this?

It depends!

The tools are there. The information is there. The coaching is there. How can you possibly fail?

But alas, I will be totally honest with you, you may still not succeed in this if you do not take any action after acquiring all the knowledge. And not just action but MASSIVE ACTION! You got to take internet marketing seriously if you want to see the profits coming in. You got to treat it like a business and after all it is a real business!

My Journey So Far

My own success story? Well, I am seeing some profits coming into my campaigns and am consistently finding a lot of great ideas and information in the Wealthy Affiliate Forum. Oh, did I mention that I started to make money online within 1 week of joining but BE PROFITABLE only after 3 months? It does take time to be a successful marketer and a lot of perseverance too. And I gotta mention this – “It’s not a get rich quick scheme!”

5 Reasons To Join Wealthy Affiliate

So would I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you? Come on, I’m writing this Review… Of course I would! And for 5 good reasons too:

  1. The information is real! Unlike some $29.99 junk.
  2. If you are new, it’s good to be part of a community that think alike and will be supportive.
  3. You will be educated continuously via the forums and discussions.
  4. Opportunities! Opportunities! Opportunities! Think joint ventures.
  5. Practical education that literally teaches you how to make money online.

So What’s The Price?

The monthly Wealthy Affiliate membership is $47 per month. If you are serious into looking at internet marketing as your career, you may want to take an annual subscription to save cost. But if you would just like to check it out to see if this suits you, take the one month subscription.

Whatever it is, if you want to succeed online, you gotta take ACTION!

Click Here To Join Wealthy Affiliate!

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