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Content is the Key. Why?

Internet is all made up of content. Just open any website and you able to find some amount of text there, try to imagine the same website how it’s going to look like without any content or text?. For me it will look like a frame without photo. Funny na but so true…

Without any content your website is nothing like a blank nice uncrumped paper. That has no meaning of its existence. Until it has something written on it. In same manner your website or blog content acts like storyteller and tells the background story about your website and why you created this website. If you have a website without storyteller then how people will able to know that why this website exists and what they should do after landing on your website, having a website without content is like having a well furnished store without a salesman.

Words are foundation of everything.

Content is foundation of everything that you do online.  Without good content you can’t do anything online, without content your sales page are useless garbage, without good content your newsletters are nothing, without good content you can’t make conversions etc. So in short without good content
you can’t do anything online.

If you have a good content you can rule the whole net world, if you have creepy content then you will float like dust around internet that very hard to see and even hard to settle down.

Bounce rate:

One simple question for you.

Why people visit your blog?

I think to read some awesome content that help him to learn something that matters to him or can help him to resolve any problem. So if you a content that conveys the whole story in clear and engaging manner than your reader will surly spend lots of time on your blog to read your content and keep coming back for more. If you are standing with some creepy or copied content from somewhere else then your readers will gladly push the back button of their browser to read the same thing on next site. Which means your blog is going to have a not high very high bounce rates. Which is ultimately very bad because bounce rate are main killer of conversions.

So it’s better to keep improving your content so that your blog readers hardly think about pressing the back button of their browser. A good content can make your blog or a good content can break your blog.

Content is major pillar of SEO

Are you SEO expert? If yes then you must familiar with all SEO tactics that everybody uses to drive traffic to their blog from search engines or also from other native blogs.

Then tell how many tactics are depends on content to work on effectively. I think almost every SEO tactics from article submission to social bookmarking. In every SEO tactics content is involved in some extent to make that tactic work. So if you really want to improve your SEO the first thing that you can do is to improve the quality of your content. Because if you don’t have quality content spread thorough the web, then all your SEO and link building efforts will failed. So to do SEO in effective way we must improve our content quality.

Social media also depends on content.

Do you know the easiest way to build your brand or Make your brand popular?

Social media.

But alone social media is not going to work you need one more wheel to run your brand bike and the wheel is known as content. Without good content you can’t even make a single worthy connections on social media platforms. Even the content that gets shared around social media are quality content that deserve to get shared on social media avenue.

If you also have good content then everybody will gladly going to like it, share it, re-tweet it or even +1. But situation turns quickly if you’ve a creepy content then you content will only get a total silence. No sharing on any social networks.

Right now this line stands out “sharing is caring “, If you care about your users and deliver them quality content then they defiantly going to share your content on lots of media.

So as you see content is involved in everything in some extent that you do online, without good content you can’t walk a single step online in effective manners. So if you really want to leave a mark in online arena then pick your pencil and paddle up to write some really awesome words that makes you popular, word that can give you more profits, words that can make people fall in love with your blog….

Your Turn:

I rest my case here about content has its finger everywhere. Now it’s your turn to share your opinion about this post in below comment section and also share this blog post with your network….

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