Can You Rank in First Page Of Google Without Any Content?

Sorry for not updating my blog continuously. These days I am busy on other projects. But from now onwards I will try to update my blog continuously. This is a very small post about my one new Ebook.

My question is - Is it possible to rank in #1 page of Google without any content? Many of us will say that it is impossible. But it is possible. You can rank even in top 3 position without any content.

Search Engine gives more value to Offpage Search Engine Optimization than Onpage Search Engine optimization. You should also give more importance to Offpage Search Engine Optimization than Onpage Search Engine Optimization.  However we should not completely ignore Onpage SEO.

About my guide:

In my guide you will learn how I made it possible. I mean there is no any content and still my blog is in #1 page of Google competing 2,030,000 other pages. Even got PR3 within 2 months.

You will get more details about my guide on Warrior Forum. If you have some time then you may like to see what others are saying about my guide.

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Note: If you are not aware of what is Backlinks and Why we need backlinks then this guide is not for you. But yet it can be useful to you because you must learn it if you want to see your website or blog getting good rank in search engine.

However my guide work very well with Google Sniper. So, if you buy Google Sniper from my blog then you will get this guide completely FREE as a BONUS! (Contact Me Here)

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Good Luck :-)


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25 Responses to “Can You Rank in First Page Of Google Without Any Content?”

  1. Linknami says:

    hmm without any content, how can you rank then in google? Under “blank page”? ;))
    I also think offpage optimization factors play huge role, which increases in importance the more competitive a keyword is.

  2. FreakSmack says:

    So it’s all about the backlinks…Let me here you say it “SHOW ME THE BACKLINKS!”.

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      You are right but building backlinks is not enough. There are so much to do. Building backlinks is easy but making them indexed is hard. If you don’t get them indexed then there is no meaning of building backlinks.

  3. Good points, and I confess, I haven’t been giving backlinks enough of my attention lately. I have better get on the stick.

  4. Kreasiglobal says:

    Hi admin, would you share your tips for free ? I would be grateful if you do. Thanks

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Sorry I can’t do so since I am selling it in WF. I hope you can understand the situation. Anyway I will add some more on SEO and making money online soon. Thank you for your interest.

  5. I’m not sure that you can do it without any content but I do agree that getting backlinks is an important factor in getting higher in Google ranking.
    Congrats on your PR3 status - that is impressive.
    Keep up the great work and I’ll check out your report

  6. Alamin says:

    Is it possible to do that without any content. I can’t believe that. I know google is not so much fool.

  7. EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

    Hi Alamin,

    Yes you can do it. If you are not believing then feel Free to check out in Google and you will find my blog(shown in sales page) in first page. I am not making fool, I am giving Google what Google wants :-) Have any question, then feel free to ask me.


  8. Hello admin! Social Networks and тхе comments in the forums, how important for a SEO?

    • EarnMoneyOnlineHubber says:

      Hi Daniells,

      Thank you for your question. They are important as we get backlinks from both the way. Backlink is the core of Off page Search Engine Optimization. More over we can expect a lot of traffic from social networking sites and forums of we participate.

      Have a great time :-)


  9. Darwin Sarah says:

    Cheers. I’m always very much interested in articles or blog posts and information on website seo. You don’t know where you may discover completely new tactic (well, new to me at least). Although there are always general Search engine optimisation methods, just a little adjustment here and there, and your blog can get much better search rankings. If you work with Wordpress using most suitable plugins and / or a good quality premium theme can help your Search engine optimization. It’s also necessary to keep up to date with the changes in internet search engine algorithms.Best wishes

  10. alex says:

    I want to know how to get more QUALITY backlinks than just regular backinks.

  11. Wow you really are the expert when it comes to backlinks!

  12. Simon says:

    Wow, PR3 and front page of Google without any content. That’s some serious SEO my friend. Well done.

  13. Glen Jon says:

    Yes back links are important. I’ve had things surface higher by accidentally making back links. That’s how I found out about back links. Time is an important element to search engines. The spiders likes old domains.

  14. Chandan says:

    Only brilliant people like you can do this sort of experiment.

  15. [...] of site. A proper Title is really very important to rank well in search engine. Even you can rank with a blank page if you use the  proper Title and then do the Offpage SEO well. I have done this myself in one of [...]

  16. vin says:

    Very True!

    Good post!
    Most people think its about the quantity of your backlinks—> WRONG! <— Its the quality of your Backlinks.

  17. Ken says:

    Without any content,seems not possible to me

  18. meenakshi says:

    How long you have been in this PR3 and let me know traffic and bounce rate also.I have seen the same kind of websites without any content being on the first rank for few set of keywords.Only you back links can work means you will not give any useful information to the website users. Right? How long?I do work on social media optimization but not buying links.Yet I could rise the site with 35% bounce rate without any irrelevant links

  19. Even if it is possible to rank your site without content, is it wise? I can’t imagine your web visitors will appreciate it very much, why not continue to focus on providing some content worth reading? Better off on both accounts.

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