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Step By Step Tutorials To Make Money Online: Completely FREE

From long back I have been thinking about providing step by step tutorials to make money online. But I was unable to do so because I was busy in other projects. Almost all of them are 90% completed and it is the perfect time to do that.


ATTENTION: I strongly recommend you to read this entire post because this post can change your life completely and save you a lot of money. In case you are in hurry then just read the last section.

Why I Am Doing This?

Reason is simple. I just want to help you. Everyday many people are being scammed and it’s not possible for me to simply watch this. I hate all those who cheat people for money. There are lot of junk products online which promises us to make rich within night. Okay, I am going to stand against all those and also going to provide you the real and solid route to make money online. I will share how I do actually so that you can follow it. You can say it as Free Coaching

Why You Should Believe Me?

It’s reasonable to think that I am lying and I won’t blame you if you think same. If you don’t know me then you can read my About Me page to know Who is Chandan Dutta. I was working in a Software Company after completing my Master Degree(MCA). But in Feb 2010 I quit my job and I have written why I did that in my this blog post:  Why I Quit My Day Job. If I were not earning a good income online, definitely I would not have quit my job. Moreover I don’t think any people on this earth will quit his job simply for fun in a time where we are getting impacted by recession.

I am not earning million dollar like other guru(Anyway 99% gurus are fake). But whatever I am earning now, I feel this is very good comparing to day job.

Below Is My Two Earning Screen Shot:

The above screen shot is showing my Clickbank Earning from 21st July to Aug 4th

PayPal earning from 1st July to 3rd August is shown above. Note that I have striped out few columns from the report so that I can show you the image properly.

However I have earning more than $100 from Adsense. It’s too low anyway. Don’t want to lose my Adsense Account and so no screen shot.

I was thinking to creating video to show you the proof. But I don’t think it’s needed. If you don’t believe me then I can’t help you, sorry.

What You Need To Do?

Very soon I am going to start publishing one tutorial post every alternate day or at least weekly twice. Believe me, you won’t need any other guide to know how to make money online from home. There is no shortcut to success and it involves step by step process. I am going to cover everything that you should know actually. You can visit my blog for the new posts or simply subscribe below so that you don’t miss any vital information. Don’t worry, I am not going to send you bunch of promotional emails like other guru(I hate gurus man..). Of course it’s your wish but I highly recommend you to do so.

About EarnMoneyOnlineHubber
I am a Blogger who likes to make money online. Previously I was working in a Software Company and I quit my job in February 2010. Since then I make my full time income online.


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