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Top 5 Reasons - Why You Have Not Made Your First Dollar Online Till Now?

Have you made your first dollar online? If not, why? Are you making efforts and not getting any result? If you are working hard, then it is obvious that you should have earned something by now. You must be perturbed in such a situation. Of course, there are many reasons for your failure.

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Please don’t get me wrong, I am neither a big earner not a very successful man. I am not a perfect man and still have to go far. Yet, I am earning a modest income. I am happy till now with whatever I have achieved. I am writing this post just to help you. I will tell you the real facts behind earning money online. Initially, I committed many mistakes and I am sure you are also doing the same. I will show you how to overcome this problem and make your first dollar online.

Top 5 Reasons of Your Failure:

#1. You are Too Lazy: You won’t be able to earn a single dollar if you are too lazy. Tell me one thing- have you got your degree without studying day/night? Have you achieved anything without working for it? Many people who start their online journey think that it is very easy to make money online and it will automatically flow in, doing nothing. If you one of those who think like that, then please leave the online world, now.

#2. You Want Results Very Fast: This is another problem with every newbie. They want quick results. They think if they invest $100 today, tomorrow they will receive $1000. Think practically! If anybody could earn so fast then everybody would have quite their jobs and work only online. Do you think I will do my 9-5 day job if I can make $100 to $1000 overnight?

#3. You Are Not Ready To Learn: Sometimes, people ask me to explain ways to earn money online. I am ready to help anybody with all my knowledge. But the problem is that people only want to know the process of fast money making but not an online career. They have disbelief that there is not much to learn in this field. Mind that online business is same as offline business. ‘There is no shortcut to success’. So, try to learn the basics first.

#4. You Don’t Respect Others: Yes, many people think all internet marketers are cheaters. They sell scrap products. I agree that this can be attributed to internet scams. But, there are reliable marketers too. You should learn to have faith on others. To convince yourself, you can verify the marketer’s details by personally contacting them. Please note that these marketers are very successful people in their life. They work hard to promote their brands across the globe. Respect them and try to learn from them. I know many marketers who are really very helpful.

#5. You Are Not Ready To Invest: Every newbie thinks- why should I spend to earn money? Tell me– Did you complete your studies without spending any dime? Did you not buy any books? Internet Marketing is also same. You will have to invest to learn the basics and tricks of online earning. If you think you already know everything and are not ready to invest small amount for your success then, dear friend, you are not at the right place. My advice is better don’t waste your time anymore. I would like to ask you to quit, but I know you surely don’t want to give up so easily.

There are some excellent online programs. Go for them. It is a warning that there are a lot of scams. Hence, you should be very careful before buying any product.

Please don’t think I am going to sell you something. No not at all! I just want to help you. You will get lots of free tutorials and resources on my blog. Have a look on my blog topics and you will find it.You can also request any tutorials and I will try my best to help you.

My honest recommendation to you:

If you really want to know how to earn money online with some free methods, I insist you to download a FREE guide The Newbie’s Fast Cash Guide written by Casey Gentles. He is the man who helped me make my first click bank sell online. Get the guide and take your action. Once you get a complete idea don’t hesitate to spend a small amount to buy a domain name and hosting account. Build your own website or blog and start your online journey.

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I am a Blogger who likes to make money online. Previously I was working in a Software Company and I quit my job in February 2010. Since then I make my full time income online.


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